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    Gastric Bypass
  1. I am being treated mean about my Gastric bypass needs people do not understand that I cannot eat and drink at the same time and I need to be able to drink when I feel thirsty. Channing
  2. I do not log my foods at all Channing
  3. For I I eat eggs in the morning, This afternoon I had chicken, Salad and a small bowl of potato soup, Last Night I had Shrimp and for Snack I this morning I had some pretzles and some wheat thin chips and I have trail mix in the afternoon. There is not enough room in the fridge for salads because I live in a group home the group home told me that they would throw away my things
  4. The group the group home is not able to cater to my nutritional needs as an RNY patient like lean protein, Vegetables and salads etc.. Channing
  5. I had Gastric bypass in July of 2012 I lost 100 pounds from 310 pounds and now I have gained weight back and now I weight 250 pounds I live in a group home. the best contact for me is postal mail I would like a Gastric bypass friend if you can be by friend please let me know Channing
  6. I had gastric bypass in July of 2012 I weighed 310 pounds Lost 100 pounds and started to gain weight and am now 250 pounds I live in a group home now because I have autism. Channing
  7. I had Gastric bypass done in July of 2012 I can eat Mashed Potatoes Channing
  8. The Hospital never told me the cause.
  9. I had Gastric Bypass in July of 2012 when I have milk I have Diarrhea. I take Dairy pills when I have a bite the dairy pills seem to help. I do crave cheese I like cheese and I do crave ice cream. sometimes these things give me cramping and diarrhea. Channing
  10. I like I I aII I had Gastric Bypass in July of 2012 I have had chicken livers before but last July when I had chicken livers I got sick and wound up in the hospital. Channing
  11. I had gastric bypass in July of 2012 I drink sodas and have no problems with sodas and I drink the sparkling waters also and I have no problems Channing
  12. I eat Bananas, Grapes , Strawberries, mixed fruit cups, sliced Peaches , Raisins and applesauce I don't have any problems with fruit. Channing
  13. I had Gastric bypass in July of 2012 I have Diarrhea a lot especially if I have Milk and Juice. When I have sweet sometimes I have diarrhea and sometimes I don't have diarrhea. sometimes I still get the foamies where I had a lot of gagging especially in 2016 from August Until November because I had to have my twisted stomach fixed. When I get the foamies it is hard for me to eat. How do you get around the foamies when you have the foamies. Channing