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  1. I must be strange - all my co-workers know LOL. I work in a Police Department though, so I guess it's more like a family in many ways. People are supportive. I can think of other work environments I have been in though, where I may not have been as eager to share.
  2. Shrimp or salmon are my go-to's at the moment. Tonight we went out for Mexican food. And I finally had my first dumping experience when we went home. I did not overeat, but since we were eating a late dinner, I had a protein drink prior to the meal - even though it was 2 hours before, I think it put my tummy over the edge. Also, I have eaten steak (in the form of fajita meat in small portion of course). I haven't taken on a "real" steak yet, but still a little too soon for me. Have a wonderful time with the hubby! <3
  3. What a beautiful tribute for an amazing man! And he raised you to be an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing and for reminding each of us that life is priceless, and every moment we have with those we love is a gift. <3
  4. Hi Cadoddle! Sorry for the frustration, but one thing from personal experience to share. I had to have a pre-exisiting condition in order to "qualify" for WLS with my insurance company, since my beginning weigh was borderline. So in January I was sent for a sleep study, and lo and behold - Yeppers I have sleep apnea. So I was relieved - insurance would now pay for my WLS. On the flip side, when the sleep study place asked me to return for another study with the CPAP, I declined because 1) the sleep study place was a REALLY bad experience (long story lol), and 2) Why do I need a CPAP since I am having WLS soon-ish? So I kept going through all the hurdles/requirements for my surgery. June 14th I was sleeved. I am in recovery after surgery and guess what? I had bad oxygen issues. It turns out that the anesthesia lowers your oxygen level significantly, and that with the sleep apena and NO CPAP meant that I simply could not get enough oxygen. I needed a level of 90 in order to get released to my hospital room for an overnight stay. I was in recovery for 7+ hours! All due to not having a CPAP machine. They finally late afternoon tracked down a CPAP for me, and within 30-60 mins I could be released from recovery. All this to say, I am happy you have a CPAP. Make sure you bring it to the hospital. I had NO idea of the anesthesia effect on my oxygen levels....
  5. LMAO......This thread is killing me ..... lol
  6. Awww what a lovely bride and mama! So sweet and precious memories <3
  7. Over the weekend I decided to try on my last "rotation" of slacks - yes, I have hoarded the old clothes as I got too heavy to wear them. I was so happy to be able to go down that first size. And the work polos embroidered with company logo now are loose around my butt! It's surreal, that the inches are already showing. My husband says when he hugs me he can tell the difference. Today is only 4 weeks post-OP, but I am already feeling so encouraged!
  8. Soft veggies will make you feel SO much better! Just the taste of some real food, mentally for me, made a huge difference. I had some guac this weekend too. I also made some bariatric taquitos from a recipe I found online...but I felt that all day. Meaning I didn't throw up, but just the tightness in my chest of "overdoing it". They were yummy, but I will wait a bit until I try them again.
  9. Hi Mike and Welcome!! I was sleeved on 6/14/17, so we are close surgery buddies You seem to be doing GREAT so far on the weight loss! Kudos to you! The liquids stage was hard. One of the things that helped me (might have just been a mental thing) was to get a soup (Chicken noodle at Panera) and just eat the broth. It tasted a TON better than the icky chicken broth stuff you buy in the stores. Get all the rest you need during this time. Are you doing the 60G of protein drinks daily too? I found these really helped to fill me up also. Prior to my follow-up with my surgeon, I wanted to have a soft food "standing by" for when I got home IF he moved me to soft foods. I can tell you that hard boiled egg never tasted SO good LOL. You are so close to soft foods ~ You can do this!!! You've got this!
  10. Oh my gosh - This is an EXCELLENT read, ty for posting it cinwa I even added it to my favorites.
  11. Wow....you are also looking younger! Great job woohooo!
  12. Amazing and beautiful!
  13. That is great to know because I loveee spicy food!
  14. I am drooling! I will try it soon hehe.