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  1. F-O-U-R

    @BurgundyBoy the picture you paint is beautiful. Nature is completely where I recharge and yes, we are out of season for any outdoor horticulture although today it was 72. I'm trying hard for self-care - have upped the meditation and beach walks, but a woman can only handle so much. And today I was just disgusted with all my flabby extra skin. I mean, I have fully expected it from the beginning, but I can't handle the rashes and itching and smell. Yuck. Okay, and to be honest the visual of that flabby skin is not at all beautiful no matter how I tried to prepare myself. Not what I need when I've been beaten down. Which is what I'm feeling from work. My colleagues are supportive (which is great) but have no first-hand advice to give as I am the one to boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before. Yay me. I *know* I have survived worse. I *know* I am strong and on this remarkable journey post-WLS. I can list the positives that come as a result of that flabby skin. I am self-aware enough to know that this too shall pass.....and all that other happy horse sh*t. LOL @NerdyLady I am channeling you in my rant and pout and grumble. Since I know you always emerge so positive and supportive from your rants, I hope I can be as good as you.
  2. F-O-U-R

    @Jen581791 I'm not going to lie, I googled adult hobbies because I think I need more than the exercise too. I was trying to learn French with the Duolingo app but honestly, my brain gets fried from my work so I wanted something relaxing and artful - stimulate the other side of my brain! When I was younger I knitted and did cross stitch. I've done glass blowing and pottery. I pretty much dabble in what piques my interest and master none of it! @CJireh I saw your update and your date CJ!!! How exciting! @Trish13 and I will have to plan a visit to take you out for your first official mushy food experience! @Gretta Not quite at -100 but I feel it for month 5! It will feel doubly great to get rid of this 100 lbs of food piled in my kitchen as a donation to the food bank! Thanks for you votes of support - it means so much when you chime in with your encouragement and wisdom.
  3. F-O-U-R

    F - riends O - verwhelmed U - nderwater R - est I can't believe I'm at the four month mark and circling in on the 100 lb loss milestone! I'm hoping to hit that in month 5 - new goal! I tried to add some high impact cardio to my routine and my knee quickly put the kibosh on that - waaaay too much pain and I'm not risking another fracture. I'll keep with my normal cardio and weights - which are going well and giving me a great high after every hard workout. I'm having fun finding new ways to push myself athletically, while also not compromising my knee. The routine will change again soon now that winter is coming! This month brought a much needed visit from my friend - with lots of misbehaving. But really, and the reason this update is one day late (which kills my perfectionist, Type A personality!) is that I have been completely overwhelmed at work. Not only with the normal work responsibilities but some emotionally charged situations at work, which is draining. No one seems to know how to handle the situation as it works up the administrative chain and I feel as though I am fending for myself, which is not a great feeling. Now that my coping mechanism of pizza is no longer an option, I found myself tempted to cope in other ways, like a glass of scotch. This is a slippery road - not because I (or my family) has ever had a problem with alcohol, but because those are empty calories I don't really want. Yes, part of the misbehaving with my friend was crafting a new cocktail (a Moscow mule martini!), which we enjoyed while she was here. But she and I both are well aware of the risks of addiction transfer. You see, both my friend and her partner had VSG 3 years ago and her partner transferred her food addiction to alcohol. I have seen the strain this has put on their relationship, the pain they both have experienced and I am happy they have endured through the struggle and I will be officiating their wedding in May. (Yay! ) And really, once someone such as myself who has been eating about 700 calories a day has a scotch, the propensity to 'graze' in the fridge or cupboards is real. So, while I am not going to toss my extensively curated scotch collection, I did decide to start coping in better ways - sunrise walks on the beach, meditation, more time on the elliptical. For those of you that may be struggling with addiction transfer to alcohol or drugs post-WLS, or even have the concern given your own personal family health history, address those issues as soon as possible. Don't be afraid to ask for help. And for those of you who struggled to find an alternative coping mechanism, like me, please feel free to comment below with what has been working for you! What new stress/anxiety coping mechanisms have you developed post-WLS? Let's share the resources with each other. Sunrise at the lifeguard shack Underwater is what I have been for the past week. Yes, in the figurative sense like I mention above but also physically in the chilly 66 degree waters. As I mentioned in a previous post, I tried on a wetsuit that had haunted the back of my closet for years and it fit!! It's a 7mm thickness and the thicker the wetsuit, the more warmth you keep but the less mobility you have. I swear, suited up I felt like Randy in his snowsuit from A Christmas Story. I would rather have a few layers of thinner suits than deal with the restriction of the thicker suit, but the freezing waters and duration of time I would be exposed dictated it was finally necessary to wear the suit. With my weight loss, the suit was infinitely easier to get on. I like to think my reward was the amazing sunset I saw while out on the boat (note: I only wish that was my boat). It provided a much needed mental rest, which is necessary before I charge back into the week. This next month brings a week long trip for two conferences where I will be seeing some folks I have not seen in 2 years and "Friendsgiving" - hosting Thanksgiving for a group of friends. What's this vegetarian eating? Trying a new Vega plant protein (not nearly as bad as previous experience), OhYeah! ONE Almond Bliss, LightLife veggie Italian sausage and chorizo, cottage cheese, eggs and cheese, soup with a scoop of GenePro unflavored protein What I'm not eating? Lot's of stuff - keeping with the high protein, low carb keto-ish diet so no breads, pastas, beans, etc. What foods I miss? As mentioned, I craved some pizza for coping last week but vaulted over that hurdle. Still no appetite or temptation from other foods but I am also in my final week of my Africa meds - which were very effective at killing my appetite.
  4. Aunt Flo is Visiting Too Frequently!!

