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  1. I'm almost a week out, this is the first time I've been able to actually make a post. I was really nervous before going into surgery to the point I didn't sleep for 48 hours before surgery which had me in a exhausted state. So when they started doing the cocktails to put me under, I went out like a light and didn't wake up for some 8 hours later. Surgery didn't take more then hour and half, it was more be getting out of bed afterwards that came to be the issue. Being I was exhausted my oxygen levels plummeted and they almost put me on a respirator but I did wake up, and gasped for air. After filling my lungs, I knew I had to get up so with help with the nurses *Rather cute ones mind you* I got to my feet and walked to the door and back without issues. I was still extremely fatigued and at the moment felt no pain. I had a sore throat and felt bloated but not much else, I passed out again and been only able to sleep two hours since then. I walked further then anyone else they've seen get this procedure, I was doing laps around the recovery floor and burping the entire time. Yeah GAS is no joke.. that does hurt and the nurse kept wanting me to pass it out the other way.. I was like.. uhh I can't. Also measuring my outgoing fluids as I've going through two IV bags and still haven't let out of fluids and that didn't happen til the night after surgery. I got out late, I stayed over night and almost a second night because they were worried about my bladder but once I started letting go liquids they said I was fine to return home. I decided to stay with my family for a few days, and that's when the pain started to hit. Mainly around the incisions and the built up gas. Took a few days for the gas to subside and getting the liquids down is near impossible. I came home today, able to get half my daily required liquids down without any issues.. starting to work on my protein requirements. 510 three weeks before surgery 490 day of surgery, won't weigh in again til next Tuesday Oct 3
  2. Will do Thank you for your encouraging words
  3. Pre-Op went well, I was honest about everything that happened in the few weeks and the nurse kinda laughed at me .The whole point for the liquid diet is to stay low on carbs to help the liver shrink. What I cheated on had no carbs so I was good and was surprised my Surgeon put me on a liquid diet as long as he did. So that was a huge weight off my chest. They did some blood work, told me to buy some over the counter meds to reduce my acid levels before surgery, and gave me some pre-op soap. Everything is set for Tuesday
  4. Can't really explain how this pre-op diet has effected me... First I started doing Keto for a few months prior to my approval for surgery, now first of three weeks that Keto Flu as I would call it was extreme and no joke. Or it was the introduction of more carbs into my system then what I was use too.. not sure. When your doing just liquids your thinking about food, and really bad luck for me that my Job started to push food across my call floor to help agents stay motivated and happy during our peak season. I was good for the most part, the few times I let my body win I ate Lean Chicken and slowly started to feel my body was not craving solids but something else. Took me into my second week I realized what I was missing and that was some sort of nutrients I get from Vegi's. So I got some V8 and that knocked me back into a straight mind. But I can tell you it's a bit un-nerving when your arguing with your body inside your mind and your body is winning the fight. I'm now 5 days out, liquid diet is coming hard and harder to stay on and I have to start on clear liquids tomorrow. Only thing my mind goes to is eating something solid and I'm ripping through Sugar Free Gum like no other. (three packs in less then a week) Tomorrow is my pre-op Labs as my last set 'Expired' didn't know they could do that. Kinda worried about it, only really thing I'm wondering about is my Sodium levels as all the things I'm drinking are high on sodium.. v8, premier protein, Swanson's reduced sodium and I'm like.. jeebus that's alot of salt. I know I'm ready for this, I know this is a tool to help me get where I want in life and back into a pool to swim like I use too... I'm nervous and anxious about the results of my test, if my liver shrank down enough that it won't break in half (that is some scary stuff... damn youtube videos.) Guess I'm just second guessing myself, kicking myself in the pants for eating chicken and worse is eating Popsicle and no really noticing they weren't sugar free as I thought. (stopped eating them)
  5. Hydrate , Hydrate , Walk, Dehydrate and Hydrate some more. I'm in the same boat, but mine was part of not getting enough liquids in and my with draws from pain meds. But I would put in a call to your surgeon and see what they suggest, the one thing that helped me out alot was V8. I was literally felt like death til I read on a forum to get some V8 and it did wonders for me.
