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  1. The surgeon I am actually going with was all about what I wanted, in fact that was the first question he asked and once he knew that my decision was based on my research he never suggested anything else. So far I am pleased with him for the most part,(of course I'm pre op so easy to say now!) Though it would have smoothed the preop process greatly had he communicated with my PCP and supervised diet doc on what his expectations/requirements were. They each had it in their minds an idea of what the requirements were that were in some cases in direct conflict with each other, ie. PCP insisting surgery cannot be done with an elevated a1c, and the diet doc insisting that the surgery cannot be done unless insulin is ceased and oral diabetes medicines are lessened, and in the end I had been meeting my surgeons requirements all along, they just didn't know.
  2. I too had the first surgeon I talked to try to force me into getting the sleeve, and like Nerdy decided to look elsewhere both due to this and the fact that he absolutely refused to talk about total cost, only referring to my out of pocket maximum. While it is true that cost should not be the one deciding factor for medical care, I am so tired of double digit insurance premium increases year after year that I truly believe that it should be transparent up front, so that we as consumers can make informed decisions to help keep costs down. If there is a surgeon/hospital that has comparable or better experience/results that costs less, we should be free to choose. If you cannot tell my experience so far has soured me to the idea of medicine as a business.