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  • Surgeon Dr Wallace
  • Hospital Froedert
  • Start Weight 242
  • Current Weight 190
  • Goal Weight 130
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 41.5
  • Surgery Date 01/26/2010
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. tals08a added a post in a topic 2 years & 20 lbs have creeped back on... need some help!   

    Thanks for posting about this. I am 2 yrs out as of Jan 26. I have gained back 25#'s at least I am at 190. I am depressed and my anxiety is threw the roof. I am eating small portions and having a protein smoothie each morning. I thought at least getting that in would help. I am at week 2 of constant smoothies and nothing. I am pretty active. I have 3 kids I go to school full time and dont seem to have much time to just sit and relax. My smoothie consists of 1/2c fage,1c 1%milk, 3 strawberries, handfull blueberry, 1 pkg, equal and ice. I also add in unflavored protein powder. I would say I am consuming at least 35-45 gm protein each shake. I eat a small lunch or dinner and then thats my meals. I try to that? Something where we all make a goal and report each week with weigh in and keep track?
    I need help with my TT family its been a long time since I have been on. Thanks Autumn
  2. tals08a added a topic in Long-Term Post-op   

    I Gained About 20#'s Help!
    Okay, so I had rny bypass in Jan 2010. I was considered a light weight at first because I was 244#'s at surgery. My lowest weight that I got to was 162, Not a large loss for such a drastic surgery. So Now I weighted my self and I am at 185# I am super depressed, to the point I would say that Medicine should be my next option. I am so dissapointed with my self that I cant seem to get past that I gained weight, Even this last week I have been eating better concentrating on my protein and have never ever gotten in all my water intake like my dr wanted me to. I would say that my average intake of fluids is around 40 oz per day., I know that increasing my water should help me as well. But it seems like i just cant get it all in. I am a full time student I have school m-f 9-5 pm everyday. I am eating about 3 oz of cheese for breakfast, I have a whole grain(protein inhanced bread) with natural peanut butter w/flax seed in it with sugar free jam at lunch, sometimes i include a Fage yogurt with it depending if i am still hungry or not. I try to include fruit with lunch or as a mid day snack. Dinner is useally something small. I only drink water, crystal light,coffee and Iced tea.

    My exercise level has gone down considerably last summer I was roller blading every day at least 5 miles per day. This summer I hurt my knee doing a 5K in May and have been really nervous about running or even roller blading, I dont want to injure my self any further. I did do physical therapy and that seemed to help. I dont know if my determination has just gone out the window because i look better now and it was so easy before but now i have had to buy more clothes because I gained just 23#'s and now my pants dont fit. I shirts are all too tight and I am depressed. I hate that I have done this to my self and am regretfull about it. I am thinking about doing the 5dpt but I dont know if I have the will to do it. I really need to get moving and start to see results to make me feel better about myself and how i look. I got down from a size 22-24 to a size 8-10, now I am wearing a 14, I was in a 12 all winter but now i am in a 14. It is so upsetting, It is effecting my sleep and my mood. I dont know what else to do.

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  3. tals08a added a post in a topic ~*~January 2010 Staplers~*~   

    I am struggling with my last 20#'s or so, Dr office had always said that I was considered a light weight. I started at 242, and currently since 8 months out is 165. I have not once gotten into the 150's which is semi depressing. I have been severely anemic for last 6 months and actually had to do a 10 week IV infusions of iron to help boost my levels back up to normal. I have not yet made it to my 1 yr appt but I have scheduled one for May it will be more like a 18mon appt. I have to go every 6 weeks for blood work to check on my iron levels. I am not getting in as much protein or water as I should. I am joining a gym that is close to my home, with the cold Wisconsin weather I have a very hard time of encouraging myself to get out and exercise. So indoors should be much better, I just wish that I would have done it sooner. I have been thinking about doing the 5 day pouch test and hoping for encouraging results.
  4. tals08a added a post in a topic ~*~January 2010 Staplers~*~   

    WOw you look Fantastic!! I had surgery 1/26/10. I am hovering in the 160's still. I am hopeful to lose another 20#'s or so to see how I feel then. Congrats on your lose! I bet your kids are loving the new you with tons more energy.
  5. tals08a added a post in a topic At MY goal....   

    You look WonderFul!!!! I cant wait till I am at goal weight.
  6. tals08a added a post in a topic 9 months out before and after.   

    Congrats on having surgery. I am sure you will be thanking yourself later.
    I have been wearing a juniors 11 in most other brands I think that MUDD just runs diff. What ever they didn't fit so on to the next ones. Best of luck in your journey.
  7. tals08a added a topic in Member Photos   

    Actually posting a pic of me in a 2 piece
    SO this is in Gilligans Island PR. I had RNY on Jan 26,2010. I went from a size 22 to a size 10-12. I don't have much saggy skin its a lil looser than it was when I was heavier. But here it is for all to see. Enjoy

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  8. tals08a added a post in a topic 9 months out before and after.   

