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  1. Totally normal. I started feeling so hungry the night after surgery and it continued a few days. I would be up through the night to drink something. I had surgery on a Friday and by that next Thursday the hunger got better, I also used gaviscon and felt like it dulled out what was feeling like hunger pains. I'm not at week 3 - and not dealing with those stupid hunger feel like your starving pains. IT GETS BETTER!
  2. Are they giving you anti-nausia meds? If you can't take down ice, hopefully they can at least give you those sponges for your lips and mouth. Sending good vibes!
  3. I'm a social worker and work with children and families within the educational system here in Philly! I also do photography!
  4. Peace all, My surgery was on 8/25/17. It feels like I'm through most of the really intense pain. But the emotional work is heavy and comes and goes. From thoughts of, - I'm so fat I had to get surgery- - I deserve this pain and struggle for being fat - to - I'm doing what's good for me and I'm moving towards a healthy life. At day 9, and one more week of liquids. I'm so bored and frustrated with my lack of options. Food is life, on tv, online, in convos and my mouth waters! I was with visiting family they ate all day! Most times I'm ok with this temporary phase, I know it gets better bla bla. But right now liquids is it and I've had a few freak outs! -I want real food- -I'm starving- followed by *tears.* Then I wonder if it's an oral fixation? I suck on sugar free lifesavers and popsicles. Drinking slower is getting less aggravating and I'm thankful. I'm starting to like sipping and actually enjoying a beverage. I have yet to reach my protein or h2o goals - working on it. And, starter vitamins today! Much peace