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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah thank you I'm sooooooooooooooo excited!!!
  2. My HOLY MOLY Moment!!!

    Ooooooooooooooooh you are doing so great great great great!!! How great for you!!
  3. BCBS Approval

    I'm so sorry it took me so long to respond . I can't believe my surgery date is Tuesday, December 12th!!! It's almost surreal seeing all that above that I wrote. I thought so much differently. I can't even think of the last time I ate when u was not hungry. I've lost almost 50 pounds in my own. All from nutritional counseling you know... The counseling I was trying to AVOID HAHAHA! My nutritionist is amazing and has almost helped me the same way a psychiatrist would. I'm not even close to that little freaked out person above. Haha. Every thing all of you said was TRUE. What is actually even funnier is when I'm reading about how people post op are cheating and eating what the want instead of what they need. Gosh, I sure hope they find it somewhere to learn about nutrition. These surgeons are experts. Listening to them is key. I'm not going to break rules constantly and brag about it. Ever. Blows my mind that these every day folks are acting like they know more than the doctors who are trying to help them. It all starts with us. And how much we want to be healthy and actually admit that we don't have all the answers. Surrender is a huge part in this. By admitting I've got no idea how to handle my obesity on my own is half the battle. I can't wait to start being healthier. I'm not trying to be ugly. It's just scary that there are so many posts about how you don't have to stick to the diet set forth by your doctor. Oy. Eeeep. That just sounds scary to me. Haha. But if they are still having results then what do I know. Ha.
  4. Oh my GAWD. OK. Let the honesty begin. I remember in June asking this question. Then you guys were like "oh it's no big deal, the time will fly, you'll learn a lot." I wanted to strangle each and every one of you. I wanted the surgery then. That day. I didn't need counseling. I was ready. I, in no way, was ready for it. The nutritional counseling was amazing and continues after the surgery. I learned so much. I rarely deal with head hunger. You guys were SPOT ON. The time FLEW BY! And I lost 40 pounds. Thank you so much for being patient with my struggles. I cannot wait until next Tuesday. Surgery date 12-12 gotta be some luck in that. Lol Again thanks guys. You know what you are talking about!
  5. I just started on this journey and was told by a wonderful user named Michael that there is something called "head hunger". I had never heard of it before yesterday. My dietitian told me about it. I thought "that is what that forum guy talked about!!!!" NOW I get it. And I have it REALLY BAD. I almost NEVER eat when I am hungry. Ever. I am always full, because my head hunger has taken care of that. I am trying to identify triggers. And I am having a REALLY tough time. It comes on SO quickly. Just a "OOOOH....there is ___ in the fridge....." or "OOOH I wonder what is in the kitchen?" It is not a certain thing that I am noticing when it happens. (so far - I have only tried spotting the patterns for one day). This seems like a tough thing to handle. I quit smoking on my own. I quit hard drugs in my 20s with a $5,000/week coke addiction - by myself. But I got educated and realized certain places and people were non negotiables. I had to realize that triggers were to be dealt with certain ways and head them off at the pass. How can you defeat something you have no idea where it lives or will pop up next? This is harder than anything I have faced, yet. Tips? Tricks? Hell, catching this critter that lives in my brain will help me so much in this journey and will ensure making certain I don't regain the weight after I lose it. Once you get used to these ridiculous (normal) portions - does the head hunger subside? Does the increase of protein shut that thing up? This little sprite that is attached to me is STRONG. And it talks to me all of the time - oooh they are eating cookies - you can have one. (when I know damn well I will have 5, hiding them under a napkin so no one sees how much I eat) Like right now I *think* I am hungry. How do I know if this is real or if I am making myself think I am hungry? I have a GREAT imagination and swear I have thought I was hungry before and it went away. UGH!!! Did any of you feel this daunted when you started? Oy.......
  6. BCBS Approval

    Thank you so much for your comments! OMG Michael!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you - gave me a lot of information. I am sorry it took me so long to respond. I had a HUGE response then my phone reloaded the page and boop - gone! I had my dietitian visit yesterday. And you guys are SO right. I am nowhere near ready. I do not understand portions I have NO idea what kind of and how much protein to eat. I would regain the weight back because ALL of my eating is HEAD HUNGER!!! My head hunger and portion control is my problem. Shoot - in this 6 months if I can get control of that, I may not even need the surgery. I NEVER eat when I am hungry. EVER. I never get a chance to GET hungry. I am going to lurk around on this forum and find the area that talks about head hunger and see what input I can get. I cannot find a trigger at all. It is almost as if it is a fleeting, yet very demanding - GO EAT- and then - bo, bip, boop, I toddle off to the break room at work or kitchen at home - mindlessly- with 500+ calories in the form of a "protein" (in reality CANDY) bar and some package of overly salted (mmmm...salt) nuts. "Healthy" snacks in the break room. Yeah, right. I just threw out all of the impulse foods at home. Last night when my first GO EAT hit - I was PISSED. Hahahaha!!!
  7. BCBS Approval

    Insurance (BCBS Texas ANTHEM) came back in two days and said that I needed to complete 6 months of diet monitored by a doctor or dietician, a psych evaluation and that's it. Is this considered a pre-approval? And if so...6 months? How is the fact that I have been on a diet since I was 12 and am now 41 not enough? What should I think now? What is there to expect? I have an appointment with my gp tomorrow morning to see if she will back me at all since I just dished out $400 on Qsymia in March and April (which did absolutely nothing) and have kept a food journal for the last year almost daily. Can you get around that requirement? Why would they do that? Is a BMI of 43 not enough? Please lemme know your thoughts! I sure wish I had your requirements! Brandi