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  1. I meant to try that all through my pre-op period, but never got around to it. Sounded great though!!
  2. The butter chicken was awesome - I ate two small pieces, each about the size of my thumb, and a single piece of broccoli. So, mission accomplished, and I don't feel overstuffed. It's still baffling to me how I can do that while my friends are eating a bowl of broccoli and a bowl of chicken with rice - and they finish first! But I feel totally satisfied. It's just weird. Good, but weird. I I would absolutely love chicken tikka masala from the crockpot - would you be willing to share the recipe? I tried some from our usual Indian place, thinking what used to make one meal for me would make four - but the chicken was too tough and I ended up throwing the whole thing away. If I can make it in the crockpot that won't be an issue - though I will have to fight Leah off, as she IS a fan! Kind bars are still a little beyond me - I feel like they'd be too hard to eat - but I've been eating Quest protein bars. They're good and easy to kind of smush to liquid with my teeth. Glad you like the decorations! The neighborhood is great - lots of families with kids in trick-or-treating age, so we have a pretty steady run of visitors on Hallowe'en. It's a blast!
  3. Hard to believe almost 6 weeks gone since surgery! It feels like it happened yesterday. But here I am - done with all my "special" diet periods and into my permanent Stage 4 as of yesterday! Not that I've actually eaten anything reserved for Stage 4 yet - I'm still mostly eating the same old stuff. Chicken (dark meat because it's easier), cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese... I've started eating cottage cheese with fruit in it, so that's something! And the occasional protein bar, though it takes me two separate meals to eat just one. Plus, they're almost not worth the trouble - Sadie (the doggo) likes them better than I do, and she is a dedicated beggar. (Same with the cheese, really...) Some things reserved for Stage 4 include steak, ground beef... basically any meat that isn't chicken, and all shellfish. Other things like pasta, doughy bread, rice, are not precisely forbidden, but not encouraged. And I'm planning to avoid all of them anyway. (Funny story: Leah had cheese and whole wheat crackers yesterday for her very nutritious dinner. After she was done there was like, a crumb of cracker with a bit of cheese on it on her plate, and I very daringly ate it. I felt ready to join a biker gang after that - I was living dangerously! That cracker crumb was my first solely carb food since surgery.) What I'm actually looking forward to - what I'm going to try tonight - is a meal consisting of more than one food item. A friend is coming over this evening, and she's making Indian butter chicken; we are supplying broccoli. I'm going to eat at least one tiny broccoli crown alongside the chicken if it kills me. I know it's a weird thing to be craving, but broccoli was a staple in my pre-op weight loss plan, and I really miss it! Plus, fiber. Fiber is good! In other news, I'm doing pretty well here in month two. I'm just a week or so in, and I've lost 8 lbs (down to 273 \o/). I've been doing a ton of walking - in fact, yesterday I totally overdid it: I know that can't compete with what some of you people are doing, but that is definitely the longest time and distance I've been on my feet since I was like... ten. I was inspired by my new sneakers, which arrived at around 2pm - they're Scarpa approach sneakers, and they feel awesome - they're so comfortable! Definitely the best walking shoes I've ever owned. (Link: They're a little hot pink, nothing to be done about it, but I still found them worth it. Leah has had a pair for a year now and she loves hers too.) One thing that is becoming harder and harder for me to deal with is not knowing whether I'll have dumping syndrome. I just really want to know! I'm not sure why I'm obsessing about this; maybe I just want to know if it's a crutch I can lean on if/when head hunger gets the best of me. But the only way to test it out is to eat something with sugar, and I don't even know how much sugar I would need to eat, and what if that triggered a craving? I don't want to risk it. But I want to know! Ugh. Curiosity kills the Kio, they say - right? Beyond that curiosity, I haven't had any trouble resisting things that are bad for me. Mostly I'm just trying to get in enough protein each day. In spite of an interesting meal where I ate 5.3 oz of cottage cheese (my guess is I ate it so slowly part of it had digested before I finished), I still have trouble getting in more than 2-3 oz of food at a time normally. I can't handle the shakes anymore - they're just gross, far too sweet and I'm so sick of them I can't stand it, plus they are now hit or miss in terms of whether they stay down or come back up. That means I'm forced into many small meals throughout the day to get what I need without getting "full". 2 oz of yogurt here, 2 oz of cottage cheese there, an egg over here... half a protein bar over there.... And in between I have to drink, drink, drink to get my water in. So with all that going on, plus three calcium chews a day... I feel like I am constantly putting something in my stomach. It would be awesome if some of it could be a vegetable now and then... but I know the pouch will loosen up a bit eventually and I'll be able to eat them eventually! (If you all knew me before surgery, you'd laugh at me mourning vegetables... so not the type!) In non-weight loss news, I've also been doing a lot of decorating, and pre-decorating, for Hallowe'en. Hallowe'en is kind of a big deal around my house! It's not even about food - it's 100% about putting on a good show for the kids in the neighborhood. Every year I make window decorations for all the front windows (6 of them) and the front door. This year I'm also doing the back doors (2 french doors) and carving a pumpkin. And we're having a potluck for a bunch of friends on Saturday, so I need everything done by then, and it all needs to look as good inside as it does outside. So there's a LOT to do. I'll close this out with a sample of this year's lower front windows - the only ones I've done so far: Outside: Inside: I'm particularly fond of the spider. And I kind of like the inside better than the outside for this one.
