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  1. I feel sure that you are right @BurgundyBoy Probably have myself stressed over nothing with the eval. I actually did pretty good in the beginning of all of this. I kept up with my water and was getting more than enough exercise. That part was at the hospital where it was buffet style in the cafeteria. I had the ability to make better choices. Once we got to hospice, it was another story. I had to order meals through delivery services and healthy options were not available. Plus I was only eating once per day and was famished by the time that I did eat. I am not an emotional eater. My real issue is that I am ALWAYS hungry. My first time going to a bariatric dr was in the mid 90s. He said then that he felt I had too much of the hunger hormone being produced. I did lose weight while I was going to him. I put a lot of thought into whether or not I was eating when I wasn't hungry. I am positive that I was not. Anyway, this is one of the major reasons that I feel the sleeve will work well for me. I know that I can follow the program and just the reduction in appetite will do me a world of good. Thanks again for the reassurance.
  2. Thanks, everyone. I really don't have any mental health issues except a bit of anxiety (by some absolute miracle) but, when my sister was in the hospital and then moved over to hospice, I had to tell the people in my office because I cancelled my classes during that time. Then, my mom had a stroke 12 days after my sister passed away. I had to not only cancel classes but also my psych eval again. I was a basket case and no way could I have passed any type of psych eval. After my moms stroke, the nurse from my surgeons office called me and recommended putting WLS off. I told her no. I said that I am determined to go through with it especially after having family members with recent health issues. So, I know that the shrink is already aware of these things. Plus, I lived at the hospital/hospice for 3 weeks with my sister and still frequently going to the nursing home my mom is in for rehab. So, I managed to put 7 pounds on in the past 2 months just from having no choice but to grab and eat fast food though all of this. I did manage to get the minimum required classes in during all of this. I told the RN and the CNA not to ask me any questions when I came to class because it was all that I could do to maintain composure at that point. They obliged and didn't even say a word when they saw that I had not met my goals and had gained weight. I quietly slipped in and out of the classes. There is no doubt in my mind that the shrink will bring these things up at my eval. Hopefully it will still go well though. Thanks again for the input everyone.
  3. Thank you! It is scheduled for next Wednesday and I am going to make it come hell or high water. I am a bit nervous because a person in my class told me that this shrink has her on hold because she has a history of depression. The girl has been seeing therapists for months now and still not been released for surgery. I am hoping that there is more to the story than she told. I don't have any issues with depression or any history with it. Just afraid that she may hold the current events in my life over my head and hold me back. All I really can do about it is my best not to let that happen.
  4. Hi! New Here!

    Diabetes is indeed a powerful motivator. It runs heavily on my husbands side of the family and mine as well. My mom is 80 years old with diabetes and we have yet to get hers under control. I wish you much luck with the surgery and good job controlling it with diet thus far.
  5. Great news! Glad to hear that it all went well for you. I finally have my psych eval next week after having to postpone twice. Once when my sister was in hospice and once when my mom first had her stroke. I have my fingers crossed that she doesn't think that I should wait because of all of the trauma I have been through. Nurse already tried to talk me into waiting. I just don't want to wait and feel I am ready. With any luck I will not be far behind you.
  6. Hi! New Here!

    Welcome to the forum, TK Hops. It is a good idea to learn all that you are able to ahead of time. This forum is a great source of information.
  7. Thanks for keeping my seat warm!

    So glad to hear that all went well. I feel sure that you are glad to have the surgery behind you. Now the fun part begins.
  8. Thanks for posting such a detailed account of your journey. It is very helpful to those of us that will follow you.
  9. Tomorrow.....

    Good luck to you. I will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow. I already know that you got this though. Please post when you are able to. I may not be able to check in until late but, looking forward to hearing that all went well.
  10. Stressed!

    I really don't have any words of wisdom for you. I agree with the others that revisions are more risky than original surgery is. As with any surgery or medical procedure, I always thoroughly check out the hospital, Dr and the anesthesiologist. If they all have excellent track records things should go smoothly for you. Most things in life carry at least some risk. You have to decide if the risk is worth it to you. I do empathize with you and your situation though. Any kind of surgery is a little scary. Having an experience like yours has to make your decision very hard. Good luck and do keep us posted.
  11. Disability Pay?

    Is there maybe a family member or friend that you could borrow from until your $ comes in? I just hate that everything has to be so complicated. I guess that you may be lucky to have state disability though. We don't have that here in SC. Most employer STD plans have a waiting period anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months to collect. They sure don't make it easy.
  12. 6 Years Later

    If I am not being too personal, did you have plastic surgery at all after WLS? I am wondering if exercise kept you that firm or if you had surgical help.
  13. 6 Years Later

    Wow! Quite a transformation. You look fabulous! As far as your food being "stuck" for too long, you may want to try a digestive enzyme such as papaya. I know that's the one that Jen likes but, there are many out there to choose from. Been using another type since I had my gallbladder out and they truly do work to aid digestion.
  14. Cardamom77's Surgery Date

    Sooooooooo close, C77! I will be keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that you have an easy surgery and recovery. Will be checking in on you tomorrow as soon as I am able to.
  15. Kristin (_withak)'s Surgery Date!

    Good luck, Kristen! Keeping you in my thoughts today.