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  1. what a success on the weight loss! My surgery was also August 7th for the sleeve. I wish you the best!!!
  2. I had my surgery on Monday and came home on Wednesday. Yesterday I felt very good, much better than I expected. I measured my water of(32 oz for the morning) and took my morning meds slowly. One half decaf coffee and a about 1/4 cup of vanilla premier was my yummy morning drink. I could not finish it easily so I switched to the pure vanilla shake. I guess that waiting 30-60 min. before having more water is going to be a big learning curve for me. I did not have any trouble sipping water as long as it was not too cold. I actually dropped into the office for a little paperwork. I was so happy. The rest of the day and evening I just relaxed. Here I GO on the way with you wonderful but obvious LOSERS!!! lol Thanks so much for your prayers!!
  3. I know how excited you are!! I hope time flies by.
  4. The broth I was served in the hospital was SO salty I really did not enjoy it. I like the plan of having broth as the main part of my liquid needs for the day because I can stir in some powder and therefore I get protein as I am getting in my liquid. I had my surgery done the same day as you did. Happy Travels to you as we go forward.
  5. Thanks. I am sitting in admissions waiting and looking around at all the other people waiting. This hospital not just for bariactrics of course, but I can't believe how many of them are obese! I mean this is a wake up call of the fact that obesity is so bad for our overall health!! Thanks again for the support and yes I will check in with you all later!! I hope for a good day for you and I know you too are READY to get this rolling!
  6. I have stayed offline intentional this week. I am here to 'report' that I took ALL of your comments with thought and now I say THANKS! You are the greatest. I ended up 'fessing up to Dr. Kindbutserious. I had my visit with him Tuesday and now I am ready to go!! Tomorrow is my due date. I will be checking these boards and enjoy reading everyones posts. I am so glad I found this site for support.
  7. It is as if you were inside my head looking out!! These things were and are my fear when I am at the"low side of positive". I told my doctor during my visit with him last Tuesday and I also told him I was scheduled with a therapist who is specialized in food disorders.
  8. I am almost all set! I have had a very good week preparing home and work for the coming stage. I had a good visit with my doctor Tuesday and I feel very relaxed considering. I told him of my popcorn event and he looked me square in the eyes and said compassionately, "Don't do that again, OK!". I have much to learn and I am willing!!
  9. Thank you all for the feedback! This has been an amazing several days since I asked for help and I days have been smooth as satin (well mostly). Thank you all so very much for this bond. Your encouragement is great!! TracyRingo!!!!! Prayers for you also and I am glad to know you are looking towards THE day also. I am excited, as I bet you are also. I hope everything goes wonderful for you on Wednesday.
  10. I am asking for prayers that I will rely on God to fill me with assurance that I can stay strong in my dedication to follow the rules expected of me. I can be very stubborn and can avoid feeling responsible for my slips. I am very anxious and I am asking for your support to lift me up in your prayers. I have had delays and have been rescheduled 3 times for surgery, each time after having been on the pre op liquid diet for one week at a time. I have been frustrated with this unorganized office manager and have acted like a rebellious teenager. Instead of abusing curfew I have abused the liquid diet rules. The delay was due to the fact that my sleep study was handled in a way that did not meet Medicare timeline requirements. Now that the requirements have been met, I will get the cpap tomorrow, August 2nd. My surgery is set for Monday, August 7th. I have SIX days ahead of me and I pray that I will be dedicated to the leadership of God and my medical team. Thank you for your prayer!! Suzanne (Cadoodle).
  11. I should not try to justify what I have done. The fact is, I have had popcorn on 3 of the 7 days of what should have been my 14 days of clear liquids prior to my surgery. "Whats done is done", but I am wondering if I should confess this to my doctor's office. This office has had me on liquid diets #3 times for one week each time. My surgery date has been changed for one reason or another each time by the doctor. This time I am set for the surgery on August 7th and low and behold look what I did!!!! What thoughts do you guys have? Is silence golden or is it a reason to confess? Tomorrow is a new day and determination will be my motto. I will be perfect on bone broth, shakes, sugar free jello, and sugar free popcycles!!! Scouts honor!
  12. I can only imagine this will be my attitude. I have fallen to the urge to have some popcorn even on the liquid pre op phase. I have been on the pre-op liquid plan 3 times!!! And one week into the prior 2 times I was rescheduled for the surgery. Each time I would have a craving for popcorn and would have that while waiting for a new surgery date. Now, I am on day 6 of the 14 days of liquid and I regret to say this but I have crashed on popcorn again. Trouble for sure but all I can say is that it is too late to turn back now. What's done is done.
  13. I have been thinking about this in the past day or two. I am one week away from surgery now and have been doing clear liquids AGAIN. My goodness this is the third time I have been one week into the clear liquid when I would find out there was a "delay" with one thing or another and would get rescheduled. My mind seems to be more calm and settled when I am on a strict schedule of knowing exactly what to eat. During those "off weeks" I would become obsessed with the thought of food and would find it hard to keep my mind focused.
  14. Hey Miracle Man!! You have the opportunity to spread hope to many and you certainly have given me hope! I think it is wonderful that you have taken your heart condition as a chance to improve other parts of your life instead of having the attitude of a victim and given up on yourself. I have to take a good look at my attitude and work at staying positive and appreciative of this chance I have been given to clean up my body. I am 65 and long overdue for improvements! It is great to hear your story.
  15. You have a fabulous outlook on your life! I am inspired to strive to do this also. I am still 2 weeks out before my surgery and have been thinking on the negative side of changes! Thank you for the uplifting attitude!