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  1. I have not spoken with a gastroenterologist but have spoken with and had an evaluation with a practitioner and nutritionist . I had a barium swallow done a few years back and nothing was found . What puzzles me is how quickly Coke stopped the pain.....just like a miracle drug. Over the past several years my diet has NOT been bariatric in nature. If it didn't make me sick...I would eat it . I was eating bread and chips and crackers and potatoes. I even was able to eat some sweets and did so. Much of my trouble may simply have been of my own doing . The only food I might be able to point to as a reason for the pain these past few days is beef. Up until this past Tuesday I had not eaten any beef since Oct. 23rd . Makes me wonder. I had not had any pain from Oct 23rd to this past Tuesday either.Thanks for your reply...Matt
  2. Hey everybody...just signed up. I found ya'll by searching for reasons for abdominal pain . I would like to share a little and see if anyone else can relate . My pain is terrible...takes my breath. It starts just under my right lung and moves all the way up in to my chest. Unfortunately I found a quick and easy remedy for myself....Coca Cola. I know right ? A big no no for gastric bypass patients . I had my surgery back in 2012. I lost 110 pounds...gained 10 back. But I am seeing a gastric DR. again.....long story for perhaps another time . Anyways.....I laid down the Coke....something that I learned to rely on for my pain. I had one in my hand all the time. I actually still carry one everywhere I go even now . But I haven't drank any carbonation since Oct. 23rd . My pain has lessened but for the past couple days it has returned . I am finding that LOTS of water at the onset of the pain brings relief...almost immediately . Maybe I just had the wrong remedy for my pain to begin with. I know my pouch is much bigger than when I began this journey . I am able to drink and eat quite a bit now. But I have kick started my diet since the 23rd and made some big changes . I have lost 10 pounds since I restarted my journey . This pain is something that really gives me a fit......but for the most part it is under control with drinking lots of water . Let me know if this helps any of you because I understand there are multiple reasons we have this pain. We are all unique it seems. I think for me there may be some issue with my pouch closing off and the sides , kinda like a balloon with no air in it . When I drink it expands and the pain stops . I found that Coke worked so fast because of the carbonation.....thought?