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  1. Going to Kansas City need suggestions!!!

    Our trip went great! The Trans Siberian Orchestra was awesome. We ended up eating at the Bistro in the hotel we were staying at. I just had a small grilled chicken breast. Super simple, super easy. For breakfast my wife had continental breakfast and I had a Syntrax Nectar Carmel Macchiato protein shake. The show was great and the power and light district was nice. Both the cabby's to and from the Sprint Center were crazy.
  2. Going to Kansas City need suggestions!!!

    Thank you again to everyone. We are looking forward to having a great time.
  3. Calling all November Newbies.....

    Well, when I met with the surgeon on Tuesday I was given a choice, advance to the full soft food stage or be able to sweat. I chose to be able to sweat so I'm still on soft protein for at least another week. The major concern the weight loss team has for me is dehydration because of my activity level I am at higher risk than most. Up until Tuesday I was on a restriction that if I started to sweat that I had to stop exercising. Now that I can sweat again, they want me getting 128 oz of hydrating fluid in everyday. They even told me I may have to not eat a meal and replace it with liquid such as a protein shake. They also want me hitting a higher protein goal with the minimum at 80grams per day instead of 60grams. I have been getting in 96-112 oz of fluid and 80+ grams of protein, so I really just need to get in 2 more cups of fluid and I should be good to go.
  4. Going to Kansas City need suggestions!!!

    Thank you all again!! Thinner Times has such a plethora of knowledge. I am so glad to be part of this community.
  5. Going to Kansas City need suggestions!!!

    Thank you all for the Ideas, many I have already had, and many are new, but they are all great. I thought about just bringing my own food, but this is a thank you to my wife for putting up with me for the last several months. I want HER to feel catered to, not locked away in a hotel room. Any more ideas or places would be great. Thank you all.
  6. Hey everyone, I will be 1 month post op on Dec. 8 and will be spending the weekend of the 9th and 10th in KC. I am taking my wife to the Trans Siberian Orchestra. My biggest concern is where can I safely eat. I am on the soft food phase and am allowed chicken, turkey, and eggs, ect. Does anyone know any good places to eat in KC that will fit in this phase of the diet?
  7. Calling all November Newbies.....

    Hello November '17 groupies, and thank you CJ for starting this thread. I had surgery 25 days ago on Nov. 8th. I am down 27 lbs since surgery and 124 lbs from my highest in May of this year (now 380 lbs from 504 lbs). I went home the next day after surgery and used pain meds. the first 2 nights home. I also have the occasional aching abdominal area, I assume it because I push myself a little too hard/far. Exercise wise I am back to walking 70 min's a day, and I am coaching youth wrestling. I really have to watch my fluid intake, if I don't get at least 112 oz I become dehydrated and get light headed when I stand up from a seated, squatting, or bent over position. I try to get in at least 128 oz of hydrating liquid every day. I am currently on the soft protein stage of my diet plan. It's similar to the soft food phase but it is just protein based foods (eggs, cheese, chicken, turkey, eggface's ricotta bake ect.). Tuesday Dec. 5th I am to be cleared for the soft food stage. I am really looking forward to some veggie's, but that darn rotisserie chicken salad, I have been wanting since surgery, will have to wait another month. At this point I am consuming between 400 and 700 calories and 70 to 100 grams of protein per day. According to my Fitbit and Myfitnesspal I burn between 500 and 700 cal everyday exercising. I also, like Michael_A and CJireh, had a nice long stall. I spent 13 days within 1/2 lb. of 384 lbs, that stall seems to have broke 2 days ago. I am at 380lbs now. I don't post as much as I did pre-surgery but I am still here ready and learning and listening to you all. I just don't chime in as much. This Forum has been an amazing help to me and will continue to be.
  8. 11 weeks and some before/after photos

    You're at about the same spot I was when I had a little stall. Your body just has to get used to the new normal! Unless you're drinking milkshakes every day for your "fluid goal" you're going to start losing again - and probably really soon! I had a two week or so stall at around 3 weeks, and through the month I generally have one fast loss week, one no-loss week, and two slooooooow loss weeks. It averages out to enough to keep me happy, but I always raise my eyebrow at the scale when it refuses to move! Don't pull your hair out, though - that'll start coming out on its own soon enough! First I'd like to say Kio you are looking great! Keep up the awesome work. Second, CJireh, I have also been on a nice long stall 384 lbs for the last 9 days. It is also driving me nuts. Before surgery I was a steady Freddy, losing about a half pound every day. Now I seem to crash a bunch of weight off and then sit in one place. We just have to keep the faith and work the system. The stall will have to break eventually, the laws of physics say so, and if it doesn't I will pimp myself out as a perpetual source of energy.
  9. It’s really working!!

    I have been weighing daily since I received my new scale. Steady at 1lb a day for the first week and then it stopped. I weighed the same 4 mornings in a row and then today I was down a pound again. I'm now in the 300's which is awesome from starting in the 500's. Down 24lbs since surgery 17day ago.
  10. How it went - post-op day 2

    We are glad to hear things are going well for you, Happy Thanksgiving.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    I'm thankful for everyone here at Thinner Times and all the help a guidance I have received here.
  12. Thanks for keeping my seat warm!

  13. Tomorrow.....

    Keeping you in my thoughts. Everything should go well for you too. Keep us updated.
  14. It's been 12 days already?!?!

    It is hard to believe its been 12 days for you and 10 days for me! I am glad to hear thing are going well for you. They have been going well for me also. Walkin', drinkn' and getting in protein that's how my days seem to go.. Just remember when you start that puree diet TAKE IT SLOW!!!! I had refried beans the other day, and 1/2 a teaspoon too much left me in pain for and hour. Just from feelin' good, to my gosh I'm dying in 1/2 a teaspoon. I can eat about 1/4 cup of soft protein in a sitting.
  15. How are you doing, Surgery Buddy, Austin?

    The appointment went well. I am now able to have soft protein. Yippie!!! I weighed in at 395 lbs #%$!?!?! and I ordered a scale today. I have been trying soft protien food while still getting the majority of my protein from shakes. I had almost a whole scrambled egg for supper last night, I had a Babybel cheese for lunch today. I hope your followup goes as well as mine.