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  1. 10 weeks tomorrow!

    Ok, @Kio, we've waited long enough.....post a picture of your cute new 'do already .
  2. I DID IT !!! :)

    GREAT!!! We understand you're being in pain Glad it went well and that you are heading home! Take care and rest well....and we be thankful for your new gift of a healthier life!!! Welcome to the very crowded (with thankful people) LOSERS' BENCH!!!
  3. 10 weeks tomorrow!

    thanks I will get some! and that sounds like a good idea w/ the chicken fajitas!
  4. 10 weeks tomorrow!

    Thanks! I crocked 8 pcs of chicken breast the other day. I made chicken salad (puréed) with one and will use one for this! I'll just use lower fat cream cheese and low fat dressing (tho I'll have to check out the sugar content then.....but you're right, it is only a little bit we are eating so it probably isn't too high no calories)
  5. How it went - post-op day 2

    Wow'. As I supsected, you ARE incredibly strong!!! Amazing recovery, good for you! So glad it went so well!! (Glad he found and fixed your hiatal hernia too!) (I'm sure your sister would have been there smiling over you as you woke, just like the nurse! What a sweet little moment to "see" her!)
  6. Paige’s Surgery Date!


    Yeah, Paige!!! Pretty exciting!!! Merry Christmas to you .
  7. 10 weeks tomorrow!

    Lynn, I love buffalo dip but I'm afraid my recipe is pretty fatty....how do you make yours?
  8. 10 weeks tomorrow!

    Closing in on 100 already?!?!? You'd better come back for a victory lap next week or whenever you hit that!!! Sounds like you're doing great. Have you tried tilapia? Of all the seafood, that seems to me like the less fishy and less heavy so that might help when you're ready to try again. I'm not sure I'm ready for more yet either. Though I did purée chicken breast, added olive oil mayo, milk and sweet pickle and it is finely puréed (not just chopped) and it was delicious and went down fine, but I could "feel it" in my chest for a while and I don't like that feeling. So today I protein end shaked the am, chicken salad for lunch and back to protein shake for dinner. Until I'm more comfortable with the puréed stuff, I'm not going whole hog with it. im like you with exercise....I never want to start but once I do, I'm good to go. What I used to tell my members when I worked at a health club is....commit to yourself to go for just ten minutes. If after ten minutes you want to go home, go ahead (so maybe you can say you'll go around one block or down to the corner and if you want to be done, you'll go back home).....here's the beauty of it, 95% of the time, you'll keep going bc your endorphins will kick in and you'll want to go more....and if worse comes to worse, you go home! Try it ....it might work for you and help you get over the initial push to get out knowing it's only ten minutes that you have to do. Anyway, good report. It's a process, clearly. I'm finding that myself. But I'm sure it'll be worth it. Your success along can fuel you to continue. I haven't lost anything all week, so I'm less motivated. (But I know I will in time).
  9. Jen, I so needed to hear that today. I'm on week 2 and I can't seem to get active yet. I went to the grocery store today (w/ my husband) and I dragged myself around. In fact he had the cart and I took it right away bc I needed to have some support for how weak I was feeling. I leaned on the cart like I was 70 the whole 45 mins of being in there. I just feel drained most of the time. Land that makes me feel like a wimp, and I want to suck it up and barrel ahead but my body is limiting me. My NP from the surgeon's office just called me to see how I was doing with the nausea and vision and outings. She reminded me that I'm not 20 and I just had major surgery two weeks ago(thank you very much ). I think I keep thinking back to 20 yrs ago when I had laparoscopic cholecystectomy (GB out) 3 days before Christmas (by my choosing) and I bounced back immediately and went back to work right after New Years. A teacher I work with (who is 27) had this last year and "took off 3 weeks but really could've only done 2 weeks as I was fine and just bored at home". So I think my expectations are generally too high for this old 51 yr old grand mom....and I need to be ok with leaning on the shopping cart two weeks after I had my stomach removed!!!! I really look up to you and to see you were dragging at two weeks makes me feel not so different than everyone else that bounced back so quickly!
  10. Cardamom!!! Welcome home, and welcome to the bench!!! Glad it went so well. How are you feeling today?
  11. Well said, Steph! I am sure I'll be feeling that way next year too.....this year, I'm still on puréed so it is definitely not about food for me!! Haha! i do love your line and will make it my new mantra...."I only get so many bites in a meal, so I don't want to waste them on stuff I don't love!"
  12. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Hey!!! There's that deviled egg I've been craving!! LOL (sadly, no salad though!). I'm planning on having a tiny bit of turkey and gravy but really nothing else. We are having (for our dinner for three) turkey, gravy, stovetop stuffing (not a fan), instant potatoes (definitely not a fan but dh likes them better than real potatoes and since I'm not eating them that's what he's making), cranberries (the canned gel kind)...which I could tolerate but it's really just sugar so I'll pass, grand biscuits (which I do like and we only have a few times a year, but I'll survive with out them) and that's it.....so turkey and gravy is it and I'll be fine. Next year I'll have more.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Yes, happy thanksgiving to all! Thank you all for being here to answer my many questions, fears and anxieties! I'm very thankful for you all!!! And this year, especially, I am thankful for my health and for my surgery going well and for my new life ahead!!! Tomorrow is going to be different for us, but we are struggling to make it fun. We are having a family breakfast with the three teens that live at home, then going to the movies together. Then the 16 and 18 yr olds will go to the BF/GF's family dinner and we will have a dinner with just the 14 yr old and DH and myself. The 14 yr old is autistic and will eat his regular peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich and I got a turkey breast for my hubby and I (I will have a tiny bit and he will have a small amount and we will have leftovers for a week!!! LOL) Friday we will go for our family tradition to my Inlaws to help get rid of their leftovers! Usually all five of our kids go...but this year our daughter (so far) is chosing not to go because she is still upset with me I'm sad about that, but know she will come around eventually. i just finished up the aprons I made for my grandkids and will deliver them tonight since we won't see any of them on TG. I haven't seen my daughter in 3 wks since she got upset about my surgery, but I'm dropping off stuff for the grandkids anyway and hoping she'll be fine with it. The one set of grandkids are my daughters and she has the three, 2 girls and a boy, which I represented with the Indian/pilgrim ones (painted only their "character") and the other one (turkey) is for our son's daughter. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, TT FRIENDS!! May tomorrow be about the COMPANY and not the FOOD!! (Though, do enjoy some food....unless you're one of the November Newbies that can't have any/much )
  14. Well, today is @Lynn74 's turn.....praying your surgery goes well and that your healing is quick and easy! WELCOME TO THE FILLING-UP-FAST LOSER's BENCH, Lynn! Check in when you can....well, that and walk and sip, and walk and sip.....
  15. Surgery moved up!

    Oh and I brought my ipad so I could check in with you all!!! Other than that, I didn't have time (either sleeping or drinking or walking etc) to do anything else. I didn't pack any books or anything....and I wouldn't have had time anyway. I washed up each day but didn't get my shower until I got home.