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  1. Me vs. the SCALE

    It honestly felt like a month of being stuck. Maybe towards the end of that mouth it was about two weeks, like you said just going from 243 - 245, it drove me nuts! I'm out of the 240's now - never going back! And now your'e out of the 270's, so we're winning!
  2. Me vs. the SCALE

    Thanks so much for the input. I've def refocused myself of protein and dropped as many of the carbs as I can. I also no longer drink the premier shakes like a diet drink. I've managed to start losing again - down 6 pounds. I can basically tolerate anything and that can be difficult at times but I'm finding a better balance I think. I'm still thinking about tracking but for now, I'm just ALOT more mindful of what I put in my mouth and how often. I'm feeling good about myself. I check in with the dietitian on Dec 1st. So, if they want to make further changes, i'll do it. I'm thinking I was losing inches for the time and not weight but only time will tell. Sounds like you are also getting into the flow of life after surgery and I hope you continue to do well!
  3. Peace! Feeling full - which at first I felt in my throat but now I think I feel it in my stomach, is confusing. How do you know your full? It’s changed as I’m 2 weeks into month 3. Also, literally after I eat, my eyes want more but I’m pretty sure I’m full so I stop. But, the strangest thing is this hungry feeling and sensations. It further confuses me - I wonder maybe I’m not full, should I eat more? Generally I ignore the hungry feelings, it’s very very hard! Right now I just want to eat more dinner but I guess I’m full?? I posted previously about being stuck with my loss but I started losing again - down another 6 pounds!
  4. Me vs. the SCALE

