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  1. Well, it will be awesome if it is true - but as of right now it's the opposite of awesome. The assistant who called me yesterday is out of the office today. The assistant covering for her only has "read" access to the calendar - and as of this moment my surgery is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 25. It it will be super annoying if I'm now locked in to that date. The assistant today thinks that's an error, and asked if I would be ok with August 25th - YES - but nothing can be resolved until Flighty!assistant gets back tomorrow. I guess September wouldn't be the end of the world, but so many people have made plans based on the end of August - including my workplace and my roomies' workplace - that it would be a big deal to change it now. The only upside is, if it really is September 25, I'll DEFINITELY be under 300 at surgery time!
  2. Parm crisps are something I can't put down, either. Cracking up at your description! I've had to just put these out of my life forever, but damn, they're good.
  3. Yiiiiikes. I'm out of the country on vacation, and I got two voicemails from my surgeon's office today - just found them. They're both from the slightly flighty assistant to my surgeon. The first one says they need to move my surgery from "Tuesday the 28th to the Monday before," which.... ok, my surgery is actually currently on MONDAY the 28th, so.... what??? The second one says they need to move my surgery to the Friday before, "So, 9/25." But there is no Friday the 25th in September. There is, however, one in August. Hopefully she isn't moving my surgery a month LATER to some undisclosed date! So my surgery is moving up, PROBABLY to Friday, 8/25. I'll find out for sure tomorrow. If so, that will mean my 2-week pre-op diet is moving up to 8/11 - which is just a few days after I get back from this vacation. Yeep! So much for my settling-in time... straight to the protein shakes for me! It's also going to make it a lot harder to get to my under-300 secret goal. Hmf.
  4. Into every vacation a little emergency dentistry must fall - that's what my mama taught me. I was snarfing down a square of superdark chocolate (one of my few dietary indulgences for this vacation) when something went CLACK in my mouth, and the crown of my 5-year-old implant popped out. I saved it, jammed it back in, found a dentist on the internet, and got a friend to drive me there, all in half an hour. I could have driven myself, but with an unseated implant and visions of pain for the rest of the week in my head, I didn't trust myself to remember to stay on the left side of the road. The dentist was awesome. They were able to take me immediately, and when I got there I went straight in. The dentist had two assistants, and they were all super friendly, and took great care of me. The implant was back in and cemented on in minutes, painlessly, and the dentist explained everything step by step. The total cost was less than I'd pay for a cleaning at my regular dentist's office in the States. The crown came out at 3:30 and was back in by 4pm, so it was just a tiny blip in an overall beautiful, relaxing day. I spent a little too much time in the sun and got a little toasted around the edges, but also played a lot with my friends' kids (and reaffirmed my choice not to have my own - omg so tired!). We're all about to pile into cars and head back to the local seafood place for dinner. I'm thinking possibly the garlic shrimp, this time. (Also - sorry for the double post last time, that was a bit weird!)
  5. Day 2 on the beach - or rather, 1.5, since we only had a few hours of beach time on arrival day. Still, we got in the water, so it counts. Today I've spent probably 4 hours in the water already, and it's just 3 o'clock. I may be all watered out for the rest of the day, but if an after dinner swim time happens, I'll probably be down for it. There was a lovely view from the restaurant where we had dinner, and where I was restrained - grilled red snapper and steamed veggies, all lovely. Plus, I made a new friend! And now, it's just about time for a nap. Vacation should be for ALWAYS.
  6. Day 2 on the beach - or rather, 1.5, since we only had a few hours of beach time on arrival day. Still, we got in the water, so it counts. Today I've spent probably 4 hours in the water already, and it's just 3 o'clock. I may be all watered out for the rest of the day, but if an after dinner swim time happens, I'll probably be down for it. There was a lovely view from the restaurant where we had dinner, and where I was restrained - grilled red snapper and steamed veggies, all lovely. Plus, I made a new friend! And now, it's just about time for a nap. Vacation should be for ALWAYS.
  7. My laundry is done, my bags are packed, my teeth are brushed, and my bed is waiting. There's a fluffy little bunny of a cat waiting in it for me. Xander is 17 and the single creature I love most in life, and it's breaking my heart to leave him for a week. But he's healthy (if mouthy), and we have a housesitter/petsitter who will be staying in the house for the week, and everything should be fine. I'm just going to miss the hell out of this cat. Here he is in all his adorable glory, preventing me from working with his menacing glare. I'm finding it super hard to go to sleep - I never sleep well before I travel. Tomorrow is just a train ride to NYC, then a night hanging out with friends before we fly out on Saturday. I'm already dreading about a billion things, but really looking forward to the pool and the beach. My list of doom includes: Walking miles of airport on bad knees and feet ...while carrying a heavy laptop backpack and pulling a roller suitcase Fitting into an airplane seat (and worrying about whether my seatbelt extender, which I stole from United a couple of years ago, will work on a different brand of plane, so I don't have to ask for one (and be embarrassed (again)) Will I end up sitting next to someone who's grossed out by fat people? Will tomorrow night's bed situation be comfortable? Unlikely, unless it's changed from the last time I stayed there. Will the week's bed situation be comfortable? One of the things I hate the most about being fat is being so eternally preoccupied with my own comfort. Almost everything IS uncomfortable for me, and almost nobody but me and my dearest friends actually cares. I'm always wondering how much pain I'll be in after any given activity. 3 hours on a plane is no different. But hey - at least it's going to be bracketing days and days on a lovely white beach with blue water and days and days of absolutely NOTHING to bother my pretty little head about. August 28 (surgery day) can't come soon enough for me.
