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  1. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. In almost five months I reached goal. Now, I think I'm going to slow down when I reach 155. I am slimmer for sure. I am thankful for my surgery and my family that supported me all the way. However, I had a bit of an unrealistic idea of what my body would look like at goal. Yes, I am much thinner but my body frame will not change. I will always have broad shoulders and a waist that is thicker than my thighs. I look at my slim mother and she is built just like me. I can't change these things and it honestly just dawned me. I could weigh 135 (what I weighed in high school) and still have the same body. I will always struggle to find shirts that fit my shoulders and my waist. That's ok because I now have a myriad of clothing I can buy. I haven't weighed 155 since I was 18 and put on the Freshman 15 (and then some). What can I say? I was a party girl and rugby player in college. All the beer and snacks caught up with me. So huzzah for my awakening. As always, I thank each of you for helping me reach goal. Hearts and farts, NL
  2. @Jen581791 Before I drift off on my Ativan cloud, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your support. I can't believe how quickly the weight came off but to be fair, I had a much lower starting point than most folks. I'm still trying to feel comfortable in my own skin but that's a battle that I think I'll have for a while.
  3. @Trish13 You are always so kind to me. It is you who are truly inspiring. In the face of everything, you are still upbeat! I read your post about your recent shopping experience and I am thrilled for you. You are a champion and I'm glad to have met you. Thank You for your lovely words.
  4. @Cheesehead It feels absolutely fantastic!
  5. @CJireh I was very sick because of my diabetic condition. I was on 4 (? I'm starting to forget) injectable medications and it wasn't helping. My endocronologist suggested WLS and I went to the Tufts Weight and Wellness Center. The doctors at the Center said that I was a perfect candidate. Not only was I an insulin resistant diabetic but I also had sleep apnea. Given my health issues, it was suggested that I have RNY. Doctors do not know why, but most diabetic RNY patients are very successful at putting their diabetes in remission. There was one problem. I was not morbidly obese and therefore my insurance wouldn't pay for the procedure. I was advised to gain weight and return once I was at a higher weight. I drove straight to McDonalds and ordered one of everything. Eventually, I realize that this was a poor decision on my part. My husband shared a New York Times article about medical tourism. After much research, my husband and I made the decision to self pay in Mexico. This was the best decision I have ever made. The surgery was very expensive but significantly cheaper than the same procedure in the USA I haven't taken any diabetes medication since post WLS day 9 (? Again, I'm starting to forget). I am officially in remission. My A1c numbers are fantastic, I no longer use my CPAP and my blood pressure is the best it has been in years. I sometimes feel guilty that I had WLS because my weight was relatively low (I was *only* obese). However, I can't deny that my life has changed for the better. I'm healthy and happy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  6. 1) You look fantastic. 2) I have a crush on that dress.
  7. I'm not wearing anything too exciting. Ann Taylor shorts in size ten, random top, size large and my Keens, which have become way too big. I used to be size 11 but I think I'm now at a size 10 This photo was a spur of the moment snap at Target. I passed the full length mirror and bingo!
  8. Thank you @cinwa! I'll be around for a long time.
  9. @Karimeaway OMG. Post op, on the drive from Tijuana to Los Angeles, my husband was hungry. I told him if was ok to get sushi. It wasn't ok but I assured him it was ok. Fast forward to my years mixing in with the miso broth I was forcing down my gullet.
  10. @Res Ipsa @Gretta You are both too kind. Thank you for being here on my journey.
  11. @CJireh Are you talking about my initial weight? I'm short on time, so I'll make it quick. I was an insulin resistant diabetic and very sick. RNY was suggested as a means to put me in remission. I was desperate, so I went forward with WLS. Thats the short story.
  12. Hellooooo TTF! Stopping by to say hello. I'm back in Los Angeles and been quite busy with my family. I miss our camaraderie and hope to get a break soon. Happy losing, y'all!
  13. @CurvyMermaid That's so cool! I've always wanted to run a marathon. Several years ago, I started training but broke my knee and part of my leg. I don't know if my knees would be up to it but you've inspired me to think about it...while sitting on the couch.
  14. My NSV! I bought a pair of shorts today in size 10. TEN?! When I had surgery, I was at an 18 or 20. I'm pretty sure vanity sizing came into play but I'm not going to question that right now. I'm going to put on my shorts and do a victory dance. I wish I had taken before and after photos that I could share. I had my husband take photos of me in my undies (a ratty bra and stretched out men's briefs in size XXL) the night before surgery. I'm too modest to post them on the forum. I was mortified to have him photograph me but something told me I should document those images. If I had only found TTF pre surgery, I would have taken appropriate "before" photos. Anyway, YAY!
  15. Grumpiness will slowly melt away for all the reasons that @Jen581791 mentioned. My parents took care of me for a month but about a week in, I threw a tantrum and told them I was going to visit my best friend in the Bay Area. Instead, I checked into a local hotel for two days so I could cool down. How's that for grumpy?
  16. I give you permission to use diabetes as an excuse. The pancreatic gods will forgive you!
  17. @Outlander In retrospect, my first week was fairly easy. I dealt with depression related to being far from my husband and without a support network. I was also fatigued and lacked energy. However, I had no complications and was in decent spirits. I was walking a mile a day. I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. My advice? Don't push yourself too hard. Take it easy. Maybe can go back to work sooner but take time to care for yourself.
  18. Now that is a great feeling. I've always hated spanx. While Jockey makes a nice product for wearing under skirts, my big waist always meant that they rolled down. High five on ditching those shorts!
  19. BB! What a great picture! The best part of this photo is your smile! Congrats on the room in your closet!
  20. @Readytobeme Sadly, this isn't the first time my shorts have fallen off in public. Two or three weeks after my surgery my shorts fell off in a Target parking front of my 85 year old father.
  21. @Trish1967 @Gretta Thanks ladies! My parents are elderly, so I'm trying to take care of some things for them. You'd never know they are 85 and 78. It's been great for them to see my daughter. I'll check in from time to time. While I love being here, I'm beat. My daughter has pulled off my too big shorts *twice* in public. Glad I was wearing underwear!!
  22. Are you in a cultural setting where food is an expression of love? In the past, I have agreed the wise people above about dinner parties. Not knowing much about Oman, I wonder if not eating much is insulting? I grew up around family/friends who were deeply disappointed if I didn't try their special dish. If this is the case, I would email the host and let them know in advance that you have many dietary issues that have restricted your diet. They will appreciate the heads up and this may avoid any hurt feelings. If this isn't the case, then I agree with everyone above! Have fun
  23. Wow! You look fantastic!!
  24. Pictures!!
  25. Aw, man! I'm not in Boston and won't be back until October. I would have loved to meet you. Hope you and the others have an amazing time!!