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  1. Good advise in general, but sometimes even what we are technically allowed to eat is too much for the new pouch, so learning the new full signal is still important to avoid discomfort/nasuea/prematurely stretching the pouch. Problem is it seems that it is different for everybody, some describe a pressure, @Kio describes hers as similar to hunger, I unfortunately seem to no longer have one, unless you count suddenly vomiting as a fullness signal.
  2. my surgical week....

    My surgeons plan stated flatly that straws were ok from the moment I was allowed clear liquids and have never had a problem, which I am grateful for since I have sensitive teeth and straws help me to drink without hot/cold liquids running over them, would never have been able to hit liquid goals if I had to fight tooth pain!
  3. Two weeks out - starting a blog

    Of course they are! It's in the best interest of their business, if they were to create a hostile environment for the heavy set demo, the money would go down the street.
  4. Today's the day!!!

    Good luck!
  5. Hungry WHILE eating?

    Haven't had the hungry while eating thing, still haven't felt hunger post op, but can relate to being able to eat a bit more at this point, particularly soft stuff(like cottage cheese) slowly like you describe. I suspect that since we are eating very slowly the first bite has had time to exit the pouch before the last bite hits so there is room for it. I imagine that is why we are supposed to carefully measure, eat only at meal times, and avoid grazing, because, I imagine theoretically if we go slow enough we could eat something like that continuously and completely defeat our tool. That said I suspect that some increased capacity is normal at this point, most of the "OMG have I stretched my pouch?" posts I have seen have been from someone around 6 weeks. Maybe the swelling has fully gone away at this point so we have a bit more space, just guessing on that last.
  6. I could use a pep talk...

    Pre op I would get the carbsmart tortillas and make what I call a "pizzadilla" or quesadilla with pizza sauce/toppings inside. Satisfied my pizza cravings with only 7 carbs, haven't tried post op so cannot speak to if my pouch will now tolerate that.
  7. What's your go-to when you want a satisfying snack?

    Hmmm, I used to say that about my love life...
  8. How much protein?

    Just guessing here, but perhaps the 46g you saw on line was for a standard "balanced diet" which includes a greater percentage of carbohydrates than us WLSers should have, so we should make that up with protein. I have looked at many bariatric plans and none of them I have seen(except for one doc in TX that says no protein after wls) want less than 60g, some as much as 80g.
  9. Today I learned...

    For me seems it's any food that is specifically allowed I cannot tolerate. Eggs hurt terribly, a single bite of chicken will make me vomit, as will fish(of course fish did it before surgery as well.) Fortunately my NUT gave me permission to "go with whatever works" so now experimenting and have found a few options that I can handle, ironically they are things that the plan says I shouldn't be able to handle for months
  10. 2 Week Pre-op has begun

    My best advise is to keep busy, I gave myself so much to do that I didn't have time to think about how hungry I was. Also helps with the anxiety that will likely emerge in the couple days immediately before. Word to the wise though, if diabetic keep close watch on your b/s, between the reduced intake and activity might need to adjust meds(with docs approval of course) or risk going too low. Cinva is right after 3-4 days gets easier, the first few you will feel like you won't be able to get through, but once you do it just seems routine.
  11. Last Supper Syndrome Anyone?

    I have a feeling most have indulged in the days prior to the pre op diet, and have ready more than a few posts admitting to doing it during their preop liquid diet. I personally feel that a small cheat now can postpone the desire to cheat later when it could potentially derail surgery or cause injury, if your plan is similar to mine, between preop and postop it's a full month with no solid food then restrictions for weeks/months thereafter. Remember moderation is key, you have come a long way already and don't want to go backwards. I share your curiosity re-popcorn. Assumed it was on the banish list due to carb content, but hadn't considered the hulls, any input long timers?
  12. Hi I'm Amanda a newbee

  13. The Endless Chicken Meatball

    Funny how every doc is different, on my surgeons plan refried beans are on the avoid for life list.
  14. The Endless Chicken Meatball

    Ground meats have worked for me. Every protein source that is officially approved (eggs, chicken, turkey) not ground has caused or nearly caused vomiting no matter how much I chew it, but any ground meat even beef which should be a no-no for some time yet has been fine. Though experiment with caution what works for me may not for you.
  15. Day 22 - Back from dinner out!

    Wow, @Kio, you are far braver than I. I was 3 days behind you for surgery and wouldn't even consider trying to eat out at this point, just due to not knowing what I can tolerate. My wife wanted to go out with her family over the weekend and I told her to have fun without me, too afraid something will be to big/dry/hard and will come right back up all over the table. Until I have a little more experience with my pouch going to do all my eating no more than 10 feet from the bathroom.