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  1. I'm a Nursing Assistant and am in the process of getting my Associates in Health Information Technology.
  2. Yay!!! Great news that you are back home!!!
  3. I have to admit....I'm jealous of all of you guys/gals on the loser's bench. I'm in month 2 of my 6 month medically supervised diet, or whatever. I LONG for the day I'm post op. I try and tell myself that I've waited this long, what's another 5 months? It's a long freekin' time is what it is!!! I don't know any of you, but I'm HAPPY for you and all of your successes and your bravery and your advice/tips/suggestions. I feel like I'm the freshman nerd, just starting my high school career, longing to sit at the lunch table with all the cool seniors!!! This is crazy!!! I've never been the one who sits patiently by, waiting for....anything!! Probably why I give up shortly after I start the diet fad of the week. I know it's a process. I know I must 'do what I'm told' by the insurance get to where you guys are. I love reading your posts...and I swear to you, I am GENUINELY happy for each and every one of you. I've learned more in the couple of weeks since I found this site, then in the months I spent researching WLS all across the interwebs lol. You guys are are inspiring with all your trials and tribulations. I will do this 6 month requirement (this stage in the process is equivalent of having to take a course in Obscure English Literature from 1782 to get a degree in Nursing lol....WASTE OF TIME.....imo) because dem's da rulez. I'm actually learning, just one month in, that I have a LOT of habits to start (i.e., smaller bites, chew chew chew, eat slowly, etc.) so it's probably a good thing I have 4 more months to learn some good behavior in preparation for this life changing event I pray will happen at the beginning of 2018. I'm so ready!! So thanks...from the rookie on the sidelines....second string bench...waiting for a chance to be in the game!! Have I said how glad I am to have found TTF and all y'all?!!
  4. you look fantastic and yes, you are an inspiration!! Cheers to you!!
  5. sending some prayers up for you. Please know that you're in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. Welcome!! I, too, have just started 6mo med supervision. What's working for me right now is tracking my calories in myfitnesspal app. I've lost 3lbs since July 31. All my doc wanted me to do this first month was to get used to tracking what I eat. That keeps me in check lol....that and the fact of how badly I want this surgery. Good luck to you in your new journey!!
  7. Thoughts and prayers are with ya!! I'm excited for you!!
  8. The original post is so spot on. I was going to have WLS in my 20s and told a million people and was talked out of it. This time....I've told 3 people in my life. My husband, my oldest son, and my best friend. She was not supportive at all. I realized that when we are in relationships with people, we all have a role.....I am 'the fat one'. I'm changing that. My new role will be 'the healthy one' or 'the brave one who took her life back'. My husband is behind me 100% and, honestly, besides my own thoughts on this, his opinion is the one that matters to me the most. So I'm I don't have diabetes....yet. I do have hypertension and triglycerides are ridiculously high. I work in a hospital...I see what diabetes and morbid obesity does to people. That will not be me!! Does part of me want this surgery to look good, sure! But it's a small part...I don't want to die from being fat and all that comes with it. Kudos to ALL of you guys/gals who were so brave to go on this journey. You have given me comfort in knowing that others had fears/doubts but forged ahead. I'm glad (kinda) that I didn't have the WLS in my 20s...I wasn't ready....but I am now!! Fast forward through these 6 months and to a healthier life!!!!
  9. Your blog hit so close to home for me. Keep on keepin' on! You've come a long way already!! look spectacular!!
  10. My 'rude' story also involves a pregnancy. I was 40, weighed 312 and had a surprise pregnancy. We had just moved to a new state and the only ob in our town was a female (which I generally do not prefer) and my first visit she flat out said "I will be very surprised if you carry this baby to term because you are so fat. I'm not sure if we're going to be able to see the baby on the ultrasound because of how big your stomach already is". I wanted to cry. That was the first and last time I saw her. I wound up driving 45 minutes to another OB, told him the story of her and he was shocked and reassured me that there would be no reason why I couldn't carry to full term. He even told me he didn't want me to lose weight during the pregnancy. However, the female doc's words stuck in my head the whole pregnancy and I basically ate like a bird. i gained zero pounds that pregnancy AND every ultrasound I had you could see the baby. This topic is bringing up some anger. The way people treat overweight people disgusts me. I'm a nursing assistant at a hospital and one night, while working in the ICU, we had an intubated patient on a ventilator under sedation. She was extremely overweight. It took 5 of us to help turn her and bathe her. The nurses..these medical PROFESSIONALS....(all super skinny and young) were saying the most awful things "how in the hell do you get this fat" "this is so disgusting" "she needs to get her isht together when she gets outta here" I could not hold back my tears and shock at what they were saying. I wound up reporting them to my boss but the damage was already done. I wish I was brave enough to say something at that moment to those nurses directly. I wanted to say 'do you think that people WANT to be this big?" Now, when I work with these RNs, I can't keep the contempt off my face....and I'm sure they say stuff about me (259 lbs) but I don't care.
