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  1. For several months after RNY, I was taking a liquid multivitamin. Out of the blue, I was revolted by the taste and switched to the Celebrate Multivitamin. Taking three large pills is annoying and I'd rather take one. Can anyone recommend a vitamin that can be taken in a single dose? I know I could take the vitamin apart and put the powder in food but I know myself. I won't do that and will forget to take a multivitamin. What works for me is to take all my vitamins at once. Do single pill multivitamins exist for Bariatric patients? Thx!
  2. The only good thing about the BA chewables is that they are revolting. I won’t snack on them. Got to find the silver lining somewhere.
  3. I found the Spectravite vitamins but not the chewables. I bought a bottle of the regular vitamins because I didn’t want to spend another minute in the cold. Let’s see what the blood work says.
  4. What Are You Wearing Today?

    @Smashlee83 Good news and bad news! I bought two Grace Whatsherface skirts and I love them! The bad news is that they are way too big and they look sort of clownish. Back to Amazon they will go. I’m going to trade them in for a smaller size. I cannot believe I am saying these words. I have to buy a smaller size. Who am I????
  5. What the heck does this mean?

    This happens to me frequently. I don't know why.
  6. I'm busting out....

    Don't forget to have a pillow nearby for belly support! Hope you are resting well. xo

    My husband got yelled at a few times in the drive from San Diego to LA. Stay out of the car for a few days.
  8. 12 hrs

    I'm wishing you all the best, @Michael_A. I know I've said it before but you were one of the first people to reach out when I came to TTF community. I will never forget your kindness and hope I can be a good friend to you Surgery is just the beginning of your new journey. I'm looking forward to the day you reach goal and become a swimsuit model. You are in my thoughts and in my heart.
  9. Pre op appointment

    HOORAY! I'm excited for you and wish you the best.
  10. Maintenance Time

    Seven months out of surgery and I've finally arrived. I'm typing this on my phone and resting my elbow on my hip bone. Not my fat but my hip bone. Hooray for diabetes in remission! Hooray to ditching the CPAP! Hooray for more energy! Hooray for health! I'm rooting for everyone on the forum. Pre op, New maintenance folks and long term WLS veterans. Huzzah to us all!
  11. Maintenance Time

    @Trish13 and @tracyringo , The look on my face is probably from sucking in my stomach super hard. LOL Thanks for the kind words. xo
  12. Breaking traditions

    I agree with the turkey leg suggestion. When you are tempted by beer, cheesecake or other foods, go find a mirror. Think about how hot you look after surgery and your desires will go away.
  13. I threw them in the diaper pail.

    I'm not proud of this post but I'm writing this to keep myself accountable. ****************************************** Yesterday, I bragged to the forum that I resisted cake at my daughter's birthday party. We had a bunch of healthy snacks, including some oat and date balls. I put the leftovers in a bag for my husband to take to work. Well, late last night, I started to eat them. My old brain kicked in and I ate two, then four, then five. They are healthy! No added sugar! They are the size of my thumb! I gave birth today and I deserve I treat! "I deserve" is the first sign that I'm about to get in trouble. Some of you may wonder why I'm obsessing about oat balls, which may sound completely unappealing to most. I got fat eating too much healthy food. An oat ball or two may not be a bad choice. However, when you struggle with overeating, anything is dangerous. Next thing I know, I am sitting on the couch with all the oat balls, a pound of unflavored yogurt, a Costco sized bottle of honey and three pounds of almonds. I did what any sane person would do. I put the remaining balls in the diaper pail. I'm going to regret this placement when I wash the diapers but I knew this was the best place to stash them. Would you want to dig food out of a cloth diaper pail? I didn't think so. I'm upset at myself, however I needed to tell all of you. I need to be honest about my struggles so that I can continue being successful. Just because I reached my goal, doesn't mean everything is peachy. I know I will have my bad days and I need TTF more than ever.
  14. 5 lbs to lose for surgery approval

    @AliPat Welcome aboard. I am impressed that you are going forward with WLS, considering that MS is a challenge in itself. My best friend has MS, so I've seen first hand the complexities оf the disease. If you are taking any steroids or infusions, it's no wonder that your weight has been a challenge. Your determination to get healthy is admirable. Happy to meet you.
  15. Whats next after the Sugery Date is scheduled?

    Wow @Gretta Dr. Callery has very high standards. An abundance of caution is worth its weight in gold. @Missmyeshia17 Welcome aboard. Gretta is quite helpful and friendly to boot. You should look at her as a role model. Best of luck to you!
  16. Hello all!

    Welcome, @sarahjayne29. I had RNY in April and am pleased with the impact WLS has made on my health. I'm happy to answer any questions about my RNY experiences. Hooray for getting healthier!
  17. Newbie saying hello and thank you

    Woo hoo! Glad to hear that your consult went well. I'm happy to hear that your fiancée went to your appointment. A strong support system is crucial for your success You are 42? I thought I looked good at 44 but you take it to a whole other level!
  18. Newbie saying hello and thank you

    Your photos are stunning! Your cheek bones really pop. Welcome to the TTF club!
  19. Clothing that you can trade in for a smaller size

    It's not weird! If it's weird then every single one of us is weird. Repeat after me...
  20. Normal BMI.

    Oh @BurgundyBoy I am a professionally trained social worker and I deem all of us sane! Granted, I didn't take any clinical courses, nor am I licensed to practice therapeutical sessions. Those are just details. My diagnosis remains the same.
  21. Maintenance Time

    Thank you!! I visted an alpaca farm in No. Cal and these creatures were cuddly. Alpaca are much friendlier than their llama relatives. Your support is immeasurable. You always have an answer for me and are a darn good cheerleader. Thank you. xo

    Hello Ms. @AustinJ I'm glad to hear that Austin is doing well and has a good report from the night nurse. I'm sure you are relieved that the surgery went well. He's lucky to have you as his rock. Welcome to the losers bench, Austin! Pleased to have you here. We are going to need a longer bench!
  23. Clothing that you can trade in for a smaller size

    Oh, the anticipation of getting close to a goal! A dash of impatience, mixed with joy and frustration. We've all been in your shoes. The next ten pounds will go by quickly. It may take you a month or two but it will be here faster than you think. Remember how the first twenty pounds was daunting? How about fifty pounds? Seventy-five? You've done much harder things before and this will be a piece of cake *pun intended*.
  24. Hello All

    I felt fatigued for the first six weeks. I don't think I am the norm. I was walking one or two miles a day but I was exhausted when I came home. I wasn't in pain after the surgery. I was "uncomfortable" for many weeks. I had gas pains, a slight pain under my rib and irritation when I coughed. All very irritating sensations but little to no pain. Maybe @CJireh can chime in since she just had surgery? Hope this helps!
  25. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Congratulations! What a lovely photo. Your dress is phenomenal. I love the color!