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  1. To introduce myself

    I also had what I believe was a lactose sensitivity immediately post-op - I couldn't get down any whey protein supplement without intense amounts of gassy discomfort, mostly burping. I'm using lactose-free Fairlife milk as my protein supplement since I also couldn't handle the smell/taste of protein powder regardless, but probably wouldn't hurt to try something without lactose and see if that's better. If it helps any, I do believe it's usually temporary. I'm able to eat cottage cheese, yogurt, and other things with lactose now at 4 weeks out with no issue. Still haven't switched to a different protein powder, though, because they all taste like death. But I'm fussy like that.
  2. Calling all November Newbies.....

    Interesting... I'm trying like mad to get my fluids up, and boy is it difficult. Clearly I need to try harder! I just started back to work today and I'm hoping that starting them earlier will lead to a better count at the end of the day. I've been hitting mid-70s including my liquid protein, and I know that's not enough. The struggle is REAL.
  3. 3 weeks out and not losing

    We probably had surgery around the same time, and I'm also in the middle of the much-maligned 3 week stall. As everyone has said, it will pass. Not without some gnashing of teeth and rending of garments, but it will.
  4. Tea suggestions

    I find regular brewed black and green tea to be really bitter. Do you think that could be the problem? The sweet part of sweet tea covers up the bitterness. If so, I would try an herbal tea if I were you. I make iced tea out of whatever herbal tea I feel like, but you can find herbal teas specifically for making iced tea. The Tazo Passionfruit is great - very fruity. I also just picked up some Celestial Seasonings cool brew Tropical Fruit. Can't vouch for it yet, but as I said, I find herbal tea makes a milder iced tea.
  5. Calling all November Newbies.....

    Ha yes, this is exactly what I've been doing - up a half pound, down a half pound, up 3/4, down 3/4. GRRR. I think it's been 4-5 days, so hopefully I'll start going down again soon!
  6. Calling all November Newbies.....

    The 3/4 week stall can SUCK IT. I'm glad I knew it was coming because I'd be in full-on panic mode otherwise. The little voice in the back of my head is insisting that I'm going to be one of those people who fails miserably and I just cut out my stomach for no good reason. I know better, but she's very loud and intimidating. Those of you who stalled, how long did it last?
  7. Emotional eating

    Ha yes. Future me never makes very good decisions.
  8. Emotional eating

    This is indeed a thing I've talked about in therapy a lot, and one of the things I try and do is just sit with my discomfort. (That may not be something you feel ready to do, since you're having much stronger emotional hits than I am right now.) I spent most of my life distracting myself from sadness, frustration, etc by eating. And sure, I can distract myself with non-food options, but I've found that just sitting with my craving, and turning the thought over a few times in my brain, helps me detach myself from it. Like it takes away the power that craving has over me. When I stop and examine that burning desire for pizza/ice cream/whatever, it breaks the spell somehow.
  9. Emotional eating

    This is how I use MFP, too, and it really works for me. Adding things along the way would only lead to episodes of "we'll just eat this (terrible thing) and not eat (good thing) later and it'll be fine", when really, no, it won't be fine. I'll go over my macros or not hit my protein goals or something. I like knowing if I just stick to what I planned for the day that I'll be doing all the things I need to be doing.
  10. Calling all November Newbies.....

    I could have written this part of your post - I'm having the exact same experience with fluids and with food tolerance. I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky that things are going down well! I'm able to eat 3 ounces, though... which sort of worries me? But my program says 2-3 ounces and I'm only eating 550-600 calories, so I'm trying not to stress. I also haven't tried any meat that wasn't canned (tuna, chicken) or ground yet, so that could be part of it.
  11. Calling all November Newbies.....

    Ooh, they gave me viscous lidocaine when I had mono and that stuff is horrendous. Better than pain, though, I suppose? I'm sorry you have a stricture, but glad you have an answer to your problem and hopefully a good solution soon!
  12. Calling all November Newbies.....

    Thanks for the links! Good information. My physician must be up on her research, as D3 is the version I have always taken. Glad it's the right one!
  13. Calling all November Newbies.....

    I've been on a vitamin D supplement for years, so I'm just taking the same version I've always taken. It's a pill and I take it at the end of the day. My program does not require iron for sleeve, only bypass. I assume they'll add it if my blood work shows low for iron, but I don't have to take it by default. I also have to take 1000 mcg of B12, and I'm using the Trader Joe's sublingual for that. It's cheap, tiny, and has no flavor at all that I can tell. My vitamin was so unpleasant I started avoiding it, and that was my signal to try something else. I don't do well with forcing things down that I don't like. Too stubborn I guess.
  14. Calling all November Newbies.....

    I take two a day - and they were the ones my program suggested, so I figure we could do worse. If you're not able to get down your bariatric vitamins at all, I would definitely get the Flintstones at least until your taste buds settle. Something would be better than nothing! We need those vitamins.
  15. Tea suggestions

    My favorite hot tea in the world is Tazo Glazed Lemon Loaf from their "dessert tea" line - a splash of milk and a splash of SF sweetener and it's practically like having liquid lemon poundcake. The scent is transcendent. They have a couple other "dessert" teas, but both have caffeine and I'm trying to avoid that. My grocery store never has the fancier Tazo teas that I like, but I can always find them at Target. (And for some reason they cost an arm and a leg on Amazon, so check locally first.) I also like Celestial Seasonings Peppermint, and CS Orange Spice, as well as Bigelow Peach, and Tazo Decaf Chai. Oh, and Bigelow Blueberry Aloe, and Blackberry Cinnamon. I'm kind of into tea at the moment - it's the only clear liquid that goes down easy!