  6. I'm still pre-surgery. I started at 560ish two years ago and got down to 440 on my own before I got injuried that bummed me out. My surgery is actually this coming Tuesday on the 19th, and I'm simply using it as a tool to help me back into the Gym. I was about 510ish two weeks back and Doctor wanted me to loose another 10 before surgery. I weight last week and only lost a pound which made me feel defeated cause I already been on liquids for a week, walking alot more, but turns out it was the withdraw of some pain meds I was putting my body in a state of shock with everything happening at once. I'm down 7ibs, but from personal experience the insurance company is going to dig into your life, see what life changes you've tried, medical history with weightloss and some of the friends I've had go through this had to start their journey at the same time they tried to get approval for the WLS. So you got this, and best luck in your future walk down your weight loss journey!
  7. Can't really speak for personal experience, 1 - Not a woman, 2 - Still not a woman But I do remember my mom when she hit Menopause and she had stomach staples done about the same time you did. Her mood along with her weight went up and down for about two years. But I do know that when anything changes chemically or physically with your body it will retain water in case of a emergency. So I really wouldn't worry about the gain, be a bit more mindful of what your eating and just continue your normal activities if not increase them just a little bit. I went walking more with my mom during that time, I was in High School at the time and her moods were brutal. But I don't blame her, and you shouldn't blame yourself for the gain at all. Be Strong, Be Happy and always remember.. turn that frown upside down
  8. Great Article, thanks for the share.
  9. Yeah he mentioned to stay off stuff like Advil but I can take Tylenol. Mainly to prevent thinning out the stomach lining. Called to get a answer few times about the Tramadol I take for my foot and knee, still haven't gotten a call back from my Advocate. Gonna call them back again. 3 days down, on the forth now. Think today is the worse day for headaches go, gonna down more water before I take some Tylenol and see if I can least get the edge off. 12 more Days til Surgery.
  10. I'll have to try freezing the Protein Shakes, thanks for the suggestion. So I've been doing Keto for a few months already, low carbs limiting myself to 100g carbs a day. Now with the liquids only, I'm finding myself going through a much worse version of the Keto Flu. My brain feels like it's on fire at times, not sure why but it's coming quite annoying. I'm three days in with the full liquids, so far I've been proud of myself and walking to work every day has come to be a gratifying feeling since my injury prevented me from walking 2 miles a day a year ago. So I know I'm not allowed pain killers before surgery, anyone ever get this burning feeling in their head on the Pre-Op Liquid Diet?
  11. You got this, I'm two weeks out to my surgery date. I'm self reflecting alot, questioning if I have the mental capabilities to do this. I know I do, but the questions still linger and I am sure the same is going on for you. Keep positive and find a routine or method that works for you. Music and walking helping me slightly getting through the pre-op diet. Welcome to Thinner times
  12. Thank you all for the warm welcome to our little slice of the internet. I'm finding the liquid diet hard to keep up on top of, and I started a few days before I should of and failed twice. I'm into my second day with only liquids and the headaches are starting to dwindle down. I've been slamming my hunger pangs with Ice cold water between my can of chicken broth or protien shakes. It's a bit easier but I'm finding it hard to sleep, think more then ever my mind is hyperactive about this coming up surgery, doubts and facing the realities of why I ate in the first place. Most of it is boredom, other factors are stresses in my life. Lucky for me I have a great support team here, and in my life. Just need that ever present slapping hand to knock be back to reality when I'm staring at something solid and I wanna eat it lol. Walked to work this morning, first time in almost a year and that felt surprisingly good.
  13. Again thank you all for the warm greetings, I've been starting slow so far. Most of the week I've been doing two meals as liquids (protein shakes) and having a solid meal once during the day. Started it with dinner being my solid meal but found out that the intake of solid food for dinner keeps me up all night. So I've been alternating between lunch and breakfast. Tomorrow is my first full day of pure liquid, I wanted to start on the weekend as I've been reading a few post on here that it takes about three days for one to get use to it. I don't want to be cranky or snappy at work being I lead a team of 23 agents. So starting tomorrow morning! Shakes, Broth and TONS of water... wondering if downing water when I feel hungry will help... being I didn't get the sugarless Popsicles.
