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  1. I know I’ve heard it mentioned but I can’t remember the big deal about it.. anyone ?
  2. Calling all November Newbies.....

    @CheeringCJ Hi guys!! Sorry I been so MIA. I’m just not feeling too hot. My surgery was 11/22 and so I’m about almost 3 weeks out. I now am able to have soft foods but nothing sits well. I’ve tried egg, beans, mashed potato, cheese ... I’m constantly nauseous and my stomach always hurts. It’s exhausting.... I really struggle to eat. I HATE all the protein drinks. So I haven’t been drinking them which I know is so bad but idk what to do I did see the doc 2 days ago on Friday and I’ve lost 25 pounds since surgery. Which is awesome!!! But other than that I’m pretty miserable. Happy to say not really any pain as far as incisions go and not really sore anymore. Finally can sleep on my side which is awesome!!!
  3. Piercings and Tattoos ??

    Very true!!! I had my surgery last week and I just wanna get my nose pierced lol. I feel weird calling the doctor just to ask that
  4. Piercings and Tattoos ??

    Hi all, does anyone know how long you have to wait to get a tattoo or piercing after surgery? I don’t think it would matter, but wanna be safe not sorry lol
  5. 1 week since surgery....

    Thank you so much everyone. All this words have helped and today my spirits seem to be more up!! Maybe because I’m out and about and actually got ready LOL. Distractions !!! I really appreciate each and everyone of you.
  6. 1 week since surgery....

    UPDATE Hey all, sooo as far as pain goes I’m almost to 100% better. The only thing really bothering me is the right side where they pulled my stomach out But everything else is good! Which I’m so happy to say because I was pretty miserable!!! As far as the diet goes, I’m still really having a HARD time. Just liquids is killing me.... I can’t wait until next Thursday when I start puréed/soft foods. A LOT of the time I feel like giving up but I know I can’t... I don’t even take it day by day, it’s more like minute by minute.... I was a snacker, so imagine that. And also I feel like now the liquids aren’t filling me up, I constantly feel hungry.... I thought that this would help me not feel hungry like everyone I know who got it... but I guess for me it’s different which is making this 10x harder. I cried in the bathroom today. 3rd time since the surgery. I feel like I jumped into this too soon and wasn’t ready. I also feel like I made myself believe I was doing this for the right reasons , but I just did it for the wrong ones... I also feeel like as soon as we can go to a regular diet and my stomach is fully healed in 4 months like surgeon said, I am going to go back to my old ways and this would have been for nothing... idk. I’m all emotional right now Lastly, I been looking for a therapist to help me through this. I live in San Diego California if anyone can recommend someone? Once again, thanks for listening. This is the only place I feel I can be honest
  7. Already struggling.....

    @Cardamom77 oooo girl I feel you!!! A week from today I can have soft foods! Looks like we are close in surgery’s
  8. Already struggling.....

    Thanks guys!!! I appreciate it. And @Stephtay I feel you!!! My man is always eating stuff around me and really makes it harder /: but I guess I can’t expect them to do the change for me
  9. Already struggling.....

    So I know this wasn’t gonna be easy, and it’s something I really wanted to do. But I’m really having a hard time with this liquid diet. I’m day 6 from surgery and have 8 more to go until I get to soft foods. I’m not even half way there and I feel so over it and sad all the time. I know it’s patheric , and I don’t even wanna talk about it. But I guess I feel comfortable to talk here in hopes that someone understands .... thanks for listening
  10. Hello everyone! I'm a newbie

    Welcome !!! Good luck on your surgery
  11. Regrets?

    Thanks everyone <3 I really rely on this forum, you all understand !!
  12. Dairy?

    Someone told me we couldn’t lol, but ok thanks so much. I’m such a worry wart lol
  13. Dairy?

    So I heard you can’t have dairy, but a lot of the cream soups contain milk... I know I’m probably over thinking , but this is just so scary!!! Any thoughts?
  14. Question

    I’m day 5 from surgery, so I’m on the full liquids/thick liquids. If I buy a soup that has chunks could I just blend it with water so it’s creamy and no chunks? Just wanna be very careful lol
  15. Regrets?

    Thank you so much everyone. This definitely helped. Thanks for the encouragement !! ❤️