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  1. Still waiting on my surgery

    Getting Gastric bypass and still waiting to have a date for the surgery been over 2 months now he said it will take another month because of insurances. Did anyone else have to wait this long getting anxious and scared it won't happen why so long?
  2. Unsupportive

    That's true I never thought of that and he hates change. He is insecure I've shown him articles and he just shows me work out videos. He doesn't get it
  3. Unsupportive

    I should show him this article it's very interesting thanks for the tip!
  4. Unsupportive

    Trust me next time I have an appointment I'm bringing him. I have lived with this long enough, he supports nothing I do. So. Not surprised he isn't with this either he thinks it's the easy way out even tho he has seen the nutrition plan.
  5. Unsupportive

    Yeah I have been to the informational seminar he found the papers in my purse. Told me I wasn't doing it, told me I was crazy for wanting to get cut up I tried to educate him but I'm going to take him with me. He has never struggled a day in his life with his weight so he just doesn't know. I will do it no matter what he says it's just frustrating not having a supportive spouse
  6. Unsupportive

    I'm glad somebody has had this problem he will not see it my way and looked at the nutrition program I think I will bring him to a visit. He's been the same weight all his life eating whatever and has no idea.
  7. Unsupportive

    I have been struggling with my weight since I can remember and has just gone down hill from meds and getting older. I have upper respiratory syndrome and GERD stomach ulcers esophagus hernia. I've tried weight watchers I work out 3 times a week , I chase 3 year olds all day and can't get the weight off. I didn't know how to tell my husband cause I know he would be against it like most things. But he found a paper in my bag about it and now he's like you are not getting that, that's the easy way out he never supports me in anything and I really need this to be healthier.