    Sorry I've been swamped and not on the forum the past few weeks so just getting back now. I track my periods using the free Flo app and according to my graphs, my cycles were 28-30 days pre-surgery with an average 4 day period. Post surgery, my period was still 4 days but 20 days, 14 days, 21 days and 27 days. So it was only frequent for a few months. I had researched the cup and was open to it but it is not compatible with an IUD, which I am currently fighting with my insurance company to get the copper Paraguard rather than the hormonal Mirena. I could use the cup now but would need to switch back to tampons if I can ever get the hormone-free birth control I want.
  5. @bellamoma I was in West Africa in May and was with a young man who was clearly wearing a US castoff, his shirt said "I'm in Miami B*tch". Lol, he had no idea what it said but liked the bright colors.
  6. No periods, return after wls?

    My situation is a bit different in that I had regular periods - almost like clockwork - and post-WLS I have gotten them on average every 2 weeks. So, for these first 4 months or so, I have had increased frequencies of menstruation. This does make sense as estrogen is being released and no longer stored in fat. Neither my gyno nor bariatric surgeon (and his nurses) have been able to estimate when this will stop. Joy.
  7. R.I.P.

    @BurgundyBoy my folks have a 'retro' scale like that and boast about its accuracy while never needing a battery or fancy body fat calculations. I agree on $$ not necessarily equating to more accurate results. I'll have to look for one. Not that I weighed myself every day, but it feels weird not to have weighed in over a week...
  8. FINISHED!!!

    Congrats @CJireh!! Such an exciting feeling - now hurry up and wait! I would love to organize a Philly meetup - if anyone else is in the area besides CJ, @Trish13 and I, just chime in!
  9. R.I.P.

    Thanks for the recommendation @TammyP! I started looking on Amazon and I got distracted by all of the options! I don't know what I did before Amazon and 2-day Prime!
  10. 8 month surgiversary

    Fabulous - how is it that you actually look like you are standing taller by the end of the series? Is it easier to post these photos now since you 'broke the seal' with the first series posting? Even if you didn't post the photos - I'm sure looking at them helps reinforce the wins.
  11. Two truths and a lie.

    @NerdyLady and @Karimeaway - Happy Birthday to the kiddos today! I hope everything goes smoothly for you both (as smoothly as kids parties can go, right?). I'm sure you will conquer any and all challenges headed your way!
  12. Catching up

    @Kio Thank you for such an honest post about your approach. I think you are right on the money with the strategies folks use for that first chunk of time when they are back on solid foods. I can see how allowing one bite of a trigger food is a daunting obstacle and how it might be best to avoid the triggers until you feel stronger in your choices. I second (or is it third) Jen and BB's comments about cultivating a habit of honestly tracking. I have been faithful with My Fitness Pal, even if it is for 6 almonds as Jen notes. As a further measure, if you commit to being honest in your tracking, share it with Leah (or here!) so that you have additional accountability if you think that might help. I have been thinking about doing that myself for both food and exercise. Keep up the great work Kio! So excited to see you being so mobile.
  13. R.I.P.

    You have been both my friend and my enemy. I have doubted your honesty yet relied on you in many ways to tell me the brutal truth. In times of failure, and there were many, I blamed you and you took the blame stoically. In times of success, and there were many more of these lately, you were there to celebrate with me. It is perhaps these most recent times that I will remember most fondly. You went from used and abused to a vital part of my everyday life. The power you had over me is not gone but you will live on in your replacement. R. I. P. Bathroom Scale 2005-2017 Anyone care to suggest a replacement brand? We need precision AND accuracy here folks!
  14. I hit the 100 lb loss mark this morning!

    Congrats @Dtrain84!!! It must be a great feeling.
  15. Eat, or toss?

    What's funny is that I just tried these the other day and enjoyed them! They made me think of @BurgundyBoy and his quest for the crunch. I enjoyed them bc the flavor (BBQ) wasn't too bad and was a welcome savory experience after so many sweet caramel, vanilla, chocolate, etc shakes.