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  1. Welcome to the Bench! @Trish13 I'm happy to hear from you, sorry to hear about your struggles and glad you are home to relax and recover!
  2. @sweetstuff I was also concerned with how to handle the coworker situation as I have no interest in sharing in a professional environment. While I am at the beginning of the journey and have not lost anything noticeable, when/if the comments come I plan to say something similar to what @Cheesehead and @NerdyLady have suggested: My doctor advised me to make changes and I'm focusing on smarter, high protein choices. I wanted to be prepared for the comments as it lessened my anxiety about that part of the post-surgery journey - judgment, unsolicited opinions, etc. There was also a thread started by @Aussie H on rude comments when you get to the stage that people are asking if what you are doing is healthy, that you should stop losing, etc. They are worth a read as well!
  3. I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian (I consume eggs and dairy) as well and have had no problem with getting in protein. Of course, I'm only 3 weeks post-op so I have not lived 'the lifestyle' for a long time but I find that there are multiple options to get me to my protein goal. I second @CoTN comment on tracking in My Fitness Pal - I only started using that app after reading about it on this forum and am a complete convert! I'm only bummed that Jawbone is stopping their integration into the app as I could see my exercise efforts directly uploaded into my calories burned. I choose not to eat the higher carb protein sources (e.g., hummus, nuts, peanut butter, beans - think any vegetable that grows underground), but utilize egg whites, cheese, tofu, protein powders. If you have never experimented with tofu, please give it a go! Tofu can be so diverse - taking on the flavors of what you cook with - when you use the firm or silken varieties. Basic how to cook crispy tofu: 52 ways to use tofu:
  4. I have actually come to think of the TT Forum as what an AA meeting must be like. Ensuring that I check in at least 1x every 1-2 days keeps me on track and gives me the support I need to be informed, make the right decisions, handle any struggles of a new sleeve, etc. It helps to read the successes and challenges from such a wide variety of members.
  5. I'm doing great @CoTN! I actually had my first post-op appointment today. My surgeon normally sees his patients a week after surgery but the lucky man was on vacation so I opted to wait until he got back. He is pleased with my progress and cleared me for kayaking, scuba, biking, elliptical -- finally more than walking! And now that I have some compression garments, I'm not feeling the back pain or suture pulling that I did previously. AND I decided to take a solo road trip up to Martha's Vineyard in two weeks - a place I have never been. I'm feeling very lucky that my surgery and recovery has gone so well.
  6. My knee injury drove me to finally make the decision too @Mpierce. The idea had been hovering in the back of my mind for quite a while but my recovery post-microfracture knee surgery was severely derailed by the excess weight. It was then I realized how much more life I wanted to live and I needed to get this monkey off my back (make that about 8 monkeys), in order to live life to the fullest. I am about 2.5 weeks post-op now. I have no regrets and am filled with hope for my future.
  7. Great work Trish!
  8. Massaman Curry and Paneer Makhanwala were two of my favorite dishes pre-surgery @CoTN. I am on soft foods now and while I certainly could have them, I just am not interested. It's amazing how much my appetite is depleted. I have been making some dishes - tofu chorizo egg bake, ricotta bake, silken asian tofu. But each recipe I create, I eat maybe once or twice and realize I will be eating it for the next 4 meals! So I portion it into snack-sized ziplocs and shove it into the freezer! I'm going to need more ziplocs!
  9. They are thinking that commenting on weight (high or low) is one of the few areas still politically correct to weigh in on (pun unavoidable). Race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation are all topics our HR departments tell us are off limits so what's left? Fat and Thin shaming. Which is what I believe these questions on wasting away/being healthy are related to. I don't believe some people think its rude to tell someone they are fat. I think some believe they are doing a public service and/or a helpful intervention. There are also those that do consider fat comments rude but somehow believe comments on being thin are in a different category because everyone is 'dying' to be thin.
  10. Well I am here to report back @NerdyLady on my girdle bonanza! Never thought I would put those words together! So I was looking for a low cost support option for my panni and abdomen while I exercise. It needed to be a 3x as I am only recently post-op and am still in larger sizes. Results (brief version): Wal-mart Cupid Shapers were the winner! At $12 each, I ordered style 5445 (a high waist brief) and 5059 (a high waist short). They are TIGHT but do the support I need in order to exercise. I took them out for a test walk today and all systems go! Results (longer version for anyone interested): Leonisa - waist cinchers, $40 -80 Women Within - Secret Solutions ($25), Shaping Shorts ($30) Catherines - Serenada ($46) UnderArmour - no high waist shorts Target - Assets by Spanx $23-34, they don't offer size 7 (most equivalent to 3x) Kmart - Plus Body Shaper $14.40 (hard to find in stores and not available online) Old Navy - no high waist short, Compression capris ($30), bermudas ($27) Avenue - hi waist brief ($27), hi waist capri ($25) Spanx - higher power short ($38) Kohls - Maidenform ($28-31), Lunara ($30), Naomi & Nicole ($32)
  11. 'Relax and follow the rules' has got to be your mantra, slogan, tagline @Res Ipsa! Great words to live by. While normally I am one to question and challenge rules, which seems like you are headed there with me @MondelloMan92!!, this is one case where I have to stop and think: why question this or try to figure out something that has BEEN figured out? Why risk failing? I'll pass. You are a rock star so far Chris. ☆☆☆ Keep up the great work.
  12. I also quit the pain meds early on and did a lot of walking but I was gas pain free, which makes it a different scenario tgan others! I felt the water moving down and would have (and still do) some pain when I took too big of sips. You might try small sips of warmer fluids as I found them soothing. I can take more normal sips and all temps now (2 weeks post op). Hooray for your first post post-op! Looking forward to many more!
  13. A quick share on the theme of eating around those not 'in-the-know': I was at an all day workshop today where teams rotated through tasks to accomplish an overarching goal. I am newish to the region and one of the few in academia so I consider every moment a networking opportunity. At lunch it was even more important to sit together and talk/strategize/etc. over the supplied lunch. Sadly, it was not all pureed in accordance with my post-op diet (can you even imagine going to a buffet lunch and seeing an array of pureed options!!!??). I remembered what @Murk said " put a "normal" amount of food on my plate and nibble on a variety then throw out the rest." It goes against the Clean Plate Club but that's exactly what I did (although I nibbled only on a grape tomato and a slice of cucumber) but tossed my napkin on top of the still full plate of penne and continued on with my networking. It's funny how we can be anxious about something but it ends up working out just fine. No one called me out (although I had an answer prepared). No one made a fuss. And I've never chewed a slice of cucumber so much in my life!!
  14. @Jen581791 Happy early BDAY!! And look at you almost in one-derland! (isn't that what the 100s are called?) I was a bit curious about how the alcohol 'thing' would work post-op. My drink of choice was a vodka tonic and with the tonic out of the picture, I switched to dirty martinis. Mind you I haven't had any since my surgery (just 2 weeks post-op for me), but pre-op I gave up some of the surgeon no-nos such as straws and carbonation so I have already 'switched' to martinis over tonic. I have two good friends who are sleeved and one drinks bubbles and one does not. I think, as most have suggested, it is personal tolerance and you adherence to the diet (protein first! drink that water! etc, etc, etc) that are most important.
  15. @Rubysmommy If pizza is what you might crave, when you get to your pureed food stage try making a Ricotta Bake although minus the mozzarella as it not pureed. I added unflavored Unjury to the sauce to up the protein but the flavors were explosive on my tongue after the full liquid stage!