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  1. Hi Toya! Nice to meet you too. I am also trying to focus on healthier habits, for sure. My biggest hurdle (other than financial) is going to be to quit smoking cigarettes. But I know it's something I have to do if I want the surgery, and just overall for a healthier lifestyle. About the cost, yes. It's much less expensive in Chile. It's even cheaper in Mexico but at the end of the day, I wouldn't have anyone who would be able to travel with me, or know how to get around, etc. In Chile I have a bunch of family, 4 of which have had bariatric surgery. 3 of them had by-pass over 10 years ago (maybe closer to 20) & one just had the VSG about a year ago. I've also reached out to a clinic. I'm waiting to hear back now. Hope you have a good day. Let's chat some more in the evening!
  2. Hi there. I was wondering what your pre-pre op diet was? I've been told that when the insurance companies are excluded, there are many things that aren't required.. just wondering what the different experiences were like out there. I don't have insurance and most people seem to have been covered. I'd love to hear some experiences and what your process was like and how pre-op was handled for the non-insured. Thank you in advance!
  3. Thank you Res! I appreciate the info!
  4. I'm so glad your experience abroad was a good one. I too feel very confident that the surgery would go well, I just wasn't sure how easy it would be to handle to preop part and what's required being so far away from the surgeon. Can I ask, did you have any pre existing conditions? Or any type of testing done before hand to figure it would be safe for you physically? I haven't been to a doctor in a very long time, but a year ago I did just get a urine analysis done and don't seem to have high cholesterol or blood pressure. I am however a smoker. I know these are all questions I can and will ask my surgeon, but figured I'd ask how your experience and mind set was anyway. Thanks for sharing and responding to my post, btw!
  5. Hi I'm at the very beginning of my journey too. Hopefully I can get more information this week and feel like I really am started on the journey. If I am able to get WLS it'll have to be abroad since I have no insurance here in the states. I live in Miami, Fl but will likely have my surgery in Santiago, Chile. I'd love to be your buddy and find out more about you. It would be nice to have someone to talk to about all this. Especially since we're both so new to it.
  6. Hi guys. I'm new to thinner times and have just in the last 2 weeks begun to seriously consider VSG. I am not insured and wouldn't be able to have the surgery in the states. However, I'm looking into going to Chile to have the surgery performed. My family is from there and 4 of them have had gastric by-pass. They're on vacation right now so I can't reach them, but I figure I'd ask on here, has anyone else had surgery abroad? If so, how did the pre-op journey go. Do you have skype appointments with your surgeon? How do they approve you and verify you're a candidate? (Bloodwork, organ strength etc). Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!