  4. For me the lifesaver was a charger with an extra long cord for my phone. I thought I'd be too tired/out of it in the hospital to want to read or watch anything - but I was off morphine by the morning after surgery and that left me with a looooong day and night and next day before I got to go home. Leah and Meg came to visit but I didn't really want them there all that much - I wasn't feeling very social. So I needed the kindle app on my phone a LOT, and hospital beds are often really far from the wall. I had like a 15 foot cord, and it was great. Be prepared for the shakes/mixes they give you in the hospital to be terrible. I don't know if it was because I was so close to surgery or because they were just objectively bad. But the carnation instant breakfast and unjury shakes they brought me were horrrrrrrrrible. And they MAKE you drink them before you can go home. So just... be ready to hold your nose and push through it. If you have, or can get, a big soft button-front sleep shirt with a big pocket over the breast, I would suggest you do so. You can wear that and some very loose pj pants in the hospital and avoid the johnny altogether. The pocket is for the monitor they will probably make you wear - you'll have a lot of electrodes and wires coming from them, all going to a little monitor pack that will be your constant companion for the duration of your stay. I wish I'd had slippers with soft insides and that were hard over the toes, because when I did laps around the floors with my IV pole, I kept stubbing my toe on the IV pole's wheels. Ugh. Lip balm of some variety is a great thing to bring. If your hair is long enough, a pony tail holder or headband to keep it off your face. If I think of anything else, I'll add it in!
  5. Back at you! =D I'm definitely one of those people who coped with excess weight by cultivating a sense of humor... laughing to keep from crying, right??? I try to stay positive, because this is all the time I get - better to be upbeat about it than let it get me down! Speaking of staying positive... how are you doing today? Hope you're feeling better?
  6. @BurgundyBoy, @Carina, @Sally L - you guys are hilarious! Chips and salty things are DEFINITELY my cocaine. Candy is fine, sweets, pies, cake, whatever... I've never been above them, but they're not what got me into trouble. Anything crispy and salty is my downfall. I'm avoiding those for as long as possible!
  7. I was just telling Jen that I'm committed to my tracking - but not to keeping my tracking. I've got this tendency to hyperfocus and obsess about health stuff, which sometimes leads me into health anxiety which - well, let's just say it's never fun for anybody in my vicinity. So I'm tracking each day, but at the end of the day I'm getting rid of my tracking sheet - sort of taking my accountability day by day. The exceptions are my weight, and my list of foods that seem to "bother" my pouch. Weight because that's how I know how I'm doing - like taking my temperature! - and the food list for reasons of self defense. One thing I MIGHT be able to do, though - without getting too much into my own head - is to basically report here somewhere how each day goes. Have we got an accountability thread, or anything like it? If not, maybe I should start one! Just a place where people can post how their day went with regards to their shoulds and shouldn'ts. I could see that being super useful. I know we have a "what did you eat today" thread, but it hasn't been touched in quite a while. The mobility is such a huge benefit! I'm amazed by how fast it's come back. Before I really committed to the idea of WLS, I felt so hopeless about it - like there was nothing that could ever change it. Yesterday on the phone with a coworker I mentioned I'd gone for a walk of "only about a mile and a half, but at least it was something" - and she pointed out to me that six months ago I couldn't walk from the parking lot of our building to the lobby without stopping to catch my breath! Now I have hope that I can be active and happy and healthy for the rest of my life, and that's an amazing feeling!
