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  1. Hi! I just had to respond because our stories are similar. I also started the classes and prep two years ago and stopped after the psychologist doing my evaluation suggested that I wasn't ready yet. A few months ago, I started the process again after a lot of soul searching and I am so ready now. I have about 3 months to go before my requirements are all fulfilled and I can be scheduled for surgery. Congrats to you for listening to yourself, and welcome! Looking forward to following your journey.
  2. Thinking of you today!!
  3. It also helps to have Stephtay on speed-dial, LOL.
  4. Thanks for checking in guys! It went well and, as you both told me, I had nothing to worry about. I probably read your responses to my original question about ten times yesterday leading up to the procedure to keep me calm. I truly appreciate the support!
  5. Thanks for sharing your success story. You're an inspiration, especially to those of us who haven't had surgery yet. Congrats!
  6. Tomorrow I have to have an upper endoscopy as one of my pre-surgical requirements. I'm so nervous! Has anyone had experience with this procedure and, if so, can you put my mind at ease? Please no horror stories until I'm done, OK? LOL
  7. Hi there. I "failed" a psych eval for WSL about two years ago. It ended up being a good thing. My bariatric surgery program has 2 dedicated psychologists. Even though much of their time is spent doing these evaluations, they are also therapists that specialize in working with patients who struggle with their weight. I asked the psychologist who evaluated me if she would take me on as a patient for regular therapy sessions, and even though her schedule is super busy, she squeezed me in and it has been life-changing. I now know that the reason that I didn't pass the eval was not because of depression (I actually do have depression, but it's been well-managed for years). It was because she could tell that I wasn't in the right head space for WSL and she worried that I would struggle to succeed post-op. It has been amazing working with someone who specializes in patients just like me, and I have learned so much. About three months ago, I came to the decision to start the process of preparing for WSL once again. My state of mind about it is completely different than it was two years ago, and I can now say with complete confidence that I'm ready for this. I met my surgeon a couple of weeks ago and he said that the psychologist recommended me highly for the procedure, and because of the work I did with her, I believe that I now have the tools for success. Although my detour lasted two years, it is entirely possible that you might be ready after just a couple of therapy sessions. Good luck, and don't get discouraged.
  8. Thank you all for your encouragement and fantastic advice. It's truly appreciated.
  9. Hi there, I am several months pre-op and met with my surgeon for the first time last week. We agreed that the sleeve was the way to go for me, and I'm feeling good about it. Unfortunately my insurance requires me to jump through a lot of hoops, and that has been really frustrating. I have to have 7 months of nutrition counseling prior to surgery (I've already completed 3) and I have a bunch of other stuff that needs to happen (psych eval, EGD, etc). All of it makes sense, and I'm totally fine doing it, but I am so nervous that I'm going to miss one little thing and have to go back and start over again. It is stressing me out! Sorry for the vent, especially while introducing myself. I'm really looking forward to the surgery. It can't come soon enough! ~Adrienne