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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Today I'm thankful for having the courage to admit that I couldn't do it on my own and needed the surgery AND to put myself first as I learn to use my new tool to the best of its ability; I'm also thankful for all of the advice I've received from so many of you on this site and your enduring kindness and generosity. You are invaluable. I hope I can reciprocate in due course. @BurgundyBoy, those loaves are GORGEOUS!
  2. Changing bra sizes as the pounds drop

    @Jen581791, this is a hug-worthy post. Don't know if you are a hugger or not, but I'm sending you a virtual one! I am SHOCKED at my size. Now, off to purchase some nice new undergarments!
  3. Nine months out and nine pounds to GW

    Thank you, as always, for sharing your story. And I agree with @BurgundyBoy - send pix with the new wardrobe!
  4. The hardest I’ve ever worked in my life: huge NSV

    Wow. So impressive! 27,000 steps. Really, I can't even fathom!
  5. Thanks everyone! As always, you put my mind (and my green voices) at ease.
  6. I'm nearly 7 weeks out and my weight loss is crawling along extremely slowly. I've lost 25 pounds since surgery and the bulk of that was within the first few weeks. Walking daily (usually at least 1.5 miles at good pace), tracking religiously, and eating around 700-750 calories. I'm doing everything within my power to weigh only once a week. Am I not eating enough? I'm really trying to go by inches and how clothes fit rather than the scale, but the scale is such an easy proxy. I'm trying to keep the little green voices inside of my head from getting the better of me when I see others who've had surgery after me with larger losses. FWIW, I've been a keto/low-carb eater for years and still am, and my doc has cleared me for strength training, so I'll start back on free weights and body resistance exercises on Monday.
  7. 8 month surgiversary

    @Jen581791, I'm doing pretty well! Finally back at work, so we'll see how that goes. I'm about 7 weeks post-op and my weight loss is VERY slow. Wondering if I need to up my calories, but since my lifting restriction has been lifted, I'll be starting back at strength training this week. Not sure what that will do to my weight loss. Trying to keep the faith and such.
  8. 8 month surgiversary

    Wow, wow, wow. Congrats on this huge accomplishment!
  9. I messaged my care team yesterday about a bunch of issues and I forgot this one - just goes to show you how off and on this sensation is. This is a good reminder to contact them today to ask about this issue as well! I am thinking that a preventative antacid would be worth the trouble of taking.
  10. Hi BurgundyBoy, no hiatal hernia repair, just my sleeve. It has occurred to me that perhaps, in my quest to make the foods that are available to me less boring, that I'm using too many acidic ingredients, such as steeping jalapeños in my beef broth to make it more interesting. I like the milk idea and will give it a whirl. Thanks!
  11. Over the past few days, I've started experiencing occasional heartburn-like feelings. I'm still on full liquids and not eating much - some greek yogurt here, a protein shake there. I am drinking decaf coffee, a scant cup every morning. These heartburn-like feelings are not coming after I "eat"; they just happen, mostly in the afternoons or evenings. Is this something I should ask my surgeon about? I never had a chronic problem with heartburn before the sleeve; I could count on two hands the number of times I've had it in my life. Am I alone in experiencing this? I really don't want to find out that I have GERD... What type of over-the-counter antacids have you taken for this type of issue, if you've experienced it? Thanks in advance.
  12. Well, I guess I don't dump from sugar...

    It sounds like you were calm and collected at the party. Kudos to you! The idea to test out some different foods so that you can cope better in social situations is a good one; I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that first happy hour when it inevitably comes, and your post provides some good food for thought on that. I love the way you describe your "reaction to carbs"; it is exactly how I feel when I eat carbs. I, too, have been very careful in selecting my vitamins, because I've tried the fancy bariatric chews and they give me that same fake-empty feeling in my stomach. There is no doubt that carbs got me to where I am today - needing WLS.
  13. Six Month Surgiversary

    Hi Jen. I just found the blogs feature on TTF! I want to echo what others have said: I'm so grateful for your candid posts and your honesty. Many thanks to you, and keep up the good work. You are so lovely inside and out!
  14. Day 14 - Post-op appointments!

    Hi Kio, I think you and I are about the same amount of time out (I was sleeved on 9/11). I'm not sure if you've tried the Isopure clear ready-to-drink beverages, but sipping on one of those throughout the day is the ONLY way I'm getting my ~70 grams of protein a day; there is no way I could get that much through food alone (and by "food" I mean full liquids). They are not to everyone's liking, and I have to dilute them at least 50/50 with water to go down, but they are working for me. Something to consider if you haven't before!