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    @CJireh hope all went well on your surgery today. I know you waited a long time for this.
  2. Normal BMI.

    I think that is totally a HUGE deal. Congrats. It's funny reading this now, as I was just looking at the BMI charts today to see how many more lbs I need until I go down the next level. Thank you for the inspiration.
  3. notice anything different about me?????

    congrats on finally getting a date. it's almost here. I'm excited for you.
  4. Just realised it's my turn to say goodbye to 100lbs!!!

    That is so awesome. Congrats. As a newbie, I so much look forward to that day.
  5. I hit the 100 lb loss mark this morning!

    Congrats. That is an awesome milestone!
  6. does anyone have TMJ and use a CPAP machine?

    I have both as well. I had no idea I had sleep apnea until I did the testing for surgery and I have it pretty severe. I do have the nose pillow one (Dreamwear) and it's not much better. I am glad it's not a mask type though and it is pretty comfortable. Due to the cpap, i have to keep my mouth closed. To hold up the nose pillow it seems I clench my jaw and grind by teeth unconsciously and wake up with horrible headaches and jaw aches. Dentist now wants me to wear a mouth guard. I just got it today and will start to wear that to see if it helps. Do the best you can with the cpap though or it will just delay the surgery. You are lucky, ours said we had to wear it 5-6 hours a night and they can see the results on their end via wi-fi reports.
  7. I keep thinking of something my psychiatrist said....

    Just remember too, that not everyone that has RNY will get dumping. I read that only about 30% actually get it. I have 5 people in our in person support group that had RNY and never experienced dumping. So even if you get RNY you might not get the affect you want.
  8. When did you truly start seeing weight loss regularly post op?

    @Skinnykat At what point in your journey did you start IF? 16/8? 20/4? How long of a window do you give yourself?
  9. How do you count your months post op?

    I know this is probably silly, but how do YOU count your month's post op? Say if you had surgery on the 5th of the month, do you count 4 weeks from that or do you go to the 5th of the following month? Just curious at how everyone counts theirs.
  10. I hit goal!

    How freaking awesome is that? I'm so happy for you!! Thank you for all your help and wisdom and humor. I love it. I look forward to the future when I can say the same.
  11. When did you truly start seeing weight loss regularly post op?

    @NerdyLady thank you for that link. I've read it back and forth like 3 times now and saved it. Very informative. @Jen581791 thank you for your insight. You seem a lot like me. I think I just need to take a step back and not let it get to me as much right now. We will see how it goes.
  12. I'm out!

  13. When did you truly start seeing weight loss regularly post op?

    @Gretta @Jen581791 thank you. As frustrated as I am at all this at this moment and the dietician, your words are comforting. I just keep thinking all this for 8 lbs in a month and nothing else? I can only hope it will start moving again. I'd be happy with another 8 next month if that much. @Jen581791 in the beginning when you had the same issue, before the losses kicked in, how did you handle it mentally?
  14. OMG!!! I finally did it!!!

    awesome! congrats!
  15. When did you truly start seeing weight loss regularly post op?

    Is it wrong of me to think something is wrong? I don't think I'm being impatient, I guess I was just expecting something "different". I've still been stalled and now I've even been gaining...gaining! Now I've technically only lost 8 lbs since surgery in 3-1/2 weeks and back up to 300. How in the world can you gain eating less than 700 calories a day??? (and yes I'm having BMs) I actually sent all my food logs to our dietician and he said it all looked good.I'm I was going by what he told us in the classes and on the handouts for that day, for stage 3 soft foods, 500-700 calories and 85g protein, getting in about 64oz water a day, light walking. He said his only suggestion was to make sure protein and calories were evenly distributed through over all 3 meals (3 meals/no snacks). How in the world do you do that if only allowed 1 shake. If i want eggs, they only have 6g protein per egg and I'd have to have 4.7 to get 28.34g protein for 1 meal. That is not happening 3-1/2 weeks out, I can barely eat 1. Let alone get in 200 calories average per meal. Oh GET THIS!! Then in the same conversation, he says, just go by the sample menus in the book. The book/binder they gave us at the orientation had 2 sample days. I added them up and they are only 40g protein a day and 400 calories for Stage 3 Soft Foods. Now I'm seriously even more confused, stalled, upset I can't get this moving. Isn't RNY suppose to give you more weight loss? I lost more on pre-op. (can't stop crying over this)