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  1. I am about to scream because of the frustration the Bariatric Coordinator (that is her title but I would rename her and it would NOT be nice) has put me through the last 2 weeks. She has proven to be very unorganized and careless in her job, so I have been extra careful to take very precise notes and keep up with my own case. Originally, she guess-timated my surgery date would be July 10th. One of the very first comments she made was that I would need to have a sleep study test. She said that when the person called me to schedule the appointment I should tell him to put my name on the call list if he had any cancellations. As it turned out he did call me and I had my first study on June 10th and had to go back on the 19th to sleep with a cpap machine because I did have sleep apnea after all. During the period of time between these test I met with the doctor for my first visit. I know from my notes that I cannot have surgery until I am fitted and receive my own cpap. I also will need the second visit with the surgeon to discuss details of the 13+ test results. (no kidding 13) As time goes by and July 10th is only 7 days away, I have not heard from her and she will not return my calls. Out of desperation (and disgust) I go into the office and tell the receptionist I have to talk to her and would wait in the lobby until she could talk to me! I think she avoided my call because of the bad news she was going to give me. The appointment to be fitted for my cpap could not be arranged because Medicare REQUIRES the sequence of events to be doctor, sleep study, fitting for equipment. Mine was sleep study, doctor visit, fitting for cpap. I reminded her that she had told me to ask to be put on the call list if someone cancelled their sleep study. Since I was called in early I had that done BEFORE the doctor appointment (3 stinkin days before) and because of this, Medicare would not pay,. My Monday, July 10th date for surgery had to be moved to the next week, July 17, but "not to worry" she would work this out and it would happen. She did not contact me Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. I left daily messages and by Wednesday afternoon I asked to remain on hold until she was available. She then had to tell me I could reschedule another surgery date AFTER I had obtained my cpap and could bring it to the hospital when I had surgery!!! There was nothing his office could do until then! End of Story! Early on when this error was first noticed by the manager of the medical supply business, he called me to explain the problem. He knew Medicare would deny the request so he tried to find info from the clinic to see if the dates were wrong. He said they KNEW the rules, but seemed unable to comply. He was also having trouble in communications with her and felt really bad for me. As the days progressed and he saw no solution to this he did the most wonderful thing! He requested from the company owner that I be given a Home Sleep Study as a complimentary offer. He made arrangements for me to pick up a machine, be given instructions, and take the machine to my own home for another sleep study. I am so grateful!! Now I am looking to a new surgery date after the July 25th sleep study. I have headed into this entire decision with my faith in God to lead me in the right direction and "trip me up" if it was not the best direction. Time upon time I have felt confirmation and peace. Once when after I was literally in awe that I actually had sleep apnea, a friend called on me out of the blue and began to tell me that she had been diagnosed and was feeling SO good now that she had a cpap. I could not believe it!!! Then I told her my story that I had just been told!! Another time I felt God was helping me to have peace about the decision was when I told my new neighbor next door that I had this surgery coming up. I don't know why I even told her because only my husband and 2 daughters are aware of this personal news. Come to find out, before she moved here she was a bariatric recovery room nurse in Dallas! She wants to help me through anything she can. Then again today the entire surgery was off until I had a cpap. The generosity and consideration of the staff at the medical supply business came through!!. I give God the glory much deserving of his care given to me. I am confident of my journey forward and my drive to repair this body of mine from the years of wear and tear being unable to keep this weight off!! This new "tool" is one I do not take lightly and I am resolved to do my part. Now.....2 days of real food before I start anew on the liquid diet AGAIN. I feel better after getting this load out of my head and onto the written word. If anyone had the time or interest to read this book, hats off to you!! Thanks, Suzanne
  2. Thanks for the heads up Gretta. That makes sense now that I think of it. Do you have a brand that tastes better than others?
  3. How many grams of protein do you try to have each day? During this 2 week pre-op diet I am having 3 per day, and I like the taste too. The fear of losing hair and good quality skin, I am striving to find foods high in protein. I also can have bone broth, yogurt, and skim milk now. I don't know yet if that will change for the 2 weeks after surgery.
  4. Having never uses a dry unflavored protein powder I would like to have some recommendations. I plan on adding this to homemade soups I will make for my pureed stage and soft stage meals.
  5. Thank you for posting this link!! Her recipes sound like they will taste great. My surgery is the 17th so I have a few more weeks of fluids but I will enjoy these when I can.
  6. We are in this together!! Good luck to you. My sleeve surgery date is July 17 and I will be losing about 100 pounds also!!
  7. Yesterday (July 6, 2017) Kohls online had a few bras for $10. The brands were well known normally priced at $40. All sizes were not available but I lucked out and got 2.
  8. We are all excited for you!!! Have a blast.
  9. Your post is really great. I guess having gone through the same history of up and down, up and down, it is only natural to worry. My voice inside of my brain is telling me "this surgery will make me think long and hard before abusing myself with food". I may slip here and there but I am hoping that if I do, I will learn in a very hard way that it is not worth it. I don't think WLS should be an option for anyone who is NOT familiar with yoyo dieting because the losing weight part of my life is not the problem. Gaining it back again is my problem. I vote for a shopping trip as a special treat to your success. Smile at the skinnier you as you get dressed!!!
  10. There is zero room for guilty feelings on your health success stories, instead I will say thank you! I have not had my surgery yet and it is great to not hear of horror stories. You must be very happy for your success. Congratulations. This is awesome.
  11. I think you could say your slip was a blessing in disguise. Your story puts a spin on 'hitting rock bottom'. Welcome to the group. Just dive in whenever you can and we will get to know each other online. You will find so much information on each type of surgery available. This forum helped me to make my decision because I read comments from individuals from all categories. Asking questions proved to me that people care about you and are very willing to tell you their story. I especially like to read from those who have been here for a long time. It is SO wonderful to know that IF I follow the advise of my surgeon and other medical professionals on the team I too can look back on today and remember my days of feeling hopelessly overweight are behind me. No one on this sight has said this is the easy way out, so I know it is up to me (not my surgery) to make my "this time next year" exactly what I want it to be. I wish you the very best for this new beginning!!! Welcome aboard!
  12. You are at the right place Holly! This group will be a great support for you. I have learned so much in a very short time because of the people who share their experiences. Welcome!
  13. Your words strike true to me as I hope to pause and appreciate the good things that come along. This is a great post.
  14. I know you are excited.
  15. You will learn so much from this group!! I am and this will surely help from here on for us!! Welcome!