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  1. Ha, ha! Yes. I have kind of noticed that while reading at other places.
  2. I read this on the net earlier. Seems to be a lot of conflicting info out there so you may want to check with your Dr first. Anti-acid medications (Nexium, Protonix or Prevacid) are prescribed to prevent ulcers in the gastric pouch. We recommend taking one of these for at least six months following any type of bariatric surgery.
  3. This is great news, Drake. I know that you have to be thrilled to have the surgery behind you now. I have had several surgeries/procedures done where I was warned about how painful the gas would be. It never did bother me after any of them. I have a feeling that my WLS will be a different story though. Thank you for sharing your journey here. It is very helpful to those of us that are still preop. I look forward to following your updates.
  4. Lol! We will get along just fine. I have a dark and warped sense of humor myself You have to be able to laugh at things, right?
  5. Oh, man. I can just see my mom acting the same way. She has been pushing me to lose weight for years now. Next it will be that I am losing too much. Ugh. I know it is coming. So sorry, Nerdylady.
  6. Wow. I don't see anyone being judged at all here. The members that I have seen reply are always very helpful. They gave you the information that you needed. It may not be what you want to hear but, like was already mentioned most of us are here because we have a common goal. I am not understanding why you would even come to a WLS forum to ask questions that you obviously already know the answers to. There are many forums out there but, I chose this one because they are so willing to share their experiences and knowledge with the rest of us. I feel pretty confident that if you go to any of the others and ask the same questions, you are going to get the same answers. Good luck to you both.
  7. Yes. They told me at my first visit that reflux is a no go for the sleeve. I have never had any issues with reflux. I was just trying to get a feel for how often it happens after the fact like it did with tracyringo. I think that it will be the opposite with me. I think that the surgeon will prefer to perform the sleeve with me. Could be wrong and will find out in a few months.
  8. Thanks for the reassurance. I am very aware that there are good and bad docs out there. I have had to fire a dr from an ICU setting and have really run the gamut when it comes to Drs. I think that I mentioned this is another thread. I fully researched the group that I will be using before I even made the first phone call. The senior surgeon that I planned to use has 14 years experience. I have seen his patients speak highly of him. Not to mention that he is highly thought of by my current Drs. The group (3 surgeons) has been doing nothing but bariatric surgery for the past 14 years. They have lost 2 patients in that time frame. As you probably already know I can't even meet with the Dr until I complete 5 classes. I told the CNA my physician of choice when she helped me to get registered. She said that was fine but to be aware that I would have a long wait for him once I complete the program. She told me that the wait would be shorter with the female Dr in the practice. The only thing that I know about her is that she has been with them doing bariatric surgery for the last 5 years and I have seen 2 patients rate her highly. I fully intend to find out what her surgery stats are before I make my decision though. Thanks again for the support and the encouragement.
  9. This thread is a little scary. I knew that a leak is possible but did not know that it was even this common. I do hope that everyone here made out okay.
  10. I am sorry that you are experiencing this, Tracy. Most of my problem right now (preop) is that I am always hungry. I am hoping the the sleeve will help me with it since gherelin (sp?) will be reduced. It seems that many sleevers have issues with acid after surgery. Is this something that you had trouble with before surgery? I am curious.
  11. I do know that I will have endoscopy so hopefully that is when they will test me. Thanks for the replies.
  12. @Dtrain84 I haven't been here long enough to follow your progress. I will tell you that your before and after pictures are just amazing! These are the type things that keep me motivated to keep on keeping on. Thanks for sharing
  13. I am so very sorry for what you are going through. I don't know you but your post made me cry for you too. I wish that I had some words of wisdom for you. Instead all I am able to say is that I hope things turn around quickly for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and please keep us posted.
  14. Thank you both for the replies. That is good info to have. I was hoping that they didn't wait until right before surgery to test and treat if needed. I was thinking that would be just my luck that I would test positive and have to delay surgery yet another 2 weeks.
  15. I haven't had the surgery yet but, I am able to look online to see how I did during the night. I see things like how many events I had, how many air leaks, etc. I am thinking that in my case I will know by keeping track of my nightly results. I regularly wake up with dry mouth from my mouth being open. In my case I think it happens when my nose is stuffy from allergies. Maybe you could do a search on the type of machine you have to see if you are able to gain access to the same info? I could not do it with my older machine but am able to do this with the machine that I got 5-6 years ago. I have a resmed air sense and I log in here All you would need is the serial number for your machine to get started.