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  1. Thanks, @gtalan! My appointments went great. I really like Rebecca, my RD, and I had a nice appointment with Dr. Stickler for my psych consult. I've done all the necessary steps to get my surgical consult, and Kaitlin says she put me on the call list to get my appointment scheduled! So exciting. It's going faster than I expected - I went to the seminar on 7/13, met with Kaitlin on 7/24. I was pretty diligent about trying to get an earlier RD appointment, though. (My original was for 9/25 - I'm well over a month ahead of schedule because I kept calling to get in.) Can I complain about Nutrition 1 for a second? Ha. Maybe it's because I've done so much research, and read so much in this forum, but I found that the others in the class were dragging down the discussion. We spent 20 minutes with a couple folks going back and forth with Ashley about beverages. What do you mean, I can't have soda? What about juice? Not even if it's diluted? Blah blah blah. Grrrr. 1 year out and look at how far down you are! Congratulations! I can't wait to be where you are.
  2. I'm in a similar place! No one has told me I need to lose a certain number of pounds before surgery, but I figure, there's no excuse not to start now in eliminating bad habits and eating the right things. I've lost 10 pounds in 3-4 weeks. You can totally do this. I agree with the others that low carb is the best way - and the carbs you do have should be complex carbohydrates: fruit, whole grains. If it's possible, get everything out of the house that is tempting or doesn't fit within your plan. I realize if you have a family that's easier said than done, but do what you can. I live alone, so I only have things in my house I'm allowed to eat. Track everything you eat - I love myfitnesspal, there's an app or you can use the website. Do you like to cook? I am totally in love with this cookbook, which is relatively cheap on Amazon: It's not specifically low carb, but they give you full meal ideas, and the recipes are really good. Plus everything has the calorie and nutritional profile laid out. Cannot give it enough love. I also think the key to exercise for me is finding something that feels more like fun, and less like exercising. I take water aerobics because I love being in the pool, and I don't get as hot and sweaty while still getting a pretty intense workout. Plus, way easier on my joints. Maybe for you its a Zumba dance class? Tennis lessons? Pure Barre? Kickboxing? Yoga? Good luck!
  3. YOU GUISE. SUCCESS!! Easiest blood draw I've ever had. I got down probably 40 ounces in the hour before, did some bicep curls with my very heavy water bottle, and took a very brisk walk around the block before I went in. She didn't even have to spend several minutes poking and prodding, just went right for one and it was over before I knew it! To think I could have been saving myself so much agony over the years... So many thanks. So. Many.
  4. So many good ideas, guys, can't thank you enough. I don't think the veins on my hands are any more visible (she checked there, too), but I'm definitely going to pound the water, talk a brisk walk around the block before I go in, and see about adding some heat. Here's hoping.
  5. Thanks @kayak19 and @cinwa - nice to know I'm not alone, and I appreciate the advice! I think I made the mistake of not drinking enough water right before, assuming that my hydration from yesterday would carry me through. Apparently not. It was particularly frustrating because I've had successful blood draws before when I was definitely not drinking as much water. Luck of the draw, I guess. (Pun... intended?) I'm trying again Thursday morning. Fingers crossed!
  6. Hey all - I'm new here. Didn't do an introductory post, so consider this an introduction. Ha. I'm hormonal and feeling discouraged today: have a really extensive set of labs that need to be run (oy, the number of vials the nurse pulled out was shocking!), and they weren't able to get a vein to give them anything this morning. Then I got a lecture on being hydrated, even though I drank something like 100 ounces yesterday. I'll admit, most of that was before 6 pm, so I didn't do as good of a job last night or this morning with fluid intake. I'll have to keep that in mind. Does anyone else have problem with ornery veins? Any advice? It sucks so much to have them spend so long thumping my arms, moving the tourniquet back and forth, and getting stuck a few times just to leave empty handed.
  7. For the longest time I refused to believe I could have sleep apnea, because I didn't experience the normal symptoms of excessive drowsiness - I just had general daytime fatigue, low energy, and would often wake up with headaches. My PCP kept suggesting it, so I capitulated... and lo and behold, moderate sleep apnea. I read a few articles about how different the symptoms present in women that helped me understand why I didn't have any of the traditional symptoms: I see you talked to your doctor and he's not worried - but I'm going to leave this comment here anyway because I think the articles are helpful. I didn't have the extreme fatigue or coughing either, although I do have high blood pressure.
  8. I should have known better than to bump such an old thread. In case this helps anyone else in the future - yes, the nutrition classes appear to be Nutrition 1 in the first week of the month, Nutrition 2 in the second week, and so on. At the time I was scheduling, the options appear to be Mondays at 12 and 3, or Wednesdays at 9 am. I do think they count week 1 as the first full week of the month. I was able to get in to a Monday 8/7 Nutrition 1 class (today! yay!) after I met with Rebecca (my RD) on Friday 8/4.
  9. Hi all! First of all, I want to give everyone in this 20-page thread a huge Jedi hug (a hug... with my mind). All of this information has been so invaluable to me as I start to navigate the process at Northwestern. I'm bumping the thread to ask a question about the nutrition classes and how they're scheduled. I have my meeting with the dietitian (and my psych eval) on Friday, 8/4. Will I be able to start nutrition classes in August? I think I read somewhere that the first nutrition class is held the first week of the month, the second the second week, and so on. Is that correct? And do you suppose this is counted as the first week in August? Any insight would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance!