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  1. Thanks to all of you for the candid and quick advice. BurgundyBoy, reading between the lines, I interpret part of what you're saying to be something along the lines of "we are treated the way we allow others to treat us." It is a good reminder that I can't control what others say about me, but I can control my own messaging, and I can commit to making my messaging truthful, firm, and professional. Life lessons, especially where sharks are concerned. Carina - I hear you about the strangers! Sometimes you just have chemistry with people and you know you can trust them with certain parts of your life.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm *brand new* here, so apologies if this isn't the right place for my question! My question is about what to tell my boss and colleagues in setting up my time off for surgery. I've found some similar posts on this forum about what people say (or don't say) to their colleagues about having weight loss surgery, and they seem to fall into three categories: say nothing, lie, or be an open book. My goal is to be as truthful as possible while making this a no-big-deal sort of thing. Let me start by providing two important backgrounds points. First, my boss and colleagues do not always conduct themselves professionally when it comes to discussing the people within our work group. If I were to "say nothing" beyond the bare facts (e.g., "I'm having surgery," without providing further detail) I am confident that they would speculate about me behind my back and draw even more attention to the matter. Second, I suspect that I have been held back from promotion due, in large part, to my weight. I suspect that when I lose weight, I will be magically worthy of promotion, and I fear that if I am honest about having WLS, this will be used as a reason *not* to promote me. The emotions I feel around this are for another post/topic on this forum! I appreciate any feedback/stories of survival.
  3. Hi everyone, newbie here. Have been considering WLS off and on for years now. I'm confident I've taken the time I've needed to come to this decision. Looking at surgery in the fall but no date set yet. Lots of questions. Looking forward to having (and giving!) support.