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    Reading (teen fiction is my weakness), bicycling, swimming, eating (being honest here) and just spending time with the people I love.
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  1. @daniellelove1987 Thanks for sharing your experience. I am 5 weeks post-op (RNY) and I am having the EXACT same experience. Water does NOT sit well at all; it's almost like I can feel it going down or something. It's really uncomfortable. It occurred to me yesterday to play around with the temperature as @Gretta mentioned and I have noticed room-temperature or even warm water does go down better. Decaf tea is pretty OK too. I also did not have a problem with Liquicell mixed in water but just water is not my favorite thing right now. I am glad I found this thread though; it's good to know that this is a typical experience. I might also try to flavor my water with fruit slices as @cinwa suggested. How has it been going for you since this post?
  2. @cinwaThese look amazing! Thanks for the recommendations. That's what I was mostly looking for - soup items/ideas. This is perfect. I am going to order the variety pack and see what I like best. Price is really pretty decent too. Again, thanks for sharing.
  3. What an awesome adventure!
  4. NO WAY! I am not a native Ohioian but once you move here you pretty much can't help but get caught up in the flurry of Buckeye Fever! If I might ask, how did you end up in Europe?
  5. Hi @Vaultgirl72 While I am not in (sunny) NC, I am in (not-so-sunny) Ohio and am also on EST. I had my bypass on June 20th, so not too far off from you. If you are looking for additional buddies, please do let me know. "The more, the merrier" I believe.
  6. This is a great guide! Thanks for sharing. In the spirit of sharing I will also share with you the "Life After Bariatric Surgery" guide I got from Ohio State University Hospital (where I had my RNY done). I find this to be an amazing resource -
  7. I have been checking out reviews of the UNjury chicken soup flavor and most seem to like it. I was looking for a review here so this is helpful. I also appreciate the link to their recipes. Do you have any that are your favorites?
  8. Thanks @Gretta @Res Ipsa @cinwa @athenarose ! I had a sort of "buyer's remorse" meltdown a few days ago and discovered this forum when looking for resources. Truly lucky to have found it. i have a few newbie questions so I plan on poking around the forums to see what I can find. Thanks again for the warm welcome!
  9. @JustMeT Hang in there. The pre-op *IS* pretty horrible - no way around it, but it is actually good practice for post-op eating. My doctor had told me that when I started the diet and it did not make that icky pre-op any easier when I was on it, but now that I am post-op I do see the benefits of it. I wish I had tips and tricks to make it tastier, but I don't. I will offer you support though - you can do it!!!!
  10. Hi @40somethingmum (and all), I am almost four weeks out and also thrilled to have found this site. I also did not have a bowel movement for about 10 days and was told that it's pretty normal.
  11. Hi all, So thrilled to have found this space! I am almost 4 weeks post-op from Roux-en-y. Looking to connect to others who have gone through this surgery in order to gain insight as to what's ahead and support for those tough times along the way. I am a tech professional, mom to a 10-year old, east-cost girl living in the mid-west. Looking forward to meeting others and learning lots! Marg