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  1. Kristin (_withak)'s Surgery Date!

    Hope all went well! Wish you a speedy recovery!
  2. Congrats!!!! I am glad all went well. Were you in pain right after waking up?
  3. I haven't started my pre op phase does not start until the 25th of this month where I will begin my liquid diet.
  4. Thank you! Yes I am literally counting down the days. This helped me a lot so I can visualize what my day might look like.
  5. Artie's Surgery Date

    Thank you! I cannot wait!
  6. Thank you for putting this. I was hoping to see what a typical day for post op looks like. If you don't mind can you estimate around what time each meal took place so I can generate a timeline of how I will do things?
  7. Relationship Trouble?

    Yes I have tried ketoing before and I get the flu for about 5 days. I will just have to make an effort to make sure she doesn't think I am being grumpy towards her only. Thanks a lot @BurgundyBoy
  8. Hello

    Welcome aboard! Best group to join for support and questions. Honestly a great group of people. Good luck with everything!
  9. Relationship Trouble?

    We both met when we were pretty advanced in our weight loss journey. After I hurt my knee and needed surgery, we both ended up gaining weight. Of course I gained the most. We have a great relationship but she tends to let her thoughts get the best of her. I'm worried that being on a 21 day liquid diet is going to make me moody or too tired to go places and that it will affect her thoughts even more.
  10. Boho Rosy's Surgery Day :)

    I'm sure you are but you will be fine. Next thing you know you will be in post op melting away the pounds
  11. Relationship Trouble?

    So my girlfriend is really nervous that the vsg surgery I am going to get in Dec. She thinks that it will change me and that its going to bring unwanted attention from the opposite sex. However I assure her that I will not change and she has nothing to worry about. I'm scared that her thoughts are going to create problems because she is paranoid about it. Any suggestions of things I can tell her to ease her mind? Thanks in advance!
  12. Boho Rosy's Surgery Day :)

    6 more days! You must be super excited!
  13. Artie's Surgery Date

    I will be getting my VSG on this date!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Pre op appointment

    Good luck with your diet! I will start my 3 week liquid diet on the 25th for my surgery Dec.16. I hope all goes well for you!
  15. Hello All

    I am glad I have someone that went through it at the same time as me. Im curious to see how the holidays will be when I will barely be on soft foods if I am lucky.