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  1. Thanks all for the warm welcome, encouragement and shared stories! This is a group I definitely need!
  2. Thanks cinwa! Glad I'm not alone. Appreciate your reminder that time is precious. We never know how much we have.
  3. My surgery is scheduled for 12 days from now. I'm both excited and nervous. Been second guessing my choice for surgery the past couple days while on the 2 week pre-op diet. Thinking, maybe I can do this on my own - because I really want to eat what everyone else is eating. Thinking maybe I should bail - because then I could eat 2 solid meals today instead of one. But, like many other comments I've seen, I've tried doing this on my own and I keep failing. Sure, I've had some successes, but something derails me and I gain it back. I'm 40 this year. I have kids that I can't keep up with and I feel like a 'blob'. I want to have fun with them. I want to play basketball again. I want to run without carrying all this excess weight. I joined this group because it looks like a great support system. I even found another member who had my surgeon 6 years ago and is doing well. Look forward to hearing from some others who are about to get surgery and working through this journey together!