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  1. Yes I think I'll keep it quiet. I agree it seems like a cop out to the outsider. Does anyone know what the blood tests prior to surgery are for?
  2. Ok I'll try. Just getting prices them going to book it mid October
  3. Mmm thanks all. I will need to give more thought to this. The alternative is that i essentially lie about why I'm having time off and how i came to lose weight. I admire the people who create you tube blogs on the subject (I most definitely won't be creating one of those) and i note they all comment about the support they have received through doing so. Maybe I shouldn't feel ashamed and be proud of my brave and life changing decision
  4. The thing is that I work in a really small team. They will notice my change in eating habits. I am thinking of telling them. I also think I will need their support- although I think I'll come up against jealously if I lose weight. I'm not on social media so I won't be going mega public. The perception is that surgery is the easy answer when it is clearly the opposite
  5. Wow thank you so much for this reply it has really helped my anxiety about this subject. I have pretty much settled on a decision to have the sleeve procedure - I'm working out the practicalities of it in terms of taking time off work- the surgeon recommended I take two weeks off - what do you think? My role is not manual - I think once I can drive I can go back to work. I've also been thinking about who to tell. Anyone have any thoughts about this? Thank you everyone for the supportive and kind replies x
  6. I think I'll be in the sleeve club by the end of October. I just need to work out my annual leave to have two weeks off
  7. Hi! The practice manager guy spoke to me first and was very pro band. Then i saw the consultant who pretty much advised me to go for the sleeve due to my busy lifestyle. I'm feeling very relieved and much more positive. The advice you all gave was right and it's helped me consolidate my plan. Thank you everyone and I look forward to continuing my journey with you
  8. Got my consultation today. Feel very emotional and been grumpy with my husband who isn't coming with me....
  9. What about the stomach getting bigger after sleeve surgery - does the surgery effectively only last until that happens?
  10. Thank you for the kind and encouraging words I'm writing a list of reasons to go for it
  11. Thank you everyone who replied to my post. I've been doing some soul searching. I think much of my weight is from alcohol rather than over eating - or over eating following drinking alcohol. So I'm not sure how to progress now. I have my consultation appointment next week. So I'm undecided at the moment .... So feeling a bit confused. And also some self berating because I should have more self control:-/
  12. I can't continue as I am. When I say I'm young I'm in my 30's. I didn't drink at all until I was late 20's. I was in a relationship with someone with a band so I understand the day to day impact. I feel I am ready but I'm also scared - also- a sleeve would be much more expensive and I'm self funding x
  13. I don't have diabetes x
  14. Thank you so much for your reply. I am 5'6" and 235lbs. Does that change your advice?