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  1. Stressed!

    @Cynrey so sorry your friend is having so many problems. I will pray for her full recovery. You have been given some great advice and seem to have a good game plan moving forward. Keep us posted.
  2. Hi! New Here!

    Welcome to TTF @TK Hops! I'd say you have plenty of motivation and are off to a great start. I look forward to the victory reports and following your progress!
  3. Why is it so hard to drink 2oz every 15min?

    I struggled at first too with the liquids, but it gets better pretty quick. Like @BurgundyBoy I took my pain meds on schedule without fail and didn't back of for days. Hang in there!
  4. Muscle Mass

    I concur with Jen. With my weight workouts I focus on low weight, high reps to try and tone and tighten. The 20 year old that lives in my head tries to convince me to go heavier, but I kindly remind him of my current weight loss goals and my age. Maybe when I reach my goal weight I'll work on adding a bit of muscle weight.
  5. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I took a selfie and sent it to my mom showing her my No-Shave November beard I'm sporting (I'd post a picture from time to time if I ever take the time to figure out how to adjust the size so it will fit). She replied back and said that her husband didn't even recognize me. I figured it was the beard, but she told me it was because of the weight I've lost. They live in Arizona and I haven't seen them in a few years. Anyway, that made me feel good.
  6. Almost there....

    Congratulations! It's the eating extravaganzas that got us all here, holiday or Have a Happy Thanksgiving @Gin820!!!
  7. Happy turkey day!

    WOW!!! That's a big turkey @Res Ipsa
  8. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for so much in my life, I am truly a blessed man. Today is my 6 month surgiversary and I can't imagine going through this without the TTF and the wonderful people on it! I have lost 88 pounds since my surgery and 156 total since my heaviest. I'm going to enjoy focusing on the family tomorrow and things I'm truly greatful for instead of obsessing about the I will have a taste of this and that, but overindulgence will not take place. God Bless you and yours as you spend time together tomorrow! @BurgundyBoy that bread looks AMAZING! Call me lower-class, I like it crunchy!!!
  9. Thanks for keeping my seat warm!

    Congratulations! Seems like just yesterday for me. You're going to do great!
  10. Surgery moved up!

    Congratulations! Good luck!
  11. Hello

    Welcome @michiganmilkman and @Dongirl3!!! See you around TTF
  12. Sleeve Surgery Newbie

    Welcome @Lauraw96!!! I have no doubt that you will make the goal your surgeon has set for you! You have a lot of victories ahead of you!
  13. I believe I scrambled an egg added some nonfat cheese and some salsa. I didn't know how to act...
  14. Hang in there folks

    Absolutely amazing @tmcgee!!!