    Hmm ok so maybe my snacks are not as healthy as I'm thinking! Beef jerky, protein bars, cottage cheese, nuts, deviled eggs, olives, pickles, whisps (parmesan "crackers"), sunflower seeds. The only thing you suggested that I do is Nuts (pistachio) So, I should drop the cheese, dried fruit, crackers and popcorn and granola bars? What do you have for your actual meals?
  5. Peace, everyone! I’m really struggling with losing weight right now, I thought I got this surgery so I WOULDN'T have to write a sentence or fee like that ever again. *sigh* I’m about 2.5 months out from surgery and had been losing just fine. I was weighing myself weekly and continued to drop pounds. UNTIL about 3 weeks ago when the scale.would.not.move. I’m literally stuck at 245. I had convinced myself that the scale broke, I reset it, took the batteries out, put my cat on it. Then I said I’m going to my PCP to get checked for a hernia and to step on another scale. No hernia and I learned my scale is NOT broken. I probably should go to the surgeon to see about this idea of a hernia given I do have some pain in my belly area but they want to approach from the perspective of diet, so I’ve not yet mad that appointment. Of course my surgeons office is saying its diet and i need to get on my fitness pal and come in to review my food diary. Sounds fair. But, I’ve got a block with tracking calories, I’ve tried on and off with my fitness pal. I have beef with tracking because, clearly I am eating ALOT LESS portion size, my.stomach.is.smaller. I have 3 meals and 1 - 2 snacks per day. I drink 60 oz of water per day. I exercise through the week and I had (but no longer) been lifting 5 pound weights. My meals look something like this. Eventually I want to join a gym to switch up my workouts but right now, that’s just not happening. Bfast - eggs (2) and strawberries ( up to 4) Snack - string cheese/dried fruit/granola bar (or nothing, I’m working in a school with an earlier lunch currently) Lunch - salad with half a frozen burrito, turkey with cheese rolled up and an orange, (literally the only combo I’ve had) Snack - popcorn, dark chocolate, fruit Dinner - tuna crackers cheese/ soup/ salad with lunch meat SURE, i’m not perfect and have had pizza, fast food, VERY SMALL AMOUNTS MAYBE UP TO TWO TIMES IN THE PAST 3 WEEKS. Popcorn with cheese, peanut chews and other random unhealthy snacks, but nothing excessively. I generally stick to the above foods. LITERALLY, the only thing different are these premier clear drinks (120 calories) I’ve been out of my other favorite drinks (diet snapple which has 10 calories and diet green teach with 0 calories) I’m out of them and have been for 3 weeks now. I’ve been shopping at the neighborhood coop and they don't have ANY diet drinks, so I was having up to 2 premier clears per day - COULD THAT BE IT? I feel annoyed and confused by this. Yet, I don't feel discouraged or hopeless because I continue to feel better, have more energy, my clothes are big, my walking pace is fast and I feel strong. Because of these changes despite the scale, I’M OK, I guess. But still, WHAT THE HECK? I try to get over the fact that I don't want to track because I was feeling pre-op that the surgery itself is like a natural tracker and way to control portions!? I even tried to start again today tracking but trailed off by lunch. What are your thoughts, suggestions or feedback? Thanks. Also, where is my current weight in my status? I know I put it in and was going to use that as an additional check with loss. Now, I'm further confused about my numbers. UGH.
  6. Did you have certain symptoms that made you have to get a swallow test? Hope this resolves soon for you!
  7. Hi Folks! Just a bunch of questions that have been coming to mind over the past few weeks. What are your best recommendations for sugar free snacks/treats? I found a good diet Lipton tea with citrus that has no weird after taste. I'm a month out and like 20 pounds down - is that average? Is it slow progress?? Do you separate eating and drinking, how far out are you? I've been walking about 30min a day. I'm thinking of switching to aerobics and light lifting. What kind of workout do you do? One week left before regular diet - I want salads and lots of fresh fruits! What do you eat for meals/snacks? How often do you eat throughout the day? My diet has mostly been - chicken and tuna salad. Cheese. Chicken and Fish. Jello, applesauce, sf popsicles, beans, sf drinks, protein drinks, Eggs, Toast, stuff that basically combines all the phases I've been through. (I was at my Mom's as she recovered from shoulder surgery and had treats I don't keep in my house like, cookies, regular juice only one time, a few sips of soda, some chocolate, all of which were very small servings but still not good.) What tips do you have to increase the rate of weight loss? I've noticed since surgery my hair is very dry! Lack of protein? Because I've been eating protein, I slacked off on shakes. Maybe I should still have one a day? Eating slow is hard if your super hungry (I try not to get to that point but sometimes it happens) but then I can't eat much! If I chill and eat slower I notice I can have more. Can anyone relate? My belly is still sore, if I accidentally rub on something or bump it, still hurts. The place where the stomach came out can burn or if it rubs on clothes it still hurts. Is that normal? How do I get a tracker? I started at 270 pounds and now I'm at 254 pounds. Peace!
  8. Hello everyone

    Totally normal. I started feeling so hungry the night after surgery and it continued a few days. I would be up through the night to drink something. I had surgery on a Friday and by that next Thursday the hunger got better, I also used gaviscon and felt like it dulled out what was feeling like hunger pains. I'm not at week 3 - and not dealing with those stupid hunger feel like your starving pains. IT GETS BETTER!
  9. Are they giving you anti-nausia meds? If you can't take down ice, hopefully they can at least give you those sponges for your lips and mouth. Sending good vibes!
  10. What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

    I'm a social worker and work with children and families within the educational system here in Philly! I also do photography!
  11. Intro

    Peace all, My surgery was on 8/25/17. It feels like I'm through most of the really intense pain. But the emotional work is heavy and comes and goes. From thoughts of, - I'm so fat I had to get surgery- - I deserve this pain and struggle for being fat - to - I'm doing what's good for me and I'm moving towards a healthy life. At day 9, and one more week of liquids. I'm so bored and frustrated with my lack of options. Food is life, on tv, online, in convos and my mouth waters! I was with visiting family they ate all day! Most times I'm ok with this temporary phase, I know it gets better bla bla. But right now liquids is it and I've had a few freak outs! -I want real food- -I'm starving- followed by *tears.* Then I wonder if it's an oral fixation? I suck on sugar free lifesavers and popsicles. Drinking slower is getting less aggravating and I'm thankful. I'm starting to like sipping and actually enjoying a beverage. I have yet to reach my protein or h2o goals - working on it. And, starter vitamins today! Much peace