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  1. Welcome back!
  2. Praying for no stricture and lots of gold!
  3. Congratulations @NerdyLady!!!
  4. Hi Suzana! Welcome to TTF! You are in a great forum here with lots of personal support and knowledge.
  5. @BurgandyBoy I like the way you think!
  6. @Aussie H - Thank you for your input regarding the surgery. I started weight training 4 months before my RNY surgery and started back up again a little over a month ago to include abdominal exercises. I've always been active and fairly athletic, which has played a big part in how few physical side effects I have had with my weight over the last 15 years with my highest weight being 371 about 2 years ago. I may be wrong, but I'm not overly concerned with mobility and getting back into weight training after my surgery. My medical is also covered through the Veterans Administration due to my prior military service and disability. As such, I was referred to a local pediatrist and the authorization I have runs out at the end of September. Going through the process of procuring a new authorization will undoubtedly be long and tedious as are most things through the VA.
  7. I'm having foot surgery September 22nd and I'd hate to have zero cardio workouts for 2+ months. I will be in a boot for 6-8 weeks so the treadmill and elliptical will obvious be out. I know I can probably start swimming laps before I'll be able to do the treadmill and elliptical, but I was considering getting a heavy bag prior to my surgery thinking I'd be able to get somewhat of a cardio workout even while in the boot. I was wondering if anybody had any insight about the heavy bag for a cardio workout or any other ideas?
  8. @BurgundyBoy - Thank you for information on psyllium and what works for you. I will definitely read information on psyllium and consider adding it to my daily routine. I have a cup of decaf coffee every morning per nutritionist no caffeine order. I understand the reasons they recommend no caffeine, but I am past the healing phase, I don't have a problem with my water intake and if it causes problems with hunger I could always go back to no caffeine. I don't drink tea, soda, or any other beverage containing caffein. I hadn't considered the benefits of caffeinated coffee towards my regular BM goals. I welcome yours and other's input regarding caffeinated coffee.
  9. So glad I read this. My #1 complaint/problem post RNY has been constipation. My surgeon recommended Miralax, Milk of Magnesia, increased water intake. I have tried all of these as well as fiber chews with very little relief. I'm SO going to call my surgeon tomorrow and see if he'll give me a prescription for Linzess. I'd take diarrhea over constipation any day! Sorry for your struggles. I hope you find what works for you.
  10. 45

    Your resolve and determination is admirable. I had my surgery through the VA and the process drug out for about 18 months. I lost 68 pounds during that time and I wresteled with some of the same thoughts about "I've lost this much, maybe I don't need the surgery," etc...I've never had a problem losing weight through the years, but keeping it off was always the big problem. 3 months post-op and I have zero regrets and am more positive and optimistic about achieving my goal and maintaining it than ever. Stay the course Michael. I know the future is healthier and brighter for us both!
  11. As with anything dealing with the VA it was quite the process...I had to be recommended for it by my doctor. I had to join the MOVE program and start seeing their nutritionist. I had 24, 1-hour telephone conference calls over a 6 month period. Then I had all the pre-surgery tests and mental health evaluation. The process should have taken about 8 months, but it took almost 18 months from start to surgery due to various degrees of incompetence along the way. I truly am blessed to have had the opportunity though so I don't complain.
  12. I was wearing 4x shirts and 54" jeans. I'm now wearing 2x shirts, XL shorts, and I just bought a pair of 40" jeans! So exciting to not have to go the Big & Tall section to buy clothes and I'm definitely not tall!
  13. Congratulations! I just checked mine tonight and I'm at 33.8 and it said I'm "overweight!" I can remember the last time I wasn't obese or morbidly obese! Keep up the good work!
  14. I pray you get some relief and soon! I've been struggling with it myself a bit lately, but it's been manageable.
  15. My hair is short enough to be obvious, I really haven't paid much attention. Maybe I should get a mirror and check my crown out.