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  1. Did you bring medications to the hospital ?

    I didn’t. My hospital specifically told me not to. They called me a few days before the surgery to go over my meds current meds with me and had them there for me post surgery. i will be thinking of you and wish you the very best for an uneventful surgery! Looking forward to hearing from you on the flip side.
  2. Thanks everyone. I admit that I’m a bit of an overachiever, but this step clearly can’t be rushed!
  3. Surgery moved up!

    The thing that I got the most use out of was a comfy robe. Best of luck tomorrow! We will be thinking of you!
  4. Hi guys. I’m just shy of a week post-op and I’ve been doing great. I’ve been out and about and walking, but today my energy level is hitting a wall. I have nothing left. How am I supposed to get my walking in?
  5. Thanks for keeping my seat warm!

    Hooray!! So glad to hear. Welcome to the loser’s bench! Still can’t believe I’m saying that myself, lol.
  6. Cardamom77's Surgery Date

    @Cardamom77, thinking of you as you prepare for your surgery tomorrow. Sending positive vibes your way. You’ll do great!
  7. Kristin (_withak)'s Surgery Date!

    Can’t wait to hear from you! You’ve been on my mind all day. Sending healing thoughts your way.
  8. Kristin (_withak)'s Surgery Date!

    I felt very much the same way. Totally zen. On the day of, every time I felt myself starting to get nervous, I would close my eyes, take a deep breath, and go back to the zen place. I also kept reminding myself that this was a choice that I made and I might as well go into it with positivity and optimism. I’m doing great! I was only in the hospital for one night. Got home on Thursday evening, slept a ton on Friday and took a short walk, and then yesterday I went to Target and today to a casino! I’m not saying that I was 100%. I’m feeling pretty weak and not moving so fast, but it’s amazing how much better I feel each day. I’m so excited for what’s ahead for you. Stay in the zen place and do everything your doctor tells you to. Best of luck tomorrow!!!!
  9. Kristin (_withak)'s Surgery Date!

    Thinking of you @kristinwitha_k. What time is your surgery tomorrow? How are you feeling? I know you’re going to do great, and am sending you lots of positive energy.
  10. Stairs after surgery?

    I didn’t end up having any issues with the stairs. In fact, I’ve been up and down a bunch of times since surgery.
  11. Hi y'all!

    It’s definitely uncomfortable, but walking is very helpful. It gets better each day. Three days out from my surgery and I barely have any gas pain at this point. You’ll get through it and be just fine!
  12. "Perfect 1 week check up" quoth my Dr!!!!

    Way to go!!!
  13. Hi y'all!

    Yes, I felt this way too. I had done the research and was extremely prepared and didn’t end up feeling nervous much at all.
  14. Hi y'all!

    Welcome @Lynn74! I am also in the November Club - I had my surgery this past Wednesday. You will find boundless support and advice here on TT. Looking forward to hearing from you as your journey progresses. Best of luck!