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  1. so in 2 days I will be 1 month post opp! I have to say wow what a journey! the first 2 weeks were really really hard for me! even though I lost weight it was still a mind game and I was one of the lucky ones who didn't feel so well after surgery . I was constantly nauseous and just the smell of food made me ill. but slowly that all went away and I lost a good amount the first weeks. at this point I can pretty much eat anything and it doesn't really bother me . that being said I haven't tried salad yet but I cant wait to! my current issues are that its soooo hard for me to get more then 500 calories a day and I have stopped loosing weight which is extremely mind unraveling to get around. I also have done aerobics 3 days a week a hour each time, I called my NUT today and she told me I wasn't getting enough calories ... really ! its crazy to think about a month ago I struggled with too many and now im struggling with not enough ,, am I the only person that will have only lost a small amount of weight and then that's feeling so discouraged! and the food I am eating is all protein no whites no bread. lean meat and fish , yogurt, cheese , shakes .... veggies. the weird thing is I don't even miss eating in fact I don't really like eating at all any new weight is 213.00 and its been the same give or take a pound for about a week!
  2. Hey all! im at the end of week 2 from post op! its definitely a lot easier this week then last , thank goodness because it was unbearable for me .. and before you say it yes I am a baby when it comes to things like this! a few things for you already sleevers out there .. when will I be able to eat and not get the bad air pockets that come after every bite. and just so you know I never drink 1/2 hour before or after. and im usually getting like 5 bites of food before I call it quits. today I had refried beans and avocado with a red taco sauce and 4 bites in and I have to have those gurgles air pockets sitting in my chest making there way up my throat! I cant wait for that to go away and maybe then ill be able to actually eat something with out wanting to throw it up after (which I never do I just feel like that ) im down 23 lbs! im so happy with that number already and so was my surgeon! I asked him what a happy number I should target for and said he seen no problems with my height and body figure that I would be well under 130 !!! that is huge for me ! I haven't weighed that since high school!!! I was thinking 150 range so that number completely through me for a loop! im defiantly more active this week getting between 6 and 8,000 steps daily next week I will try to have 10,000 steps daily! getting my fluids in is a hard thing for me so Im going to be focusing on that this week too! my next apt is in 4 weeks! also my surgeon different from those on here told me once I feel ready to move forward with my eating steps so gong from pureed stage to soft that I will know and just to advance my self and same with solids. plus I just was able to get on my vitamins today so im hoping that will kick in the extra energy I don't have! hope every one is ready for the weekend !!!!!!

    Hi! Yes Im doing so much better! I just got back from my post opp apt! My doctor said I was doing awesome! I have been able to eat puréed food since Tuesday! And it's been great however ever since then I haven't really wanted to eat anything! and I'm focusing on getting some fluids in because I lack on doing that! My doctor asked me what my goal weight was today and I said 145 and he laughed and told me I would surely surpass that no problem he said with my height and body type I'd be more like 120-130 range in a year! He was different then most dr's on this forum I only had to eat "healthy" for a week before surgery but it was mostly just salad and grilled chicken and Tried to stay away from pastas and bread! And then I had to have a full liquid the day before! I actually didn't loose anything before surgery and today when I went in to the office I'm down 21 lbs! he was very happy with that number and said that everyone looses different and was happy I had lost so much! Good luck on your up coming surgery! everyday gets better for me!

    I recently had my sleeve done on Monday sept 11th since then im actually already down 20 lbs which im happy with and proud of because its been a crazy week. that being said I was expecting this to be different then what this journey has been so far. for start im hungary! I really want to eat everything and anything at this point that is not a liquid my daily food is killing me! right now im only having protein shakes, sugar free popsicles ,sf pudding, Greek yogurt and broth. also the occasional sf jello. but I cant wait to put something warm into my mouth like cream of wheat or, refried beans , ricotta something anything! also the pain is getting better but man I also have fibro and I swear my nerve pain is worse then the actually surgery! im hoping once im able to eat real food I will have some sense of being full ad I haven't really felt that with the full liquids yet. Im also begging for some sort of body feels like it hates me right now...