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  1. @xmandy when can you set up your surgery date?
  2. I hope it turns out to be nothing, but so glad you had it checked out. Keep resting and hydrating....and keep us posted.
  3. Agreed! I do like the commraderie here and the fact it isn't an angry bunch of ppl trying to "cheat the system" as it were on our new lifestyles. Trust me, I have been on WW (and others) and learned ways to cheat around things (I think my biggest downfall was that WW changed white rice/pasta to be the same points as brown, so I tossed the brown and went to town...not a great idea since it wasn't as nutritious and filling and turned into sugar quickly). I haven't even had the surgery yet, but my Spidey senses were tingling when the topic was spaghettios! That never sounds like a good nutritional choice...easy to chew/digest, but I don't want to just eat things easy to eat when I get to that point, I want things that will help me succeed! (I don't even feed my kids or grandkids spaghettios....low nutrition and high sodium!) But seriously I do appreciate that you are all so welcoming and not nasty!!! I know I have found my WLS "home"!
  4. Sounds like a good plan! I think stage 4 seems a little intimidating to me too...though for those on here that are there they seem to have it down and do real well, so I am guessing when you get there and practice a bit, you'll be a pro before you know it.
  5. funny thing....I bought them 2 wks ago when I read it on here....so I will be prepared when the time comes. I read it was good for nausea too, but glad to hear this use also. I think I'll be glad I have them! glad you remembered them and they worked!
  6. good for you....I have a love/hate with tracking! I love figures and numbers and stuff but i hate thinking "I have to write this down before I eat it"....but you're right, with so few menu items, it wouldn't be as hard. rest while you can (especially if you feel you need it) because next week you're back in work, right?
  7. it just sounds so gross....doesn't it? It will get better when it cools down outside, and I keep it mostly at bay by washing, drying, medicated powder, etc but it is always just a step away from getting red and sore. I am afraid it will get worse after my surgery bc I will have more skin to fold over and irritate but it is already annoying now so this isn't better (being heavy and having it break down as opposed to being a healthier weight and having it break down!)
  8. you need to consult with your dr as to why you had the stroke on the table. My mom had one when she had surgery and it was actually because she took that popular weight control OTC med they had 15 yrs ago or so and it had a stimulant in it and she took it in the AM since her surgery wasn't until 1 pm and she was NPO (nothing by mouth) from the night before and didn't want to be "hungry"....and she didn't mention it when they asked what meds she took bc it was OTC so she didn't consider it a drug! So, that was the reason she had her stroke. There has got to be a reason you had yours (not the same as hers of course) but if they can tell you why you can avoid that in any future surgery ....and they can list you as at risk and maybe give you blood thinners first or whatever you need. So, before you write it off, talk to your surgeon and see what happened. I hope your recovery goes well both from the stroke and from the surgery!
  9. 8 days seems too soon to decide you've made a bad decision and ruined your life. I can't speak from experience because I haven't had my surgery yet, BUT read the posts on here and see what others went through...it isn't easy immediately but gets better. Your best bet is to follow directions and also to get support...here is a good place as well as joining support groups near you etc. You're more apt to be successful if you put your all into it! Good luck!
  10. @CheeseheadI, for one, can't wait to stop being the same size forever!!! (and I know I am not the only one!)
  11. So glad to hear from you, I was wondering when we'd get an update! I am sure it will be worth it in the end and seeing the scale starting to go down is a nice bonus already! do you have a scale at home? (I'd be so tempted). I just might get rid of mine at first so I don't stress over it and wait till my dr checks to see the weight...but then again, I've always been driven by the scale and that might drive me nuts not to see it. Keep us posted and I hope you do well on your own this week keeping the water/protein to the correct amount. When do you go back to work?
  12. @PapaG, did your insurance cover it (or any of it) or was it all out of pocket? just curious. I would think it would be like most things in live worth having...painful but worth it! Good luck in healing and here's to the new you!!!! what would it be, Paul 2.0? No, I guess that was the surgery, so maybe Paul 2.1!
  13. Amazing! Bet you feel DOUBLE good about it tho!
  14. I guess it beats them thinking "are you going to take ANOTHER bite??? you've had 3 helpings already! Geesh, you are going to explode from overeating!" I have never had anyone concerned about me being too thin so it might be nice (tho I can see how it would wear on you when you're being "watched" constantly). I did have my counselor ask me once "are you trying to lose weight?" simply because it was obvious (finally) that I had lost weight (one of my many temporary diets/weight losses) and I think he felt legally responsible to make sure I wasn't dropping weight because I was so depressed that I couldn't eat...then again, I should go see him now and he'd have to say "are you trying to gain weight?" Haha!
  15. I think the amount of caffeine in a water pill is too small to matter. I had no idea you would have restriction on both of those...is that just at the beginning or forever? I rarely ever drink without a straw! I hope mine doesn't say that....what is the reasoning, do you know?