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  1. Welcome. I look forward to seeing your journey unfold. This place had been a huge part of mine so far. An amazing resource with amazing people. Congratulations!
  2. It looks like it's a combination of two things... lifting my daughter (40lb) and also being kicked by her when she comes to my bed (nightly) Hopefully a few days of rest will make it feel better
  3. Hey everyone. I'm now 5 weeks out and things are well, just having a lot of abdominal pain. I thought it was because I lifted something and was expecting it to get better, but it's only gotten worse. Much worse. I feel like I've done a thousand sit ups and my muscles are aching. Has anyone else had this kind of pain?
  4. One day at a time. Overall I'm doing pretty good. There are days that I eat the wrong thing (sometimes accidentally and once because I wanted the taste) which ended in not so good situations, and my stomach is very sore... I think from lifting too much. But it is all worth it. I'm already down 12% of my body weight and im looking forward to losing so much more!
  5. Are you feeling good now @Kio?
  6. Congratulations! Your progress is absolutely amazing. I also would love to see some pictures if you're comfortable posting
  7. Thank you @cinwa and @BurgundyBoy for the advice on the stitches. I removed 4 of them from below the knot with tweezers and nail clippers. Unfortunately I was too late with one and it had already grown over creating a small abscess, but it's all good now
  8. It went pretty good. I made sure to eat protein first and then had some turnip, carrot, mashed potatoes, and a tiny bit of stuffing No dessert for me because my body + sugar = dumping syndrome that makes me feel like death. The amount of work to cook dinner for everyone however was a bit more difficult. Definitely feeling the pain this morning! Quick side question... has anyone else still had stitches poking out after 4 weeks? They are starting to irritate my incisions
  9. Well... we are about 45 minutes from dinner, and it looks like I should have been more concerned with the physical stuff... like lifting the turkey in and out of the oven and replacing the 18 liter jug of water... guess I'll be sore tomorrow
  10. Hahaha that was great Jen!
  11. Hello everyone! tomorrow is my first thanksgiving pre-op. I'm actually not too nervous, but am wondering if anyone has any advice for the big day in case there is something I'm not preparing myself for?
  12. Congratulations @Dtrain84! And thank you @BurgundyBoy for bringing me to this thread. I love seeing how far we are able to come!
  13. The 17" is from the 7th of September. I am doing my own measurements. I was actually glad to do them as that .3 was going to come and the inches helped to take that better Do you know if I will start losing actual pounds again soon?
  14. Today is my weigh in day, tomorrow being 4 weeks post surgery it is also my measurements day. I've been feeling frustrated from not losing this week. The first week I lost 20 pounds, and this week I lost .3. Extremely disappointing! Measurements however are a little better... all over body I'm down 17 inches, with 9 of those being from my bust, waist, hips, and bum. This part is nice... but I'm still worried that I'm not losing weight at any significant rate over the last couple of weeks (20.1, 5.6, 3.6, .3)
  15. Thank you... I will look out for a good peanut butter