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  1. 100% agreement on this. I remember @Aussie H posting something similar not too long ago. You are doing great, are healthy and can chase that monkey better than ever.
  2. The only one I haven't been able to find in order to try is Key Lime. I think I've tried the rest.
  3. That's so great @Trish13. You are right that telling more people can mean more support. I am lucky that I found TT to get the support boost I need as having no local support can be rough. I love that you are being a WLS surgery advocate - even as you deal with TPN! Sending a squshy hug your way!
  4. Congrats @NerdyLady! Who cares if it was vanity sizing!!! Tear that tag out and sew it on the outside for all to see! I hear you on the before and after photos. I took them (and measurements) wearing a sports bra and shorts. Right now they are for my own purposes but maybe someday I will post. And only until recently did I have photos of me in normal social situations. Ironically one of the final catalysts getting me to set my first bariatric surgery appointment was an incredibly unflattering photo sent to me by a friend. I was making a goofy face (as per usual) but my body was in profile. Profile for a fat person is like death. I was disgusted and shocked. Wear the size 10's with a smile!! Perhaps this calls for a new celebratory tshirt saying...
  5. I really, really have a hard time saying congrats on the return of Aunt Flo, for the obvious reasons and also because post-surgery she has been visiting me every other week , but I do understand the sentiments. Its an amazing feeling to know you are already reversing the damage done to your body. Hooray for Scale and Non Scale Victories alike!
  6. I had some social functions at work just 2 weeks or so after surgery - some round table discussions at lunch, where you're all just kind of staring at each other. I think you overestimate how much other people are noticing what is on your plate. Your friend may have noticed because it was small dinner party but this sounds like it will be larger. If buffet, minimize bare space on the plate by spreading out salad or schmearing foods (highly technical process of making a thin layer of food on plate rather than a mound). Who did I watch on YouTube that created the mashed potato cave and hid food inside? I really do think you'll be surprised at how little people are focused on it - its those that have had WLS who have been obsessed with food afterall.
  7. It's a deeply personal choice that I think is mostly dependent on your ability to tolerate other people's responses. If you've got a thick skin or are good at deflecting additional comments or conversation derailment to the diet-plan-comparison, it likely won't phase you to be open. I (unfortunately) have skin as thin as an over ripe tomato. I have told zero people locally and have long distance support from my parents, my brother and my four closest friends (two of which had VSGs). I posted a response in my blog entry 'Double Take' about coming out of the closet with other things in addition to WLS. Much like @Trish1967, I am more open here but I have found that it has been very liberating to come out on other personal issues in real life. Yeah, its no one's business, but only when those that can be strong and step into the light do just that, can the stigma begin to fade and others can be guided towards help, a new way of thinking, less judgement, more understanding, etc. Are my rose-colored glasses showing? Not to mention my closet can only hold so much. For me adding in WLS just means something else has to be aired out. I hope to eventually have an empty closet but I'm going to need to learn to deflect some questions and comments, be patient about some questions and grow thicker skin. I admire those that have empty closets.
  8. Guilty.
  9. @Jen581791 I was on the GNC website today and used their chat function to try and find out which Oh Yeah bars they had individually for sale (rather than the whole box). The person who I was chatting with said he didn't know the store inventory but could place any order directly with him and at a 15% discount. I'm not sure if this is usual or was because he couldn't answer my question but it might be worthwhile for you to go online first and see if you can get a discount! @CJireh Great idea! I'll be sure to take a photo before I take it to the food bank. I've mostly purchased canned meat or peanut butter although there are some grains and beans in there from when I cleaned out my closet post-surgery. Having volunteered at the food bank for a few years, I know that they are mostly in need of the protein rather than canned veggies or cranberry sauce (NO ONE wants the cranberry sauce in their cabinets and we always have too much - even if we made Thanksgiving dinner in the soup kitchen every week!). Yes, definitely check out the Lantern Fest - here is a link for the group that organized mine but I am sure there are others:
  10. @2thfairy Vent away!! As a fellow New Jersian (not by birth but by current location), I can understand placing the husband at the top of list with the drivers. Irritation can come in waves based on how much protein you've gotten in and how you feel you are coping on an everyday basis. We all know men who like to be praised for the tasks that women do on an everyday basis without recognition. And when you start to feel that irritation see if you can't take a walk and get some space,. If you aren't able to, just realize you may blow (that built up irritation has to go somewhere!). It might be helpful to establish some new guidelines for the household (with effusive praise for the small tasks - seriously, I do not even know how many times I had to say thank you for taking out the trash!) but this is not only a big change for you, it is a change for everyone. Take a deep breath, you've got this!!
  11. Congrats on all of the achievements @Jen581791. And what beautiful photos - even if you did tease us with your musings on re-emerging in your photographic history but left us with no more photos of your smiling face! Regarding the wardrobe crisis - consider loose pants or skirts with drawstrings. Those have been the most forgiving in my wardrobe as the material is designed to look nice, even with gathering. And the other option is to start belting dresses to get a few more wears out of them. I had never before in my life considered throwing a belt over an outfit (especially since it seemed to emphasize my problematic belly area) but it really ends up drawing the eye in above the waist. What a good problem to have! Keep enjoying the honeymoon!
  12. Today I volunteered at an Ironman race. Part of the volunteer perk was a free t-shirt and when I requested the largest size they had (XXL), I resigned myself to doing a frantic stretching so I could breathe in it before hitting the transition area where I was helping. The coordinator gave me the XXL and I slipped it over the t-shirt I was wearing - with room to spare! Maybe I could have even gotten an XL!!??
  13. Great news! So happy it worked for yoy! Keep up the great work and positive attitude.
  14. Congrats on the all clear Jen!!
  15. You look great! And what a fantastic way to celebrate!