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  1. That's true I never thought of that and he hates change. He is insecure I've shown him articles and he just shows me work out videos. He doesn't get it
  2. I should show him this article it's very interesting thanks for the tip!
  3. Trust me next time I have an appointment I'm bringing him. I have lived with this long enough, he supports nothing I do. So. Not surprised he isn't with this either he thinks it's the easy way out even tho he has seen the nutrition plan.
  4. Yeah I have been to the informational seminar he found the papers in my purse. Told me I wasn't doing it, told me I was crazy for wanting to get cut up I tried to educate him but I'm going to take him with me. He has never struggled a day in his life with his weight so he just doesn't know. I will do it no matter what he says it's just frustrating not having a supportive spouse
  5. I'm glad somebody has had this problem he will not see it my way and looked at the nutrition program I think I will bring him to a visit. He's been the same weight all his life eating whatever and has no idea.
  6. I have been struggling with my weight since I can remember and has just gone down hill from meds and getting older. I have upper respiratory syndrome and GERD stomach ulcers esophagus hernia. I've tried weight watchers I work out 3 times a week , I chase 3 year olds all day and can't get the weight off. I didn't know how to tell my husband cause I know he would be against it like most things. But he found a paper in my bag about it and now he's like you are not getting that, that's the easy way out he never supports me in anything and I really need this to be healthier.