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  1. 3 month post op

    Hi everyone! Just sharing the progress made so far. I was super nervous about my vsg because I'm young (20). Although I'm so early out, I don't regret my decision at all! I'm still learning how to eat. I'm in college and on the go often, so I don't measure out all my meals. Often, I eat and feel a bit sick afterwards which I associate with me probably overeating. So everyday is a learning process. I haven't stepped on a scale in 3 months, so I'm unsure exactly how much I've lost but I will find out in 2 weeks. I did this to not stress over what I eat. I want a healthy relationship with not only food, but with myself and this definitely helped me out with that. I eat a balanced diet (moderate carbs, high protein). I know this goes against what a lot of wls vets preach about, but I didn't want live a restricted life anymore and it works for me. I definitely do have to expand my diet because I'm currently living off P4 protein packs and tuna w/ crackers for 70% of my diet, but I'm working on it! I don't have pictures with me at my highest weight (330), but the one in the black sweatshirt is pretty close (April 2017). The picture of me in the white shirt was taken yesterday. I felt bloated after a small meal, and was expecting that 330 lb girl in the mirror when I walked by, but I was taken aback when I saw that I wasn't that girl anymore. So I decided to snap a photo. Thank you everyone for the support that I received with all my pestering questions early out and pre-op.
  2. 2 week VSG update and dropping by

    Hi everyone, hoping you all have a great week filled with progress! Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my VSG and I feel like it's been longer because I'm pain free and pretty much feel healed (though, I know I'm not). Happy to say, I've experienced no complications as of today and everything's going great. I had my post op appointment this past Wednesday with my surgeon's physician assistant and I've lost 18 pounds since surgery Anyway, not weighing myself until this Wednesday or next week so I'm not obsessing over the scale. My only issue is I'm on puree/soft foods and it's going well except that I'm forgetting to eat unless I spend the day at home..and even then, I'm forgetting to consume things because I'm not hungry. Spent some time at a fair yesterday and think I got mildly dehydrated, as I was a bit dizzy when I got home and didn't drink much fluids that day. I also don't know what to eat besides cheese or chili. I think I'm the only wls patient that doesn't like ricotta bake!
  3. You're a lucky one! I tried the ketogenic diet pre-op and it worked well. I think I'll be returning to it after goal
  4. That's solid advice and very true! I had no cravings for ice cream or sweets until I let myself tasted some halo top.
  5. I'm glad you said this because I told myself that I'll have a serving on the weekends too. But now I'll be putting that away!
  6. Just woke up throwing up bright yellow stuff !

    Hope you already contacted him and everything's okay. Feel better!
  7. So, I've been pretty open with my friends about vsg. My doctor is one of those who advances us quickly so I'm already on puree/soft foods. One of my close friends bought me a pint of halo top vanilla bean ice cream. I took a spoonful..then another one and I found out it's such a slider food for me and it's so yummy. It triggered cravings and I wasn't even a sweets person nor did I have any cravings since surgery. Stay away from yummy alternatives so early out. Lesson learned
  8. Yeah that's really helpful. I read about people struggling with 4 oz an hour and I was thinking something was wrong. I had to get it in my head that fluids do pass quicker. Thank you
  9. Thank you, that puts me at ease
  10. Maybe I'm overreacting but I had vsg 8/7/17. I couldn't consume more than a few sips or any meds at all without sharp pain the first couple days so my doc gave me a steroid to loosen things up. However now I feel like I can consume any amount without feeling full or feeling like I need to stop. I can drink 6-8 oz of liquid in about 30 minutes no issue as long as I sip slowly and I feel fine afterwords and no restriction. After that I feel like I could even drink more without issue, but of course I don't. Is that a normal feeling? Or could the steroid possibly loosen things up too much?
  11. Thanks! Another one to check out
  12. Thank you, definitely going to look for that today.
  13. I'm in the full liquid stage so I've been drinking protein shakes to meet the requirements but it makes me so sick (nausea, cramps). I feel sick both during and after consuming it. I have a protein goal of 60 per day. I'm mixing whey protein with 6 oz of liquid and sipping that. I can suck it up and drink one of these a day but I just can't stomach the thought of having to drink another one later. it gives me 30 grams of protein. Is there anything else I can consume during this stage to get the other half of my protein in?
  14. 8/7 surgery

    I also had tomato soup yesterday. I drank 5 oz of it and it went down well. I didn't know tomato soup was an issue so thanks for bringing that up. It was delicious but not worth any issues lol I may try mixing it with milk like you did if I do try it again
  15. 8/7 surgery

    Awesome, we had the same surgery date and the same surgery. I have tea, broth, jello, ice pops, and protein powders but for some reason my new stomach doesn't like jello. But I've been sticking with diluted apple juice, water, and veggie broth. Are you on full liquids yet? Today I started and I've been sipping my first protein shake. They're not bad with unsweetened almond cashew milk. Congrats and I hope we both come out successful!