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  1. I'm still iffy, thanks for checking on me. The doc prescribed Cyclobenzapr as a muscle relaxer, but I only take it before bed time since it knocks me out. The daytime over the counter I am taking is Percogesic. I have been concentrating on icing/heating. Honestly I think that is helping more than anything else. I still don't get though why I have no pain doing anything else but when laying down. I don't feel a pulled muscle when I turn, or stoop or bend. It's weird lol. At least I am able to function normally most of the day. And I just read the label on the Percogesic - it has an NSAID so back to Tylenol it is...
  2. Urine test revealed no kidney infection (yay). So she thinks this is muscular, and prescribed me a muscle relaxer. Hopefully it will help me to sleep better tonight.
  3. I have an appt with a GP this morning. I'll give an update as soon as I know more.
  4. TY cinwa. Are WLS patients more prone to kidney stones? I have seen that we seem to be more prone to gallbladder issues...
  5. Thanks mary. I was thinking that too as far as the mattress, so we flipped/rotated it over the weekend. The mattress is only a year old. I really haven't felt pain when upright - I've even been maintaining my 8k steps per day. I haven't done any walking yet today because I'm concerned. And wouldn't you know it my GP is off today and tomorrow
  6. For the last 3-4 nights, I have been having pain on my right side lower back when trying to sleep. I have done nothing to strain my back at all. The pain is getting worse. Last night I had to move to a chair as I don't hurt sitting up just laying down. I really can't sleep in chairs well, so an hour and a Tylenol later I was able to lay back down for a bit before the alarm went off. I assume this is more of a "put a call into my GP" than my surgeon? I am worried this is gallbladder or kidney stones. I have never had an issue with either so your advice is very appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hi Channing! Not being able to drink while you eat is one of the challenges for me - and people don't understand it for sure. I followed some advice here and always order an ice water with lemon in it while out in a restaurant. Otherwise people may look at you funny. Just remember you are in charge, this is your body and you control what goes into it and when.
  8. My mom was the "read my diary" type of Mom growing up lol. She does not live near me, but she is very supportive now of my WLS. I'm sorry your Mom would not be supportive @CJireh
  9. Such a spot on comment @CurvyMermaid! As for me - I tell anyone who asks. But I need to preface that by stating my goal was/is to lose 80 pounds. I have not gone through some of the horribly painful experiences some of you have shared here. Those stories broke my heart and have hopefully helped me gain more sensitivity. I work for a Police agency, so my co-workers really seem like family to me, so I have no problem sharing my successes here. Also, for those here that are overweight, I want to give them HOPE. Hope that yes, our insurance WILL pay for this procedure. I also have been asked a ton of questions along this journey. I don't mind being a resource to them perhaps having a healthier lifestyle as well - even if that means just making wiser food choices, or walking with me daily at work or whatever.
  10. My protein drinks count as fluid ounces.
  11. Wednesday was my 3 month checkup, complete with Labs. As said earlier in this thread, due to ornery rolling veins I tell them just to go for my hand. Well she did, but up so dang far the prick was even with my knuckle. I can't lie...that stung! I'm sporting a nice bruise today On the flip side, they said my labs were great!
  12. This is a good idea. Dehyrdration is nothing to take lightly. When I first moved to Texas from the north, I was getting awful headaches. I had never lived in a warm climate and had never had to consume lots of liquids to combat dehydration. Your menu looks good - you are diligent on your protein. Try to push the fluids and let us know how it goes.
  13. Hi Monicaw and welcome! Can you give us an example of what you are eating in a day? I am 12 weeks out, and down 44 pounds, so I think you are doing great with a 23# loss. My plan only requires 60 ounces of fluids daily, and 60g of protein, but surgeons seem to vary a lot on this.
  14. You are so cute!!! Excellent job woohooo!!!!
  15. I was not required to lose weight, but I was required to do a one-week liquid diet prior to surgery in order to shrink my liver.