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  1. In Asia, tofu is used widely. One of my favourite (healthier) recipes is tofu with Asian chives and beansprouts. It uses a minimal amount of oil just to cook off a couple of cloves or garlic with pieces of tofu that take on the garlic flavour along with the seasoning. Once they're cooked a little, just add heaps of fresh beansprouts and chives with a splash of veggie stock and cook through. Be careful not to cook it too much as the point here is to retain the crunch of the beansprouts and chives. It's absolutely delicious and I can't recommend it enough. Obviously the recipe varies from country to country though the principle is still the same. To give you an idea I've just found an online recipe that's as close to the real thing as I can find: http://relish.com/recipes/stir-fry-tofu/ This particular recipe uses spring onions/scallions as opposed to chives, but both would work equally well. Enjoy!
  2. That's wonderful to hear. The picture speaks volumes! Congratulations.
  3. A fantastically written article and a great one to keep in the back of the mind. I'm pre-op and this has certainly encouraged me to keep these points in mind, especially as I often tend to struggle from things in my earlier years. Thanks for sharing.