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  1. Starting month 4...

    Hey, Kio, guess what I just ate??? Tuna! I made it w/ celery and olive oil mayo and lemon pepper. It was delicious and went down so I was fearing it for nothing! I bought some new peach tea bags tonight (w/ tea AND peaches this time) and am brewing a pot for tomorrow.
  2. Tomorrow I go back to work....

    Well, I actually did drink my protein shakes in my yetti type of cup so they couldn't tell what i was drinking and really no one asked me "where is your lunch, aren't you eating?" So most likely they won't now either. I usually over think things including this. I am probably flattering myself thinking anyone cares what I am eating!!! HAHA! Thanks for the encouragement!
  3. What’s the issue with drinking while eating?

    There was a great video someone posted on here and being a visual learner, it made me SURE not to drink after a meal!!! I wish I could give credit but I forget who posted it, but watch this it made it REAL for me! Click this link: don't drink after a meal!

    Paige, good luck w/ the surgery tomorrow. It'll be over and you'll be home to your son and dogs before you know it! You'll be uncomfortable at first, but it will pass and your weight loss will make you feel a whole lot better!
  5. Best tasting thing since surgery

    That is great @Aussie H that you didn't have to pay....I guess at times the public health system does work And really, i have eaten fried foods plenty before (our NYE night is our one night a year we fry everything -- super healthy, right? that is why we only do it that night, but we fry chicken, french fries or some form of potatoes, shrimp, other seafood etc) BUT somehow seeing that greasy almost see through white paper is so gross....I am glad to have a new healthier life minus the grease!!!
  6. Lapband to sleeve my new story

    wow, they won't touch it w/ a 10ft pole around here! My dr said the ones they did are not having success and are getting them out. I am glad they found a better solution! @cinwa, that is interesting to know.....I don't know of anyone that had it that still has it or kept weight off.
  7. Calling all November Newbies.....

    @Lauraw96, I hear you about sleeping on your side!!! I am a side sleeper and was so glad when I could do that! Sorry that you're having nausea and stomach pains. Have you tried the Papaya Extracts? It is over the counter (where the vitamins are sold) and they are only about $5 and they really helped me when the food wasn't agreeing. i can't take credit for it though, it was recommended on here and I picked them up even before my surgery! Do you like lasagna? I also got a tip from here about a ricotta bake which tastes exactly like lasagna w/o the noodles and i could easily tolerate it and it was so tasty and so NOT another protein shake!!! haha! The weight loss is phenomenal, but hopefully you will quickly adjust to the foods. (what did your dr/NUT say about the food and nausea?)
  8. I probably took off longer than anyone here....and though my first few weeks were a blur I tried to make every moment of the last few days.....tho, sadly they flew by I am not ready to go back....just baby fears I will I get enough fluid in? how will I respond if anyone in the teacher's lounge asks why I am eating so little? what will I say when they say "where were you?" or "what kind of surgery did you have?" Funny thing is I am down 30#....enough to notice if you are paying attention, but not enough to hit you over the head w/ the thought "oh my goodness, she's dying of cancer!" I don't want to look shocking. In fact, I am wearing my regular pants (that aren't as tight but not baggy) and a shirt (that I haven't worn in a while bc it was too tight) and a long sweater over it (my M.O. is HIDE!!!) and i want to stick with that while I am becoming comfortable being back. Odd, isn't it? I am not ready to be the center of attention (might never be) but certainly right now I don't want them thinking "oh I THOUGHT that was the surgery she was having". I don't know why I can't own up to it, but I just can't...not yet. I think it stems back to not wanting to tell anyone I was on a diet bc eventually you fall off the wagon and gain it back and you are embarrassed and which no one knew in the first place. I am hoping to break out of all of that through this process but right now I am no where near that! So, anyway, for all of you that are thinking "seriously, you took off 5 weeks and are complaining about going back?!?!"....just to rub it in, i only go back for 2 wks then I have 10 days off for Christmas break!
  9. Lapband to sleeve my new story