  14. Thank you Kio for the warm welcome, cool tracker Signature
  15. So where to start... A little about myself I suppose, I am 6'2 weighing roughly around 510ish and have been on a weight loss journey since July 6th 2015. The day I turned 29 and laid one of my best friends down to rest. I had the Honor of speaking his eulogy and being his Paul Bearer. I've always been over weight and just never really reflected on how much it affected my personality or even my health. Most of the jobs I've had were sit down desk jobs and the last ten years I've been working in Call Center Management. I got the news my friend had passed and was one of those life changing moments you really don't see coming. Out of all my friends, for some reason the group always looked up to me as a leader. Never knew why, I always thought low of myself and just acted out of impulse then anything. The Eulogy was given and I realized my anxiety was something I never faced before til your looking down to hundred or so faces in a church. Heart was racing in my chest and I felt myself going 'Can I do this..' and I took a deep breath and knew I had to do it for my buddy. I spoke for a good twenty minutes of my friend, past, family, and our many youthful adventures where most of the time it got us into trouble. Then it came time to carry the casket to his resting place, I never thought I would have a problem and then half way carrying it to the car my heart felt like it was gonna explode out of my chest. Was July, 103 degree heat and the only thing I could think of is 'Don't fall, you got this.' While the mind was willing my body was like 'Red Alert Captain! I ain't got no more!' (Yes I'm a Trekkie ) I got through it but it was one of the hardest moments in my life, and I vowed to change my life. At the time I was say 565ish maybe a little bit more.. couldn't ever find a scale to read that high unless I went to the Doctor and the last place I want to be on earth when things hit the fan is a Hospital.. The whole Zombie Apoc scenario. So I changed my diet, gave up soda's, fast food, and did my best to just eat healthier. End of August I joined a Gym and took my weight, I was about 550. So my journey started with a bang. I met with my Physical Trainer who I knew I couldn't afford and got some tips and my PT offered to sponsor and train me at a huge discounted rate. I accepted and got the boost I needed. Fast forward til July of 2016, I'm down to 440 and struggling with my diet but still got my body to a point where my back wasn't hurting, I could walk 2 miles in a hour and not feel like I was gonna collapse afterwards. ::Insert First Major Road Block:: One of my other friends offered to buy my my First Tat on my Birthday, and I was like sure why the hell not. On the way to the parlor in Downtown Austin I took a corner and my foot snagged into a crack in the sidewalk and I landed all my weight down hard upon my twisted foot. The injury at first felt like a pain I never felt before but I walked it off with a slight limp. I got my Tat went home and iced up my foot, not thinking anything about it. Went back to the gym and couldn't finish a mile cause my left side as over compensating and caused my foot to feel worse and my knee, hip and lower back were on fire. My trainer told me to take a break to allow my foot to heal. About that time I got promoted at work which put me in a position I was on my feet for 85%-90% of my day for 8 hours a day. I put my career before my health and started downing pain killers like skittles. I got through a few months of this but my body was just not having it, I got depressed and started to stress eat. I slowly rose up to 480 by Christmas and got promoted again which landed me back at a desk. This was the time I needed to prop my foot up and let it heal, and it took a long time for it to heal which I never knew it took so long for a foot injury to heal. I looked into WLS, concerned about my options and my insurance covering it. I started in February of 2017 walking down that road and meeting with a few surgeons til I came across Capital Surgeons Group of Texas. Going into a Doctor's office should be achievement on my part, but I explained my situation and started me down the path. I started to pinch every penny I could, which one thing after another things happened which kinda put a dampener in my progress. Went through all the steps, and finally got approved for my Surgery at the beginning of August of 2017. My surgery is set for 9/19, I am getting the Vertical Sleeve. Starting my liquid diet today on 9/1 and I'm finding it a PITA... So decided to join a support group which I found ThinnerTimes and figured being a writer it was a good place to vent and reach out to communicate with people whom are going through the same trials I am or have gone through them. So for those TLDR people.... Here I am! Thank you for reading and hope to grow within the community as I go through this journey.