    I so understand the sucking in my fat and waiting for it to reappear. I love Goodwill and there is a another store close to my home that is even cheaper than goodwill. I find so much stuff there, However being smaller as to fat. I have to try every single piece of clothing on regardless of what the tag says. I miss the days of being able to walk into the store and pick the jeans up that were a 20-22 and knew they would fit. And the 2xl shirt that would be just fine. Now I try a variety of clothes from sizes 8 to 14 and i can fit in to a lot of them. However my mistake I did get some jeans at GW last week and on my way out i seen a size 11 jean by MUDD, i purchased it There is NO WAY IN HECK I WILL EVER BE ABLE TO SQUEEZE INTO THEM!!! Should have just saved my money and stuck with the 2 pairs I already had and knew that fit. I gave the jeans to my sister who wears a 4-5 and they fit her just fine. KINDA SICK to think that MUDD adjusts their sizes that much. But, I do like the Old Navy jeans they wear really well. Also purchased a pair of Lucky brand and aeropostal jeans as well, they both fit wonderfully. Glad that I got them trough GW cause I cant afford them at full retail.
  9. tals08a added a post in a topic 9 months out before and after.   

    Thanks Everyone! I still don't feel like i am smaller but when I see a pic it helps change my mind. I am still a good 25#'s from my goal. My loss has been very slow. I am exercising and trying to stay active. I do need to up my water intake. Have a great weekend everyone. Autumn
  10. tals08a added a topic in Member Photos   

    9 months out before and after.
    In green size 20-22jeans,
    In white size 10-12 jeans.

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  11. tals08a added a post in a topic ~*~January 2010 Staplers~*~   

    I have been neglecting TT, Sorry:( I am at 170#'s I have been in a stall or whatever you want to call it for like 4 months now. I think I have lost maybe a total of 7 #'s in the last 4 months. I am exercising and trying to stay active as much as possible. I am going to do my second 5K at the end of september for race for the cure.
    I did the 5 day pouch test and lost about 5#'s with it. However my protein drinks that I was loving each day I must have had a bad 2 or 3 batches of them because they were tasting very funny. Now they just sit in the fridge calling my name to try them again. There was almost like a chunky floaties in the protein shakes so its turned me off them for a while.
    I am adjusting to my new shape and size, however I do still feel fat and I think I will have that mind set for sometime to come. People cant believe how much better I look, And I feel amazing!
    My 6 month labs were ok. everything except my iron was great! So now I am going for IV Iron treatments for the next 3 weeks.
    I am def going to start increasing my protein again, maybe get back onto my yogurt smoothies with fresh fruit and protein powder. I also need to stop eating the chips at work(smack me please)
    I will update some photos as well. I just returned from a 8 day vaca to Puerto Rico and loved it. I even wore a 2 piece. Cause I don't care what ppl think i look better than I have in years.
    Hope everyone else is doing fantastic! I will be sure to update more often.


  12. tals08a added a topic in Socialize   

    IV Iron Treatment?
    Anyone have to do this? My iron has been historically low. Now I am at 20, my iron stores in body are poor and I am running on empty. My Dr wants me to try the IV Iron treatment over 3 weeks time 2 times a week for a hour each time. I have tried Iron pills in the past but they back me up so bad and after this surgery I already have enough issues with having BM's. So no pills. Started 5dpt on Monday and I am down 5#'s already This does make me happy. Maybe will help restart my weight loss.
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  13. tals08a added a post in a topic 6 Months out! Been neglecting TT Sorry   

    I do think i need the 5dpt, I havent lost more than 5#'s a month for last 3 months. I have been waiting til I was 6 months out before I would do the 5day. Even with getting a divorce and excersing I am still not losing the weight. I am hoping that this 5day jump starts my body back to where I should be at. Thanks for the message
  14. tals08a added a topic in Socialize   

    6 Months out! Been neglecting TT Sorry
    So I am 6 months out from bypass. I went from 242 to 175 today. My loss has been slower than I thought it would be but my dr assures me that since I was a light weight to start that I am still on track. However I dont feel on track, I lost only 4 lbs last month and hardly anything the month before. I am rollerblading at least 3 times a week and doing a zumba class. I ran a 5K on July 4th and even finished it my time wasnt great but I did it.
    So I am starting the 5dpt today so far so good. No food only liquids today. I am doing well. Tomorrow is another story though I have to work and I work in a resturant so it makes it hard the temptations are aweful!

    Hope that everyone else is doing well, Here is a new pic of me as well. I am still losing inches but the pounds arent coming off. I am in the orange shirt in the picture, Autumn

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  15. tals08a added a post in a topic Zumba baby   

    Started my first Zumba class this past monday. LOVED IT!! I am thinking that I will look for some cd's as well. Have to see how well I can do with it.