  8. Thanks for the advice and well wishes! I'm totally going to blog this vacation I think. Stay tuned for pics!
  9. Today is my last day home before I'm off to Turks & Caicos for 6 beautiful sunny days on the beach! I'm posting mainly for accountability. I'm down to 308 today, which is 47 lbs lost since meeting my surgeon. My surgery is on August 28th, and my BFF tells me, "I put in for vacation days - so you're definitely having surgery!" My secret goal of getting to 299 pre-surgery seems like it's in reach. 8-9 lbs in 30 days - I can do that! So I don't want to screw up at this point. The island has basically one great restaurant, an ice cream shop, and a grocery store. My big plan: Stay high protein, low carb, and alcohol-free (I'm not a drinker, so that part at least won't be a problem) Buy groceries and cook for ourselves about 80% of the time Swim like, ALL THE TIME Walk a lot on the beach The house we're renting has a pool, and I intend to make a lot of use of it! My main barrier to exercise swimming has been other people seeing me swimming - but since it's going to be me, five close girlfriends, and 2 kids under 6, that's not going to be an issue. With luck and a little discipline I hope to come back from vacation a pound or two lower than when I leave. I'm back in the US on the 7th and have a check-in appointment with my surgeon on the 14th (he was a little concerned about the effects of a vacation so close to surgery), and I basically want him to be blown away by my progress and dedication, so he resolves to do his very best workon me, lol! My big concern is my sense of entitlement while on vacation. I have this tendency to "deserve" things I shouldn't have. I'm pretty sure my brain is going to tell me I deserve carbs on top of sunny beaches and blue water. So I'm prepping myself with some mature counterpoints like: "OMG you're already so lucky to be on the beach, in flip flops, and not at work! You have no pets to feed today! That's what you deserve, and you have it, so shut up!" If I'm going to be posting rambly whatevers like this, maybe I should figure out the blogging tool.... I'll have access to the internet and my iphone, so maybe I could even post some pics... Edit: PS - NSV - today I can wrap my fingers all the way around my wrist, and they meet on the other side.
  10. Kind of an SV and an NSV - I hadn't stepped on the scale in a few days (saw a low number, didn't want to see a higher one just in case my weight wobbled!) and this morning, I was down 4 lbs from the low weight just three days ago. But the cool thing - gents, look away if you must - I also started my period. \o/ I'm a little past babymaking, and never wanted to anyway, but it's nice to know I'm not in menopause yet. My doc has said all along that I wasn't - but it's good to see proof. And it matches the weight loss, because I used to always see a downward wooosh when my period started.
  11. Thanks, Res! I hope I can make it too. I missed the last one because I had to be on an IV (I have an autoimmune thing, nothing scary but I have to have a two-day infusion every 6 weeks.) Usually I can schedule around it, but my nurse has kids and had a lot going on that week, so she didn't have any flexibility. It sounds like a great time, though, and I wish I could have made it!
  12. My BFF (who is super supportive, no worries there) said "You could probably do this without the surgery" - but you know, not really. I've done this before, I get to a certain point, and I bounce right back up again. I've been down to 270 on my own and no further. I don't think I could stand to get that far again and bounce up AGAIN. I'd probably just give up and dedicate my life to Mike & Ike and cool ranch doritos. So surgery it is, and though I'm pretty scared of it, I really am pretty determined. I can already feel a difference in how easy it is for me to get around. The thought of being able to actually be active again, run and jump and swim and all the fun stuff I've been missing out on because my body just can't handle it - that's what's keeping me going! Like you, I hope I'll know my final goal weight when I see it. I chose 170 basically because it's a round number lower than the math says I should be able to get (those lovely "average excess weight loss" numbers). It's also about what my BFF weighs, and I think she looks great. 145 would be "normal BMI" for me; 192 is as low as the calculators say I can get from my start of 355. If I use my current weight as my "start weight" the calculator goes down to 181. But I've seen a lot of people on these forums and others who have beaten their odds, and I'm hoping with enough dedication, I can too. (also... yeah, "truth elasticity" - that's what I'll go with! =D)
  13. Yesterday I coughed up $450 for the rest of my program fee, and if I'm going to spend that much money, I'm not going to NOT go through with it. So I guess I'm in! August 28 felt really far away last week; this week it feels SUPERCLOSE. I'm excited and petrified. My 2-week pre-op diet starts August 14, and it's not really much different from the way I'm eating right now (here, if anyone's interested). That's when it's going to start feeling REALLY real, though, even if it isn't a big change. I'm down 39 lbs now from my weight at my first appointment in early May. Just under 2 months and 16 pounds to my secret goal of getting to or under 300 by my surgery date. I'm no longer 100% sure I can make it, since the pre-surgery diet isn't all that different from what I'm doing now. But I'm going to get pretty damn close!
  14. Pre-adventure - I love that! Best of luck, sounds like you have the right attitude.