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  1. Congrats! I can't wait to join you.
  2. It's posts and success like this that encourage me even more everyday. As my surgery date approaches, I thought I would be nervous about the surgery part but I'm not. The part I am most nervous about is what if I fail, but with success stories like yours and the many others on TTF, I know I will Succeed.
  3. Good luck with the promotion, keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. I added the event. I may lose faster but I also have a longer way to go every ones journey is their own. I'm sure you'll have great success.
  5. until
    Woot, Woot. Getting closer.
  6. Two days ahead of me how great! We can be surgery buddies.
  7. My son is 11, he loves legos and superheroes. He is the one that got us started with the minifigures about 6 yrs ago. When he had to have a Nightcrawler minifigure but Lego didn't even make one, so my Wife and I figure out a simple way make them. They didn't stay painted very long back then though. Now we use the same printing process as Lego just on a smaller scale.
  8. Thank you. We have fun!
  9. I own a couple of online stores. The Way of the Geek We custom make minifigures and import others. We also sell other toys and a lot of superhero items. We are also on eBay at
  10. Way to go! Keep it up.
  11. Welcome to TT!
  12. Thank you all for all the positive words. It helps chip away at all the nerves of making life long change. Even though I know I will succeed, there are always seeds of doubt and fear of failure. I find that TT and my local group help to keep me informed and educated. Knowledge is power, and with that power I will defeat the weight that has plagued me my entire life.
  13. I can only dream of the day... Congratulation on all of your success, and thank you for sharing with us all so we know that one day these dreams can happen.
  14. I'm glad to hear your doing better.
  15. So I went to Longhorn Steak House tonight one of the places on my "last supper" list. I was very stingy with my calorie and carb intake all day since I knew we were going there tonight. I had a 6 oz Renegade Sirloin steak, Fresh Steamed Asparagus, and water. I did have one small piece of the complimentary honey wheat bread and let my son and wife finish of the rest. That's only 467 cal., 18g Carbs, 43g protein, and only 3g sugars. I feel I did very well knowing that I would have in the past easily eaten 1,500 calories or more and that wouldn't include the calories from pop that I would have had. Since I did so well I am way under calories for the day. I guess you can have your cake and eat it too... as long as it isn't cake.