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  • Gender Female
  • Location Connecticut USA
  • Interests Reading, quilting, playing with my cats
  • Age 42


  • Surgeon Dr. Elmer Valin
  • Hospital St. Raphael's Hospital
  • Height (ft-in) 5-03
  • Start Weight 240
  • Current Weight 173
  • Goal Weight 150
  • Surgery Date 10/12/2009
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. YvetteRene added a post in a topic Just curious ...... What was your "first meal"   

    Scrambled egg with cottage cheese in it. Took me three meals to finish one egg.
  2. YvetteRene added a post in a topic I need help finding vitamins   

    I've been ordering my calcium, iron and multivitamin from Celebrate vitamins for over 5 years now.  They have auto-renew and are very nice and helpful.  The website is www.celebratevitamins.com.  Good luck!
  3. YvetteRene added a post in a topic Yogurt?   

    Corrine, I've never heard anyone in the US talk about durian. Personally, I don't know how people ever got past the smell to get it to their mouths. LOL!
  4. YvetteRene added a post in a topic mourning food   

    Hey, no judgment here, either. I went through the same thing for almost a year. In the beginning, I would find myself in the bathroom crying my eyes out and I'm not exaggerating one bit. But (and I'm being honest here)... it finally passed. Now I rarely eat fast food or anything like that. Even after two and a half years, the bread that they serve at fast food places just doesn't sit well and I have no desire to eat it. I do eat french fries now, but usually less than a handful. 5-7 fries is more than plenty. I can't guarantee you that you'll never want fast food again, but it's likely. Just give it time. It'll get easier.
  5. YvetteRene added a post in a topic Friends to talk to   

    Hi Trish,
    I know that you can do it. It is very hard, but we've all done it. So can you! I'll be thinking of you...
  6. YvetteRene added a post in a topic What do you do for exercise? How often?   

    Hi Kelly! Everyone is correct. The skin will only bounce back so much. And if you have stretch marks... forget about it! I completely understand how you feel. We all do. But you are asking about working out, so hopefully this is equally about the fitness.

    I'm over two and a half years out, but I've always been active. My problem was more with overeating. When I was living in the states, I was going to Zumba 2-3 times per week and not really doing much else. I've recently moved to Australia and now I don't have a car. So I, too, walk to and from work. It's almost 5 miles per day. I also do Zumba once a week and go to the gym for weight lifting and other weight-bearing activities 1-2 times per week.

    I can see that you only recently had your surgery and I don't know how much activity you had pre-surgery. So I would suggest the walking that Corrine mentioned. Walking is cheap and can be kept low impact until you can gradually add variety. If you have access to an indoor pool or an ocean (in the summer), then anything in the water is a good start too.

    I hope some of these suggestions are helpful.
  7. YvetteRene added a post in a topic 98 lbs later. 5 months 2 weeks post op.   

    Good job! Keep it up, sweetie!
  8. YvetteRene added a post in a topic Greetings Sydneysiders!   

    Thanks, Corrine! It has been quite a while since I've posted. You could say I've had a lot of other things on my mind lately. But you were the first one I looked up the first time I signed back on. I think you're a very special person and this website is lucky to have you. I'll probably just lurk a lot now.
  9. YvetteRene added a topic in Australia   

    Greetings Sydneysiders!
    I posted a few months ago about my move to Sydney from the US. Thanks to all who listened, helped and just plain gave a damn! I've been living in Australia for a little over two months now, specifically Kirribilli. If you're interested, feel free to follow my blog at


    I've found Sydney to be almost everything I was hoping for. I just miss my friends all the time. I love walking over the Harbour Bridge and back every day for work. I'm still finding the food very unfamiliar, but overall that's okay. I've always been a pretty boring eater anyway. I've discovered grocery delivery from Woolies. We're getting quite experienced with GoGet car share. Etc... Etc...

    Thanks for the help I got before making my way down under.
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  10. YvetteRene added a post in a topic Yvetterene's Plastic Surgery   

    Well, the panniculectomy was paid for by my insurance company. The insurance company also paid the lion's share of the anesthesiologist and operating room. I had to pay coinsurance only. That part was about $300. I had to pay out-of-pocket and upfront for the tummy tuck. The surgeon cost $2,968. The anesthesiologist was $957.15. The operating room was $800.00. I had my surgery done in an outpatient facility and went home after the procedure. If you do this, you will DEFINITELY need someone to help you. I couldn't even get up and down or on the toilet by myself. Of course, the costs will vary by surgeon and region, I'm sure. Hope this helps.
  11. YvetteRene added a post in a topic Yvetterene's Plastic Surgery   

    I'd love to see your pics, Julie. Are they on the site somewhere?
  12. YvetteRene added a post in a topic Yvetterene's Plastic Surgery   

    Sorry it has taken me so long to add these pics. It's been 4+ months since my panniculectomy and tummy tuck, which was September 8, 2011. Not really sure how happy I am because you can tell that I obviously need to lose weight so that I won't look like a sumo wrestler. But at least all that skin isn't hanging anymore. I think it looks good from the side, but head on you can see love handles on the sides. There is an actual dent where the incision was. I would do it again, though. I just would have had liposuction too, if I'd known then what I know now. Here you go:

  13. YvetteRene added a post in a topic Moving To Sydney - Help? :)   

    Thank you so much!!!
  14. YvetteRene added a post in a topic Moving To Sydney - Help? :)   

    LOL! Well, we're not there yet. Office politics and all that. I imagine we'll be there in a month or so. So what's HOT? It's pretty COLD here right now. Let's see... about -5 Celcius. I probably wouldn't mind a little heat. I'm so glad you responded. Would you mind telling me what you do for a living and where you work? I'm planning on finding a job in the CBD, probably doing some form of bookkeeping. I was wondering how you dress for the office there? For the past 10 years or so, I've worked in offices where the dress code is either jeans/tshirts or no dress code at all. I mean, people show up in pajama bottoms, for goodness sake. Can you let me know how dressed up I have to be or if dress can be a little casual? Thanks in advance.

  15. YvetteRene added a post in a topic "But you have such a great personality..."   

    Don't feel like you have to apologize to anyone, Jenn. Every piece of the puzzle has to fit together or it'll end up just being another failure and will make you feel worse in the long run. Move on. You'll find something.