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  1. I've been thinking about this ever since watching Casey Neistat's video about his climb. Normally I wouldn't think I'm one for hiking, but I think if I were to ever do it, Kilimanjaro would be the one, especially since porters must carry your items (it is an absolute requirement, they will not let you carry your own gear), it would probably be the best likelihood - for me at least! - of reaching the summit. Their easier route actually has you sleeping in huts, as well, rather than tents. I think I'mma have to add this to my bucket list and something to train for. I dont think the distance is the tough part (from everywhere I've read, you barely average 2mph on the fastest days - once you are doing higher altitudes, it is more commonly 1mph or less) - but I would have to trial a few times near here of hiking in high altitudes!
  2. Sounds like you have a helluva keeper right there! Your bald man sounds like the best support a girl could want. Put that scale in time out! It obviously needs to learn a lesson. Perhaps it needs a dunce cap We all know - we know - that a weight graph isnt a straight downward line. But man, is it hard to admit it when the scale (yes, the SCALE, not our bodies, oh never) decides to be a screwup and bump our weight back up a smidge.
  3. I will definitely gain information from your meanderings! I started a blog as well but I'm 3 months out from even getting to schedule, so would love to see you document your progress and process! So close to surgery now - let us know how you're feeling!
  4. Cheeseheads advice is the best! If they're close to you, get them educated and spend the time to show them and tell them why you feel this is the tool you need. If they aren't close, don't sweat it. It took a lot of advice and discussion here but I've been able to manage my coworkers and friends by telling them I'm going through the diet and workup under medical advisement (which is the nice way of saying "please take your opinion elsewhere").
  5. Flat whites! It's just espresso and milk, but the milked is frothed in a special way so it becomes super velvety and adds its own sweetness. I was never able to drink unsweetened coffee until I started drinking flat whites. You can get a short for 60 calories, or a tall for 100. I was initially super mad when I moved to a building that doesnt even have vending machines, let alone a cafeteria or coffee shop, but its been a good thing except the starbucks I pass on the drive in...which is why I have a flat white right now
  6. It's short notice now, but may be worth a shot - many doctors will have "frozen same day" appointments that can't be filled until the same day - they're meant for acutes, but most offices (if push comes to shove) will use them for other things. I'd just impress on them that you have to have this done, and that you tried contacting the doc weeks ago and got no response. It's gotta be frustrating to have yet another hoop to jump through! Hopefully they'll still let you wrap things in a bow tomorrow, and just let you fax in the docs approval without needing to do yet another appointment with them. You're getting so close!
  7. My EGD is August 4th My last real obstacle (besides finishing my 6 months of classes) before setting up surgery dates.
  8. This was beautiful.
  9. Amazing! I love to travel but I've always been a bit nervous about places that aren't touristy - partly because of weight, and partly just nerves of new things. I did backpack around mexico a bit in college and adored it, and you've made me so excited to be able to do that sort of thing again! You look amazing and happy in the photos, and Guatemala looks awesome also. You came home super close to a major milestone - won't be long now!
  10. Beautiful! You're doing great!
  11. Nearly 50% of our mammograms are called back for either a second mammogram or a follow up ultrasound - I know that doesn't make it easier, but sometimes it does help to know its an incredibly common thing to need closer imaging! My mom had to do a follow up mammogram also and we all held our breath, so I know regardless there will be some anxiety. As for the calm your #*&* - this is the image that always pops into my mind when someone says that:
  12. Turns out I'm deficient in Vitamin D, so the bariatric office sent in an rx for me for 10k a day and told me to start calcium while I was at it - I remembered this thread and went scouring through the vitamin wall at my store. No idea if these will help in your search, but I thought I'd mention them for posterity! This one is liquid - either strawberry or blueberry flavored. Company is Solgar. Guess my only concern would be the magnesium, as you'd need to take a double dose to hit the calcium requirements - but its actually pretty hard to overdose on magnesium as long as your kidneys are okay. Also found these chewies that have elemental calcium in nutritionist said elemental was better than carbonate, but I'm not sure if yours would be cool with it, of course. Surprisingly hard to find citrate - my store has 7 different vitamin brands and all but two were carbonate. Sheesh.
  13. I laughed so hard at this. Darn right, that's where it belongs. Hell, I haven't even made it to surgery yet and I do 1-5 on a regular basis. I've done #4 for years as I've always had a difficult time determining what I really look like - people I perceive as smaller than me often wear a larger size in pants, (and vice versa) than I do, and ironically, most of the time I don't feel as big as I am! So I play that game with my husband often, who, wonderful man that he is, typically looks at me like Im crazy and says, "You are much smaller." Now soon, it may be true
  14. Glad to hear you are doing well! I can't wait for your healing to be done and you to be able to really match your outside with your inside!