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  1. What about the stomach getting bigger after sleeve surgery - does the surgery effectively only last until that happens?
  2. Thank you for the kind and encouraging words I'm writing a list of reasons to go for it
  3. Thank you everyone who replied to my post. I've been doing some soul searching. I think much of my weight is from alcohol rather than over eating - or over eating following drinking alcohol. So I'm not sure how to progress now. I have my consultation appointment next week. So I'm undecided at the moment .... So feeling a bit confused. And also some self berating because I should have more self control:-/
  4. I can't continue as I am. When I say I'm young I'm in my 30's. I didn't drink at all until I was late 20's. I was in a relationship with someone with a band so I understand the day to day impact. I feel I am ready but I'm also scared - also- a sleeve would be much more expensive and I'm self funding x
  5. I don't have diabetes x
  6. Thank you so much for your reply. I am 5'6" and 235lbs. Does that change your advice?
  7. Hi I am a professional woman- I have a full on career which is very stressful. I come hone and drink 2-3 glasses of wine each night. I am seriously considering band surgery and have made a consultation appointment. My questions are- Can anyone else identify with my situation and advise me? Is my liver likely to be affected to such an extent that my surgery would be aborted (I am young and have no signs of liver function decline) I very much feel at a crossroad in my life and know my health will suffer if I continue as I am. I am hoping that surgery and the associated diet will bring about a side effect of also controlling my alcohol intake. I know part of why I drink is to forget my self loathing about my weight... hope to hear from you and please be gentle in your responses x