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  1. 5 lbs to lose for surgery approval

    Quitting was hard the first week, but vaping made all the difference. the second week.... as long as i had my vape on me, I was good. I would just go vape in the emergency stair well at work or the bathroom...two hits and i could go back to my desk. after that it was kind of easy. it's been 7 weeks now since my last cigarette and 4 weeks since i had nicotine in my mod..... and I don't even really vape anymore. once in a while when a trigger hits, I go looking for my vape....most of the time I'm over it before I find the dang thing. Quitting and losing weight at the same time is almost unheard of. I think, like you, that me wanting this surgery so bad helped me do both the quitting and losing weight since both are a mandatory requirement. Kaiser sure knows how to black mail someone! I used to be mad, frustrated, and generally irritated with the kaiser pre-op requirements. I wanted it now, and how dare they try to keep me from it!!! Truth be told, now that I am on the other side of quitting and 11 lbs lighter, I am very happy that they made me do it. Knowing how easily you can become cross addicted to other substances after surgery, I am glad I had to fight these addiction demons BEFORE I didn't have food to turn to. I can't imagine losing ALL my "crutches" at the same time. I was a bit of a mad woman a few weeks ago, slightly homicidal, but I honestly have a more zen like state now. Not that I don't have triggers and dark moments, cuz I do, they just pass much more quickly now and I come to my senses quicker. Thank you! Currently I am not taking any MS protocol. No steroids or infusions. Long story on the reasons for my decision, but the gist is that I am hoping that weight loss & surgery will help me fight this stuff by being able to be compliant on the MS diet. Hoping to manage MS through diet and holistic means as the drugs (from the outside looking in) appear to be nearly as brutal as the disease. I am also looking into "alternative" therapies like Montel Williams. Would like to be a pioneer in this new world of "alternate" therapies. Hope your friend is getting by good, MS sucks!
  2. 5 lbs to lose for surgery approval

    Brilliant.... a pacifier.... love it! I am vaping ( zero nicotine ) and it helps a lot. great idea for the mug. I'll get right on that. As for exercise, I didn't even think about me having been sick and not going to the gym as the culprit for my stall. MS is a consideration, but I'm up to 25min on the elliptical and treadmill. the treadmill is much harder on my back, sometimes I almost collapse at about 10min...thank god for the hand rails. but the elliptical is super comfortable for me. I'm going back tonight after a week off due to cold.
  3. 5 lbs to lose for surgery approval

    Thank You.... sometimes we really need a cheer leader for our hurdles crossed, no matter how small. In the last 6 weeks I have joined a gym and been attending 3-5dys a week, quit my 35y habit of smoking (5wks sober) started a 1200 cal diet, mostly given up my morning coffee, and dodged 50% of the potlucks/food deliveries around here. I have always been the one lifting someone else up, helping others, teaching others, saving others, putting EVERYONE before me. It's really hard to put myself first and take care of myself. But I'm learning. Sounds like you have been doing really well post op, and that is very inspiring! Keep up the good work! these are awesome Ideas.... I'm going to get my coworkers in on this if it kills me!
  4. 5 lbs to lose for surgery approval

    Good Idea about being prepared and bringing my own food. I could easily bring a 350cal atkins frozen lunch. I have Kaiser. The insurance is my doctor and the doctor is the insurance. The bariatric center will not schedule my next appointment until I reach my pre-weight goal. So they said, but.... I will call to day to confirm. Who knows....maybe I'll get lucky. Best of luck to you too. I'm excited for a new life. Agreed. Thanks for the reminder. I know I have some dark days ahead of me, when I hit an emotional wall and no longer have food to turn to. But, Just like having your first child, you can read all the baby books while you are pregnant, but nothing will prepare you for the reality of being a parent. That said, there's no time like the present to get the ball rolling. And on that note, I just turned down a chile verde breakfast burrito. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job!!!!! Jen, this is what I was getting at. As an addict and Binger and stress eater, I need to set some hard rules and boundaries for myself. Once the plate is in hand, no matter how strong my will or conviction, things get out of control before I know what I ate. I eat pretty healthy, with awareness 90% of the time. it's my moments of weakness that add up to failure. I've been in the same 20 lb range for over a decade. Generally speaking, not in too bad of shape, until this year. Diagnosed with MS after going blind in one eye. Now we know that last years 6mo episode was ms too, for 6 mos I could barely stand or walk for 5 min at a time. Low carb is the ONLY way for me. I have PCOS and technically not supposed to have carbs anyways. It's time to set some boundaries with food. Here is the most ridiculously ironic part of my "life story".... I'm sort of a social worker at the welfare department and I teach Job search and life skills. In that....I teach boundaries!!! And I'm pretty good at it too, teaching it that is. I learned some AMAZING tools about boundaries when I left my ex-husband (abusive alcoholic). Learned about my life long issues with co-dependency, learned to set boundaries with people, money etc.... and now it is time to set boundaries with food. I shouldn't be allowed to pick up the fork until I can trust myself to do the right thing with it !!! Thanks for all the welcoming advice and support.
  5. Approved for surgery

    Thanks cinwa
  6. These 5 lbs seem like the hardest 5 lbs ever ever chosen to lose! Hi, New here. I've been lurking for a few weeks. Learning a lot. I'm midway in my pre-op journey. I'm at S sac Kaiser. I've done the orientation, nutrition class, support group and appt with surgeon. I was given 13 lbs to lose before psych eval and surgery scheduling. I've lost between 8-10 lbs depending on the day. I keep bouncing between 220-222. Reading another post, where the question was, "should i have surgery before or after the holidays?" really got me thinking. I know I want the surgery asap.... but these last 5 lbs are killin me. I work in a place that makes it almost impossible to lose weight, regardless of the season. We have a potluck or party nearly every week of the year. Of course today we had a HUGE halloween party. I had a 150cal shake for breakfast to allow myself some wiggle room at the party. One bite of this, lead to one bite of that, lead to two (small) slivers of cake. Of course the guilt and shame came after as my food tracking ap reminded me I was already over my 1200 cal limit for the day. Guess it's a shake for dinner too! Anyways, I'm glad I logged on here and read a bit. There is no one that can get me to surgery date but me. And I want to thank @Cjireh for the quote of the day. "if i wait for one more (what ever) I'll never have it" something like that. I now know that I may need to isolate from the festivities in order to get what I so desperately need. Thanks to everyone here. Though we have never met or spoke, you have already helped me. MUAH
  7. Approved for surgery

    First of all, Hello...I'm new here. Second,... words ever spoken were more true!! And they are the "theme" of my week.