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  1. Thank you, Bellamoma, for the heads-up about selling to ThreadUp. Good to know and I will spread the word to friends and family.
  2. Wow! I had surgery last Wednesday (9/13/17) and I am taking Liquid Centrum multi vitamin, liquid iron, an antibiotic (preventative) and will add to that in 2 weeks to include a Vitamin B Complex, Calcium Citrate, Biotin and Vitamin D3!!! So far the absolute WORST part of all of this is having to ingest crushed pills (BITTER) every morning. I thankfully have no pain for some reason and the slow return to a normal diet does not bother me like I thought it would. Anyway, yea, if they only want you to take one daily vitamin, consider yourself lucky!
  3. I am so sorry about what you and everyone else in parts of Texas are going through. There is no comparison I can make as Super Storm sandy that hit NY and NJ was nothing compared to what is happening to you, but, even so, know that life will go back to its new normal a little at a time. the whole country is watching, people are sending help, sending money, sending the Red Cross. Its all over the news and our hearts are all broken over this devastation. I came here today because I am scheduled for sleeve surgery on Wednesday, Sept 13 and I wanted to know if anyone had second thoughts before surgery and any regrets after surgery. Then I found your story and I know how brave you must have to be with your husband just out of the hospital, the rains and no car right now to get away. Puts things in perspective. I will keep you in my thoughts and know things will be be
  4. I am scared, too, Jackie. I lost about 16 pounds so far pre-op and my blood sugar dropped to normal levels, my blood pressure is perfect and my lab results were ideal. All this just from exercising and dieting. Makes me think maybe I could skip the surgery (expected date in Sept). Then I remember that I have been unable to lose weight except when I was a teen and in my 20s. Now I am 60 years old. Each time I put on more weight. I developed diabetes in my 30s, it progressively got worse until I now take 2 kinds of insulin, plus pills, plus pills for high blood pressure, high fats in my blood, high cholesterol. I developed diabetic retinopathy, yes, I went from having good vision to becoming legally blind overnight, literally. Still, I ate what I wanted. I had to get laser eye surgery at least 6 times in each eye and then developed edema of the eyes which required injections IN THE EYE! Still, ate what I wanted. My feet burned at night (peripheral neuropathy). Still did not stop overeating. Then one day, last January, my general doctor told me I had to control my diabetes and lose weight or I would be on dialysis by Dec. Here I am pre-op. So, yes you are healthy right now, but life can change in a heart beat and you'd be surprised how much you can gain and still make excuses. I need to drop about 10 more lbs before surgery. For the rest of my life I have to make my weight control a priority. I hope the diabetes reverses itself. I hope I get a (late) second chance at being healthy. I hope you do not wait as long as I have to give yourself the advantages of a healthy weight and a healthy life.
  5. I am still pre-op but my doctor wants me to exercise for at least 30 min a day. Everyday. I do not know how much of a difference it will make for you but for me when I do not walk a couple days in a week (because of heat) I stall and do not lose that week. No idea why, but that's my 2 cents. If we lived near each other I'd go walking with you
  6. Thank you, Gretta! I am grateful that you took the time to respond to me.
  7. About that shower...when can we take a shower AND part of my exercise program is water aerobics and swimming, plus a yoga class. Can I go in the water after surgery and if so, how long after surgery? So much to plan and think about and remember. I want to tack up a huge calendar page and list everything. First week diet, 2nd week diet, etc. Protein and water, protein and water! Vitamins: which ones and how much? When do I start the calcium citrate. What to pack for the hospital. What to have waiting at home. Does the surgery wound require special care? Do I have to move or rest after surgery. Do I need to buy a blender or food processor? I already bought a Blender Bottle that you guys recommended and I love it! I love this site because you folks are so generous with your advice. I have print outs from my doctor and my nutritionist plus from the support group I attend once a month. Then their is the advice from this site and the stuff I look up online. My surgery should take place in Sep;t so I deal with one question a day. Purchase one food item or vitamin or protein shake a day. I am far from wealthy so I manage financially by pacing my purchases. Anyway, I am bringing /wearing a sweat suit, a change of underwear,a hairbrush, a toothbrush and sugarfree mints. Thank you all for being here!
  8. Thank you Michael_A. I guess I should hit the Unread stuff and see if my questions have been asked! I appreciate your response!
  9. Thank you MsMaryMac and cinwa. I am finding it a little hard to negotiate my way around this site. When I have a question, I am not sure if I dig through all the thousands of old posts looking for an answer or just start a new post. For example, two questions I want to ask involve second thoughts after successfully losing weigh pre-surgery and how do people exercise when it is deathly hot. West Sacramento is almost always over 90 in the summer and typically dips up as high as 106 degrees or some number between 90-106. I walk for exercise so I wanted to see how others coped. Advice on how others use this site would be very helpful. Thanks.
  10. I have poked around this site and not yet seen a question that weighs heavy on my mind. Is it possible to have normal bowel movements when you are eating so much less food and nothing that qualifies as roughage after surgery?
  11. I hope you and your husbands make some special plans while your friends are hiking. I like this statement you made, "The good news is that I feel a little more detached from my appearance than I usually do: I feel like this is how I look today, but I know that next week, next month, next year I will look different. So I feel like I'm judging a work in progress, rather than judging the very essence of who I am, which is an improvement." You expressed that feeling in a way I will keep in mind as I change. Thanks!
  12. "Failure to plan

    Is planning to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

  13. You guys are great! I should ask right off the bat, are we allowed to mention food that might tempt someone? Not like the Birthday cake protein bars but like mentioning candy or posting a pic of a pig eating ice cream? I am not sure which failed weight loss effort had a rule about that, but someone did/does (maybe Overeaters Anonymous?). Thanks!
  14. Thanks to all of you for making me feel welcomed! Have noted the tip about Bulgarian feta (Greek food=yum!) and your book suggestion, BB! (I am a voracious reader). Just switched from sugar to some liquid Stevia today in my tea... May have to give up tea now, too. Today I took a walk for one hour. I wonder if it still counts as exercise if you crawl for the last few yards? NL and Gretta thanks for the kind words. Yes, my penchant for obscenely large portions had zero to do with my actual hunger. I need to feed my body for a change and not my head/heart. Already did the appointment with the pre-op shrink, the upper GI test, and the nutritionist. Tomorrow, cardio part 1 and Wednesday, cardio part 2. Then DONE. Two more visits to the Bariatric Doctor and we (me and my fat) go under the knife. Still wrapping my head around just how food centered my life has been. Every event and every activity is associated with food!! My birthday is July 7 and I am alone this year, so how the heck does one celebrate a birthday w/out a special meal and cake? I could make it my last hurrah or I could say I'll start my 60s in control of myself. Oh well, today I drank 64oz of water, walked/crawled for an hour, gave up sugar and I did not eat any Keebler cookies put out at the ceramics group I go to on Monday mornings. One mountain at a time!!!!!!