  8. On the bright side, look how quickly I got here! Recovery was/is superfast. Just think... by December 6 or so, you'll be gearing up to get back to real life yourself! I have to say, though - this week of not posting was kind of weird, so I probably will do it more often anyway - just maybe shorter posts (I tend to ramble... have you noticed?!) And - I hope you're going to blog your journey, too! I'm super interested in how things go for you!!!
  9. I really enjoy yogurt, but in general I try to stay away from dairy for breakout reasons - I've got pretty severe rosacea which flares up when I get too much caffeine or dairy (or sun, or... ) So as much as I like it, I'm trying to move into non-dairy protein sources! This forum is fabulous - a real lifesaver. When you guys aren't cracking me up or teaching me stuff or answering my silly questions, you're just plain great to be around - it's good to have access to a group of positive people going through the same thing I am. I couldn't have done this without all of you! Re: tracking... I'm slacking off a bit on that, intentionally. I have a tendency to hyperfocus and obsess. Too much self-monitoring sends me right down a health-anxiety rabbit hole that I find it hard to dig my way out of. My solution - which is working so far - is to track each day meticulously. But then I look over how I've done at the end of the day and reflect, see what I can learn from it... and then get rid of the tracking. So I keep a notebook now, and once the day is done, I throw that page away. It keeps me from going nuts. The only exception is my weight, which I'm keeping on a chart, and the list of foods that seem to "bother" my Gremlin (which I keep in self-defense!)
  10. Usually I can find answers just using search here, but this one has me stumped. I've been feeling hungry lately - but not between meals. I feel hungry while I'm eating - from just after I start, to just after I finish. Then about 15 minutes after I finish, it goes away. Could that be acid? I'll ask my PA tomorrow, but tonight I'm just looking to see if this is the bizarre first symptom of some horrible complication. The weird thing is, I don't feel the hunger where I expect. I would expect it to feel like... an empty pouch, in about the same place. But this feels like it's lower down, where the stomach is probably still sitting. I've gone without any hunger at all ever since the surgery, so this is a little alarming. (note: I am easily alarmed). Second weird thing ... earlier today I posted about how I can't really fit in more than 1.5 to 2 oz of protein at a time. I've always been able to fit in a little more yogurt, ricotta, cottage cheese than solids, but never more than about 3 oz. Today I ate (slowly, but still) a 5.2 oz container of cottage cheese with pineapple. I never felt remotely full until the very end, when I gave the teaspoon or so of leftovers to my very happy dog. I'm about 5, going on 6 weeks out of surgery. Is it normal to be able to eat more at about this time?
  11. Congratulations! I'm laughing because I can see the cords of your monitor in the pic - man, I hated that thing! They let me have ice my first day, plus the little sponges, but nothing else. Well.... ice and morphine! Glad you're not having much pain - sounds like you're off to a great start!
  12. That's my plan, no worries!! Right now I can't even eat 2.5 oz of solid protein - 1.5 is all I can manage, and no room for vegetables at all. It does make my choices really simple, though! Eat protein...stop eating!
  13. That's clearly all I can handle right now - 2-3 ounces at 5-6 weeks postop - but I could stand for it to stretch a LITTLE, so I could maybe eat a vegetable now and then....
  14. That wasn't very helpful of them, was it?! If you're in your final stage (basically no restrictions on what you can try), you could take a look at my program, starting on page 15. It has some good examples and aids to help out. That's from Brigham and Women's in Austin, and the program is led by the past president of the ASMBS, so it's pretty solid. Many people who lack good guidance from their own surgical teams also use the Tufts guide: Care Services/Departments and Services/Weight and Wellness Center/GBP Diet Manual12611.ashx. The same surgeon who runs my program at Brigham ALSO used to run the Tufts program - so again, very solid. Hope this helps!
  15. That IS awesome, way to go! The way I see it, I'm so used to pouring on the charm to try to get over the huge obstacle of my weight in all personal interactions, I'll be DANGEROUSLY charming at normal weight. People will flee from the blinding sparkle of my teeth and the sharp edge of my wit!