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  1. Hi, Thanks for replying. I was nervous because I have went and had to get some of the fill taken out because I wasn't able to eat anything. I'm sorry I didn't mean to post that I don't need any more fills cause indeed I do or will from time to time, but yes ma'am. Thanks for replying.
  2. Hi Everyone, Is there currently anyone on the forum or site should I say that has had the Lap band and it has been a year + or more? I had the surgery 2010 and I am now at the point to where I don't have to go in to get any more fills because I am at the level to where I am satisfied however, I have noticed I have gained a few pounds is this common like 7 pounds to be exact I hadn't been back since March of this year , and I haven't changed any of which I was previously doing. I thought I may revert back to the protein shakes and pre operative surgery diet to see if that makes a difference. If anybody can help I would appreciate it . Thanks!
  3. I wanted to know is it common for one to have the lap band and decide they want the gastric bypass. Is this safe?
  4. Yes I have I go back on the 21st. I have went ever month excluding july and august--no fill did then since march but I am going to see what happens when I go back because I am getting frustrated. I have not ever gained any weight though but I will see how it goes and if not I am strongly going to consider this if I can . Do you know if I can do this?
  5. Hello all, i had a question. I had the lap band in March of this year. I am now what six months past that date and I am not impressed with my results. My weight is fluctuating for starters and I have changed my whole eating habit and exercising but I gained 6 lbs and I AM HOT!!! Anyway, I am strongly considering talking to my doctor about the gastric. Does anybody know what I may have to do or if I will have to go back through the weight loss process or program?
  6. Hello all, Up until this point I have really been like seriously is this band working? I wanted to know does this mean I am going to see results ? I am hardly able to eat anything everything kind of have its own way of going down. I was able to eat full course meals now it is reduced (Which is a good thing) but yes I wanted to know if this is normal.
  7. Thanks guys! I am as I mentioned just a little sore around the incisions but they did tell me that is normal. As far as the band goes sometimes - it seems like it gets uncomfortable . I don't know if that is normal but I go to the doctor next week so hopefully all is well. I cannot wait to get the clearance and see how things are going.
  8. Hello all, I got banded on Wednesday and wanted to know when will the nauseous feeling go away? Also, I am not really feeling any gas anymore just real sore around my navel is this common?
  9. Hey guys, I am not really a nervous wreck on surgery tomorrow but I do need to know what I can expect . Different people say different things as far as what I look forward to but I wanted to know first hand what I can expect...
  10. Being obese a very serious health concerns that coincides with several other health conditions. When a person takes the initiative to improve their health by making that decision, they get put down. I remember when I first mentioned to a group of friends that I was having the lap band they all were saying the worst. It didn't deter me from doing what I set my mind to do but it just made me realize that as long as I am having problems people are fine but when I overcome all that is when the hating begins. What you guys think?
  11. Hello all my name is LaShonda originally from Dallas Tx. Now residing in the Atlanta GA area. I hope to gain back my strength and have been approved for the lap band procedure. I am so excited.