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  1. Preoperative clearance with PCP

    This makes me feel a little better
  2. Getting sick before surgery?

    Ways to prevent getting sick before surgery, aside from the obvious washing hands, using hand sanitizer and staying away from sick people. My surgery is in December and it’s cold/flu season! Eek, get it away from me!
  3. Preoperative clearance with PCP

    I am scheduled for my preoperative clearance with my PCP in a week and am wondering what usually happens during this visit? I haven’t seen my PCP in about a year, my insurance didn’t require a referral so I just made my own appointment with Bariatrics. My pcp doesn’t have record of me asking about doing this surgery. I’m hoping I just go in quick and he clears me. I’m just nervous about one thing out of all of these things not working out and being denied by my insurance. Whats a typical experience with clearance from PCP? So far I’ve passed the nutrition class, psych consult. I just have my pcp clearance, endoscopy, hospital preoperative testing, and last weight check.
  4. Mad props to my husband....

    I love your husband He sounds like a very good man!!
  5. I had my 3rd weight check with my surgeons office 2 weeks ago, according to insurance I need to have 6 weight checks during a 6 month supervised diet. I have Excellus BCBS in NY. I was told the doctors office will call after the 3rd weight check and give me a surgery date then a few weeks before the surgery date they will send my info to insurance for approval. I haven't gotten my date yet and I'm getting super antsy. im very curious about your journey!! What did your insurance require? How long did you have to wait for a surgery date after you started the process? Did you get a date after insurance approval or before? I was scanning through other threads and didn't get the answers I was looking for so I thought I'd start a new one!
  6. Eating on the job

    I am grateful for ever single comment on this thread! Thank you all for shining more light on this subject! And also @CurvyMermaid I was planning on going vegetarian then transition to vegan after surgery. I could use your blog for help with that ☺️. I see you're vegetarian, do you know of any other good vegetarian or vegan blogs to follow?
  7. Eating on the job

    I'm wondering what you all have done for work pre-op. I understand you can't skip meals, so what are you eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the job? I'm pre-op in the phases of the low calorie diet, but I want to know what to expect going back to work after surgery. I work at a grocery store, we share a very small refrigerator, and we have a microwave if that helps with meal ideas. Here's a list of the post-op guidelines from my surgeon's office: Week 2 - up to 2 tablespoons per meal, 4oz protein shake 3x day. Week 3 - 1/4 cup soft food. Week 4, 5, 6 - 1/2 cup soft food. Week 7 and beyond - 1/2 cup solid food. Will I need to get 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup portion sized Tupperware so I know how much I can have? I need help, haha
  8. Smoking?

    Your reply makes sense. If I could keep vaping and lower my mg/nicotine intake each few weeks I should be able to get down to 0mg before surgery. I'm just afraid the hand to mouth movements and taste of menthol won't be enough for me with 0mg of nicotine. But I'm determined to quit nicotine!
  9. Smoking?

    I quit smoking cigarettes a week ago. On my initial consult with a surgeon in May, he told me to quit. I asked about the e-cigarette (vaping) and he told me it was fine, it's the cigarettes he worries about and cigarettes will show up way more nicotine on the breath test than an e-cig will. The nurse also told me they have a patient that vapes like a fiend and always has it in her mouth. The one thing I am wondering now is do any of you vape? If so, what nicotine level are you using? Mine is 18mg and I'm not sure if that's too high. I am currently waiting for my surgery date since I had my 3rd weight check 7 days ago on Friday so I'm waiting for my next appointment to ask my doctor in more depth. If it's okay, I was planning on "vaping" post op as well.