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  1. BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I'm going to use it. I might reduce it to a single word: "Wow, how did you lose so much weight?" ".......... Meth."
  2. My mom is retiring on the 17th, and she's going to be the one to come stay with me during and after surgery - I don't have any family where I live. So I told her I wouldn't schedule until she's able to get here! I'm crossing my fingers for the 20th or 21st of November (I think my surgeon operates on Mondays and/or Tuesdays.) That's still only 4.5 weeks!
  3. Re: pizza, I have made little individual pizzas with lots of veggie toppings using the Golden Home protein thin crusts - 16g of protein and 9g of carbs. With a side salad and plenty of stuff on top, just the right size for one (pre-op, naturally). Could easily be halved or quartered post-op, I'm thinking. If my sleeve can handle it, of course.
  4. Hey @CJireh - I got verbal notification of approval on the phone on Monday, but haven't heard whether the official notification has reached my surgeon's office. I might reach out to them to check in before the week is over. You're right, I do think having an actual date and therefore an end in sight would make these last weeks more tolerable. You're only just over two weeks out now! Eep! So exciting!
  5. **deep breath out** Thanks to everyone for responding. It means a lot to me. I think I would make a mess of this post if I tried to call each of you out individually for thanks, but I really appreciate everyone taking the time to respond. You know, I think I almost immediately felt better just from typing the post up and putting it out into the world, and all of your support is the icing on the proverbial cake, for lack of a better phrase. Ha. I find myself at the end of the day today under my calorie goal and feeling pretty good about life after all. I watched some funny TV (on the DVR, so I could fast forward through food commercials), cuddled my cat, and am having a nice warm mug of tea as I type. You're right, I CAN do this! Interesting point about the carbs... I think mine have been a bit higher than my normal earlier this week, just based on the meals I planned. I got 1800 calories today with 155 grams of carbohydrates, and feel better tonight for it, but my carbs were higher yesterday. Need to look more closely at where I've been charting, but that could totally be contributing to that burning desire to stuff my face this week. (I do always stay under my 45% goal for carbs.) And good to know that the *really* low carb pre-op diet will keep the cravings down, too.
  6. So in the three months since I first saw the program coordinator and started this journey, I've lost 30-some pounds. Which, yay! Except... now I'm at the part of the reduced-calorie-diet experience (the one I've had over and over and over again) where my brain starts thinking I really need to be eating more food. My dad calls that voice in your brain the lawyer for the food, and my lawyer is DAMN good at her job. So far I've avoided major catastrophes, but the only thing keeping me from fast food drive-thru and/or ordering myself an entire pizza is sheer. force. of. will. And it is starting to wear me down. I'm not expecting post-op or maintenance to be a walk in the park, I know there will still be a lot of hard choices to make, but I could really use some reassurance that it will get *a little bit* easier. That I'll still have to make good choices every day, but I won't feel so beat down about it, maybe? Maybe the advice will be 'suck it up, buttercup, it will always be like that.' That's okay, too. If that's the truth, I probably need to hear it. In other news, my pre-op diet is not liquids only, I get to eat food! But it's also 2 weeks long and 1000 calories max. Sheer force of will, right?
  7. Wow! 24 hours for insurance approval is so fast! Lucky! I was warned that my insurance takes the longest to approve - typically 4-6 weeks. I called yesterday at the 4-week mark and got verbal confirmation of approval. They schedule only about 2-3 weeks out, and I have to wait until after the 17th of November, so I'm not in a big hurry to get my call. But I'll be jumping for joy when I do! So exciting!
  8. Congrats! I got my insurance approval yesterday, so I'm hoping to be just a couple weeks behind you!
  9. Holy cow can I relate to this! I had a stressful day - I deserve a treat. I had a great day! I deserve a treat. It's the weekend, I deserve a treat. It's Monday, I deserve a treat. I mean, yay for us that we want to be nice to ourselves? Ha. But let's do it with something other than food. I'm glad you got rid of those oat balls! Good riddance.
  10. What a fun topic. I work in alumni relations and development (i.e. fundraising) for a large private university - my team oversees ECM and BPM projects/solutions for the department.
  11. I've considered being intentionally ridiculous when people I don't want to confide in ask me. Something like "Thanks! I'm on the marshmallow fluff diet" or quoting The Devil Wears Prada and saying "I'm on this new diet. Well, I don't eat anything and when I feel like I'm about to faint I eat a cube of cheese." I think that gets the point across that it's not their business while not really lying, either. Because presumably people will see the humor for what it is... let's hope.
  12. I feel you, @AustinJ - I don't even have a surgery date yet and I've had to talk myself out of planning to eat a huge "last meal" a couple times already. But the others are right, that kind of thinking is an example of the how we all got into trouble in the first place. I may end up having a reasonably celebratory meal out - not gorging myself on pizza and ice cream, but instead going to my favorite Japanese restaurant for a set meal with some of my favorites. It's not that I won't ever be able to have them again, but it will probably be a while. Since I guarantee you that I didn't get fat in the first place off of agedashi tofu, tempura, and goma-ae, I think it's safe to enjoy them before I have to stay clear for a few months. We'll see. I'm working through a lot of feelings about "food as fuel" vs. "food as enjoyment" and finding out where it's okay to draw the line on the latter.
  13. Ha, ouch!! So no self pay. Got it. I wonder what you did or said differently - I was 230 pounds at age 14, so most definitely in the "fat for years" category, and from the very beginning at the seminar, the classes were presented as non-optional. Nor do I have any timeline requirement from my insurance, just a request that the program state I've been prepared for surgery. You must have the magic touch! Oh well, a few nutrition classes won't hurt me. The materials will be nice to get, at least. I'll try not to roll my eyes too hard at the dumb questions lest they get stuck that way.
  14. That's interesting. Were you self-pay? I'm just wondering if the nutrition classes are part of the program's proof of preparing you for surgery to provide to the insurance companies. I certainly wasn't given an option - and to be sure, I don't really need the classes, either.
  15. Thanks, @gtalan! My appointments went great. I really like Rebecca, my RD, and I had a nice appointment with Dr. Stickler for my psych consult. I've done all the necessary steps to get my surgical consult, and Kaitlin says she put me on the call list to get my appointment scheduled! So exciting. It's going faster than I expected - I went to the seminar on 7/13, met with Kaitlin on 7/24. I was pretty diligent about trying to get an earlier RD appointment, though. (My original was for 9/25 - I'm well over a month ahead of schedule because I kept calling to get in.) Can I complain about Nutrition 1 for a second? Ha. Maybe it's because I've done so much research, and read so much in this forum, but I found that the others in the class were dragging down the discussion. We spent 20 minutes with a couple folks going back and forth with Ashley about beverages. What do you mean, I can't have soda? What about juice? Not even if it's diluted? Blah blah blah. Grrrr. 1 year out and look at how far down you are! Congratulations! I can't wait to be where you are.