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  1. Wow! I always admire your post, and this one is truly motivating. Your dedication has paid off. Congrats and can't wait to see your goal photos!
  2. Sorry to hear this, hope your better soon.
  3. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! Praying for continued success
  4. Very very helpful thanks everyone!
  5. Love the meal plans! Sounds like I need to stick to a schedule. Although I feel some hunger, I don't eat much..
  6. Thanks! I feel good, but I wasn't expecting to be hungry.
  7. Hi! Today is my first day of the stage 2 diet. Yay! I'm having a complete brain freeze on meal ideas. Also if I could please have feedback on how you felt 14 days post op... Thanks so much!
  8. Hey Surgery Twin! I'm so sorry to hear about your complications. Glad your doing better I totally understand the craving of other textures we just have to hang in there.
  9. How's it going Trish?
  10. Hello everyone so far so good
  11. Lol! Going to bed now. Thanks again
  12. Thanks! That really put me at ease. I am also having hiatal hernia repair.
  13. Wow! I have to be there by 8am also Thanks for the encouragement, and well wishes to you.
  14. So tomorrow is the big day and of course I'm getting the last minute jitters. What is the approx surgery time for gastric bypass? I know everyone is different just wanted an idea
  15. Thank you all so much! Just returned home from purchasing Isopure. If there are any brands they you like please let me know