  11. Oh wow!! So much change after only 3 weeks!! You look great!
  12. I should have also mentioned that in all the research I've done, last night was the first time I've ever run across I'll take that as another sign. Thank you for your kindness! I've read other topics and can tell how supportive you all are of each other. I need this!!!
  13. I'm 45...tired of being overweight and run down. I've been researching/contemplating surgery since my 20s. I'm serious about it now. This all started with a new job and new insurance. Sign #1 - I happened to read that my husband's new insurance covered bariatric surgery so I called to verify and sure enough, providing the BMI was high enough (oh boy, is it!!) and the whole 6 month medically supervised yada yada. They gave me the name of 2 surgeons that are covered under the plan....both of which I had already been researching, I chose the one who had the better reviews. They told me that 100% would be covered AFTER paying the $2500 deductible....instant cringe b/c my husband's one stipulation for going through with this is that it wasn't going to cost us a lot of money Sign #2 - I didn't tell the Hubs until the next day about the insurance convo.....he then proceeds to tell me that part of the contract with his employer is they pay all deductibles. Back the truck up!!! What did he just say?! He said it again.....the employer picks up the tab for the deductible. Hubs is happy, I am in shock (even now) Sign #3 - Now to prepare my big speech for my PCP as to why I must have this see, I had overheard him talking to an overweight patient about her desire to have WLS and he told her that he wasn't really a fan of it (in so many words) so I knew I had my work cut out for me. I rehearsed in my head what I was going to say to him and how I was going to say it. Fast forward to appt day, I'm anxiously waiting and rehearsing and he walks, asks me how I'm doing and I just blurt out "I want you to approve me for WLS, I need to start this 6 month medically supervised diet right away" as I paused to take a breath, he said "okay" Um what? Okay?! He's totally onboard....just like that. He did say that he's going to set goals for me each month and if it turns out that I think I can do this on my own w/o the surgery, all the better. Umm....if I could do this on my own, I wouldn't still be fat....but okay doc, whatever you say. I know I could have just typed "i had 3 signs telling me to get this surgery" but typing it all out like this is quite cathartic. All of these obstacles (or 'excuses' as I should call them) have been removed from my path. I keep wanting to pinch myself....this is REAL! I have no more excuses really. But I will tell ya...I am scared you-know-whatless...I had my gallbladder removed in 2013 in what should have been easy laproscopic procedure....nope....surgeon severed my liver bile duct....had to be taken via ambulance 50 miles away to a liver surgeon to have it repaired, spent 8 days in the hospital...worst freekin' experience (as it so happens, the anniversary of that debacle is tomorrow!) so you can expect that I'm a little (lot) gun-shy with this VSG procedure. But I feel like all these 'signs' are the universe's way of letting me know that it'll be okay. I WANT this surgery....I NEED this surgery. I don't want to be morbidly obese any more. I'm 5'7 and weigh 259.9. I didn't think I was 'morbidly' obese but the BMI calculator says I am. I'm all nothing but belly...the worst kind of fat storage area you can have. I'm done. I'm over it. I'm ready to LOSE it!!! I know it's not gonna be easy....not as easy as it was to put on. I don't want medical problems as I age. I still have two littles at home (8yo and a 5yo) and new grandbaby on the way...I wanna be IN their lives, not on the sidelines watching from my sofa b/c my knees and ankles hurt or b/c I'm so out of breath. I'm ready....ready to lose it. Thank you for taking the time out to read this insane rant lol. Nice to meet y'all!