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  1. Hi all, Those of you that have kept your weight off and are 3+ years post-op what do your numbers look like? I'm going to start tracking what I eat to get back on track but I have no idea where to start. I know each person is different but just curious. I'm going to start at 1500 calories and reduce as necessary. Here is what I'm thinking (but I could be way off) Protein - 65-80 grams Fat - 30 grams or less Fiber - 24 grams Carbs - 130 grams Net carbs - no idea?? Sugar - 30 grams or less Thanks in advance for your thoughts and input.
  2. Anyone in the I.E. near Loma Linda/Redlands ?

    @Leilani I am in the Temecula area. I hope you are doing well after your surgery.
  3. RT @CoastalPremier: Listing with a #realtor puts your #home in front of the global #homebuyer

  4. I've lost 285 pounds and finally in the 200's

    Thank you all! I really appreciate it!
  5. I can't believe I finally made it to the 200's. I started at 579 and the 200's seemed so far away I honestly didn't know if I would ever get there. But now that I am here I am so excited. I have less than 100 pounds to lose to be at my goal weight and am so excited. I know it is going to be hard to get the rest off but I feel like I am so close (in comparison to the whole picture). In 5 pounds I will have lost as much as I weigh. That is pretty amazing to me. The journey hasn't been easy but it has been amazing for me. This board really helped me to make the decision to move forward with the surgery. I am so happy to have this resource. Thank you all for your input and your questions. I definitely learn from everyone here.
  6. Congrats to you! It is so amazing to have a new look on life that is for sure!
  7. When did you go back to work?

    I think 3 weeks off would have been perfect for me but I only took 2 weeks off. You are very tired and also learning a new system (sip, sip, sip). I have a desk job and when I went back to work I went back part-time my first week back. I wish I would have just taken the week off as I was very tired by the afternoon. But everyone is different. Good luck to you!
  8. Before and After

  9. What cures your sweet tooth without dumping?

    SF pudding or SF jello.
  10. Question About Excess Skin Surgery

    You may not have as much as you might think. Everything depends on age and genetics (your elasticity). I have a lot myself but I honestly thought I would have a lot more especially in my stomach. I still have about 60-80 pounds to lose but being that I've lost 278 pounds I thought the skin would be extra flabby on my stomach. I will eventually have skin removal surgery and it will come out of my pocket. The only thing my insurance pays for is any skin on the stomach that is hanging over the pubic region. But I know this varies by insurance company.
  11. Tomorrow is my 5th Surgiversary!

    Congratulations. You are always a wonderful supporter of all of us here on TT and I am so thankful for you!
  12. I'm a little over a year post-op and my weight-loss has slowed down dramatically. But my trainer also has mentioned that I am building muscle mass. She measures me and every 6 weeks we take new measurements and I'm definitely down several inches (last time was 8 inches total). So don't give up. Just keep at it. As long as I am losing inches I could care less about the scale and the pounds.
  13. Dating after bypass?

    I've considered starting at least a message board for people who are post-op WLS and are in the dating scene. I'm happily married myself but have seen the demand very high for people looking for a WLS dating site. Hmmm.....
  14. Hello, I'm New Here

    Welcome and congratulations. Keep up the hard work and don't get discouraged!
  15. Hello!

    It takes time! I gained weight when I got home from the hospital and I freaked out. But soon enough the weight was dropping. The first month I dropped something like 40 pounds. Of course it varies for everyone (and depends on how much weight overall you have to lose). It will come off soon enough. Your body will drop it when it feels "safe". Congrats to you for making the big step on regaining your health!