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  1. It's been 12 days already?!?!

    So how goes Monday and purees! Do tell
  2. The worst week of my life

    I'm so sorry for your sudden loss. I am so glad you have the support of your surgeon. I think how well you've stuck to you pre-op diet despite the stress and emotions you must be going through is absolutely a testament to how well you will do post-op.
  3. Tests and Tidbits

    Moving right along, it seems! Happy Thanksgiving
  4. Nine months out and nine pounds to GW

    I love your recount of everything! Also, I don't know if you've ever looked into ? They have a lot of modest, modern dresses, and they can customize literally everything - so if you like a dress thats sleeveless, 99% of the time you will see an option to add sleeves to it, or change the collar, or the length of the skirt. For I think 5 dollars an item, you can input your measurements and they tailor it exactly. I've actually bought a couple items through there when it was a pain in the butt to get something tailored looking as a short tubby girl and was pretty happy with how everything fit.
  5. "Perfect 1 week check up" quoth my Dr!!!!

    You're kicking butt, taking names, joining clubs So glad it's going well for you! And congrats on the 22 pounds - wow!
  6. Can i Cry now...

    Gosh that's so rough. I second contacting for social work at the hospital - they are resource wizards and can help walk you through your options. If your surgeons office doesn't have one, your primary care may have one. If all else fails, the ER definitely has them, and since you aren't keeping even water down, I worry you may need the ER regardless. I don't think anyone could blame you for having buyer's remorse at this point. You've had an incredibly tough road to go down.
  7. Breaking traditions

    You look amazing! So glad you still had an amazing time at the festival. You look happy, and that's pretty important! I've never been to one of these, so I have to the alligator actually...alligator?
  8. Day 1!

    So glad you are doing well! On-q's are wonderful, I wish my hospital was using them. Awesome to hear you are already getting off many of your pre-op medications - that has to feel great!
  9. Rosy....thinking of you and your surgery today!

    Yay Rosy! Hope all goes well =] Can't wait to hear from you!
  10. Yes, they told me if the stuff they gave me was too gross to drink (its by Abbott labs, the same people who make Ensure), I could get Gatorade instead - they also told me to be sure it wasn't the diet kind! I looked into a little, seems drinking it helps prevent insulin resistance after surgery. Interesting! I'll probably buy a bottle of Gatorade just in case You're so close, @Boho Rosy! There's quite a few of us this November
  11. No butterflies...yet I know I won't sleep well the night before and I'll be a little nervous the morning of, but right now I'm still in the "get s$%t done" mode which is a pleasant distraction. Did all the laundry my house could possibly need this weekend so Im not worried about it while Im down for the count, deep cleaned the house, etc. Traveling for Thanksgiving next week will keep my mind off it until go time! No repeat labs that they've mentioned so far. They sent me home with a spirometer, water bottle, CHG soap to bathe with for two days prior, and a pre-surgical drink that Im apparently supposed to have on the drive over to the hospital the day of, which is a very new concept to me. They warned me its disgusting, but if I can choke down these protein drinks for the next two weeks, then I can do anything
  12. Saw the surgeon for pre-op last week, saw anesthesia this morning, got all my labs drawn this morning and they're already resulted and perfect, so knock on wood, but I should be smooth sailing until surgery day! 16 days and counting.
  13. Day 6 of the pre-op diet...

    Hydrate the loving heck out of yourself and increase your salt intake - dizziness is often from lower blood pressure (it can cause fatigue as well!), and the best way to keep it going is to ensure you've got enough water in. "Water follows salt" is the rule of the land inside your veins and cells - so ensuring that after dropping processed foods (and, well, food in general) from your diet, you may need to actually add salt in in order to keep things kosher (salt jokes! ba dum tiss....I'll just see myself out...)
  14. Maintenance Time

    You are doing so dang fabulous That llama in the photo is pretty fabulous also! So proud of you! You look happy
  15. A bit of a rough start but doing better

    Nausea and dizziness is no joke! It's one of those things you don't realize how much it can ruin your day until it's actually happening. Hopefully it starts to subside as all the icky things get fully out of your system and your esophagus gets used to doing it's damn job Keep us updated, you're in all our thoughts!