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  1. I met with a my surgeon and the appointment was great. He gave me my goals which made me so happy!
  2. I am starting a diet tomorrow to try to lose as much weight as possible. Waiting to hear from the bank about financing, as soon as I have that I will schedule surgery and start my 4 week liquid diet. So excited!!!
  3. I am soo excited!!! My first appointment is tomorrow! Can’t wait to start my new beginning!
  4. Yes I would totally tell them to come here. I made my appointment and have obviously been super annoying to my friends talking about it. I keep telling the one come on just do it and she is looking into her insurance so she can make her appointment! Super excited can’t wait!
  5. Thank you! My mom have the bypass a year and a half ago and is getting ready to have the skin surgery. So I have very good support with her. I also have a few friends that are doing this with me so good support there also. I did try to do this 5 years ago and I found out I was pregnant so I wasn’t able to go through with it. But I am so ready mentally and physically! And I know that I will be able to rock that 4 week diet!
  6. I know! I think that’s one good thing about self pay is that I only have to follow what doctors want and not insurance!
  7. I have my first appointment on October 11th. I am soo excited, I am looking to get the sleeve and I am thinking surgery in January. I am self pay so hoping to save a bunch up so I don’t have to finance as much! I do know that I will have to a 4 week liquid diet. Not looking forward to that but it will get me to my goal and that’s all that matters right? Congrats to all of the losers out there and good luck to the ones that are working on it!!!!