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  1. Thank you for all the infomation
  2. I am down 96 lbs since March when I had my RYN I feel at a stand still all I want to do is eat again. How can I stop myself from eating?
  3. I have had some incredible things happen to me in the pass 5 months since surgery. I have lost a ton of weight, at a weight I have never been in my adult life. My confidence it high I feel physical wonderful. My clothes are falling off. I went to the rain forest in Puerto Rico hiked for miles and wasn't tired. That was a proud moment for me.There are some parts that are hard like losing my hair and feeling hungry and controlling my intake even after the surgery. What are some positive/negative up and downs my fellow WLS peers have faced since there surgery?
  4. I guess I don't know what to really except from the gastric bypass I don't want to go to low in my goal and realize I will never meet that goal and disappoint myself. At my weight now I have never been in my adult life it feels great and scary at the same time.
  5. I am 5 months out from my surgery and my hair is falling out in big chucks. Does anyone else have this problem.? Is it fixable? I started taking biotin and its not improving. I cant go in the sun anymore my scalp gets burned. Any recommendations? does it grow back? This is the only problem I have had with my surgery so far...
  6. I am 4 months out and happy I had the surgery . Once I made my mind up to have the surgery there was no turning back. I am happy with myself and have never been so small in my adult life. I am down 96 lbs and counting. I am in love with myself.
  7. I am 4 months and understand those cravings. Sometimes going to bed hungry and calling a friend crying to them because I thought it was going to easier to forget food . It has gotten easier now I am not restricted so much. good job. If I can do it anyone can do it
  8. I am down 96.3 lbs and feel great. this is me in Feb 2017 at 358 and a few weeks ago at -82 lbs. I went to a carnival with my son yesterday and was able to get on the rides that I hadn't in a long time and it wasn't tight. I had my surgery March 13, 2017 and feel blessed to have it. I have already lost the weight that my son is. More determination and I will be down to 200 hopefully soon.