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  1. Cool!!! Thank you for your service!!!

  2. Cool!!! Thank you for your service!!!

  3. Just curious.. i see that you have "(US Army RET) " after your name... I am assuming medically discharged? I looked for your About me story but didn't see it. I see you are the same age as my husband... was just looking for the story. Thanks!! Julia

  4. So my g/f updated her pictures on here a few days ago and said to me... You know how people have their surgery and ten fall off the sight and you never see them again... I was like...ummmm yeah So let me update: 1st surgery July 12 2010 2nd Surgery July 13 2010 Stomach was stapled shut...100% obstructed I was on TPN for several weeks Endoscopy to try to stretch the open Sept 8, 2010 Final Surgery September 13, 2010 Pictures tell the story better than words November 2010 Feb 2011 March 2011
  5. It was great meeting you also! Thank you for the compliments... just remember, I still look in th mirror and see the chubby girl... I think I lost all the fat, and now my face looks old. Your eyes will always see all your flaws.

    You do so much in our community, I really hope you all the best... You deserve to be happy with yourself!!!!

  6. I will say ths and if you tell Dr.Z I said it he will probably poop himself... If I had to do it over again... At this time with your Dr. choicescurrently @ Tripler I would want him. He has horrible bedside manner... he is pretty short and sassy... but he knows his stuff. I know one Dr tere I wouldn't let operate on my stuffed animals.
  7. REALLY I am sorry but how the hell does that happen? Last year they "Accidentally" stapled my stomach totally shut... Another girl had a punctured diaphram, several have been on TPN feeding after surgery, Several have been back to Prog ICU... I am happy today... still not getting in the food I should be... but how long will it be with all these mistakes till Tripler finally kills someone for the sake of having the largest bariatric program in the Army. Their support system sucks, I listened to the coordinator spew garbage about the support groups outside of Tripler's and I actually found it to be the complete opposite. I understand we all just want the surgery... I was there too. Now I wonder if its going to be worth it for someone else to die over. There is a reason the locals call it Cripler...
  8. Last night I was talking to my husband about this post... twice I have had medical issues (hospitalizations that dragged on for months and months)) that took a toll on our marriage and we went to counseling to help us pull through the hard times... We decided to go prior to us getting into a rut that could easily have destroyed our marriage. Both times we were suggested to read a book.. The Five Love Languages. I suggest you buy the book and read it TOGETHER with your wife, take the quiz and see what her language is and she can find out what yours is... I CAN make a difference... If you cannot afford the book.. Hit me up on PM with your address and I would happily mail you a copy. Just a thought Julia
  9. Ask for Microchet... they are super for thinning crown and less noticable than fusion or those metal clips.
  10. I love my husband no matter what... he could gain 100 lbs, loose a leg or get burned 85% of his body and he would still be the man I love. I agree that perhaps you should check into some couples/family counseling. Marriages are something that evolve and change as years go by. We all have to change with our spouses to make successful marriages. ALSO, perhaps she is insecure about you getting more attractive to OTHER women and feels threatened. Please make sure you talk to your Wife about how this is affecting you and also get her onboard so your children stop disrespecting you. I also want to share with you that my Dad is a big guy... I loved it when I was younger, all my boyfriends were scared of him. I always felt"safe" when I was around him... When he gave me a hug it was like I was surrounded by a brick wall. Fast forward 30 years... Now I am terrified of that call I will get that says my Dad was dead due to a heart attack from bad eating habits. Now I just wish he had thought ahead enough to lose the weight then. Julia
  11. GREAT IDEA!!!! I never thought of that... I did just see a brine recipe that uses cranberry juice!!
  12. So this year we are having Thanksgiving at a friends house and will not be having the Fried Turkey we normally have:( SO I was looking at recipes for boring 'ole baked turkey and ran across a recipe for Brined Turkey and decided we would try it. Most recipes call for sugar in the brine, but I also found some that call for honey. I know that there isn't enough sugar in the amount of turkey I eat to make me dump, but I was wondering... is honey a better sweetner for post surgical RNY because it is a natural sugar? Thanks! Julia
  13. I do not drink with meals or for atleast 30 minutes after... I will throw up... I am a puker though.. If I eat too much... I throw up. If I drink to soon after/while eating... I throw up. If I eat something my "Diva" doesn't like... I throw up.
  14. I am glad "The Diva" is very picky... It keeps me in line... I would rather have a fussy pouch. OBVIOUSLY I need the help of this tool, on my own I failed miserably and became morbidly obese. Julia