    Nicole, i am so glad you are happy with your new sleeve. That vomitting so much every day must've been so annoying and upsetting! I considered the lap band and then decided to lose the weight on my own.....years went by, and i yoyoed up and down and then finally went for the WLS and was surprised to hear they didn't do the band anymore....boy am I glad I didn't have it done when I looked into it! here's to a new you!!! ps stick around here, having a support system like this, I believe, really ups your chances of long term success!
  10. No exercise for me for a while :(

    ouch! but at least it DID happen 10 ft from the end of the trail, or you might have hurt it more hobbling on it to get to the end (or beginning depending on where you'd have fallen)! I like that you already addressed that you don't need pity snacks!!! Good for you!
  11. Best tasting thing since surgery

    I go back to work tomorrow so that will be a whole new ball game then!
  12. Best tasting thing since surgery

    yeah, I did read that Trish, and you're right..."they can't tell you what you'll be!" you will be what YOU will be and your trajectory thus far shows you will be down a lot more than 184! Maintenance will be scary but for right now, I am trying to figure out the living on the new lifestyle for now!
  13. Calling all November Newbies.....

    Actually that's nice that it helped your nose. Doubt it will help mine though, it's more long and pointy than wide it's exactly like my grandfather and aunt's noses... And it's not lovely by any stretch. One of my students was looking up at me one day, really staring at my face.... Then he excitedly blurted out "you have a nose just like a witch!"... Only he's 7, so that made it an honest attempt at flattery. To a seven year old, nothing would be cooler than a real live witches nose!!! He was so impressed (and probably secretly wondering if I was A REAL witch!!!)
  14. Starting month 4...

    @Kio great update....and great advice for our NN group! I am sorry some foods are causing issues. I haven't been super brave in venturing out. I am not afraid maybe as much as I am lazy! ha! My dh fried homemade chicken fingers for the family tonight while I was out (we don't do that often) but it smelled super good. I came home just as they were sitting down and they invited me to have some if I wanted (I was at a party from my old gym I worked at for 10 yrs and he assumed I had eaten). I hadn't eaten but I wasn't at all interested in the chicken though it smelled delicious it just wasn't interesting to me. (which was fine as it was fried). i reached in the fridge for my pureed black beans, taco seasoning, cheese, salsa topped with plain greek yogurt! But now that you reminded me of shrimp, I want that!!!! I haven't come across anything yet that I can't tolerate is the peach tea that I drank for months before surgery....I couldn't find it around here any more that i bought a bunch on ebay. It wasn't tea, but it was tea bag pyramids that was filled w/ dried peaches and flavors. It was delicious, no caffeine, no sugar (I used stevia). I would drink almost a gallon every day. I tried it after surgery and didn't like it and waited til today to try it again so I brewed up a new batch and it still had a funky taste. I can live w/o it but I don't drink nearly as much bc I can't really find something to drink that I like. At least it is only a drink that bothers me, not my meals. I am sure you will figure out how to work around it but it has to be annoying for you right now (tho I am glad you find other reasons to be happy!) And oddly enough, I have bought tuna but I don't want to try it bc I think of you each time...hahaha! Also I got the chips as a sample but I haven't eaten them yet bc I think of how when you had them they were awful....I might decide to try them afterall! That is so nice that ppl are noticing and complimenting you on your changes! How exciting is that? Love your NSVs! Great about the deck! Yahoo!!!! Great "SV" (Scale Victory)! Amazing! YOU ROCK!!!
  15. Best tasting thing since surgery

    wow, @Aussie H,that explains why your "neighbors" had really big people on the program I watched. One of them was too big so they had to lose a certain amount of weight before they could even get on the waiting list. I feel pretty blessed with my health insurance. I had to pay $20 to see my surgeon the first time and the specialist I had to see ($100 total) but paid nothing for the surgery/4 days in the hospital or any followup basically I got my whole surgery, pre and post for $100!!! And it only took me 5 months (which was held up by my stupid cpap fiasco but other than that, it was so simple!) BTW the food was so gross.....They had their fried foods put on big white sheets of paper (similar to butcher paper I guess) and everytime it was piled up and the paper was all greasy under made me not want fried foods ever!!!!