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  1. @Dtrain84 BTW, I think I told you, but I had my surgery a week before yours and have lost 51 lbs. Doesn't it feel great?
  2. @Dtrain84 I am at a loss for words. I am thankful that you pulled through and lived to tell your story. God is indeed great. I'm happy that you are here in our lives. When I looked at the photo you posted, I saw the face of a champion and a survivor.
  3. You are so close to your goal weight...I'm super impressed with your progress!! Way to go! :wub:

  4. I've written Starbucks several times asking them to make a sugar free version. They have responded by telling me that the company has not come up with a version that has been pleasing to consumer tastes. That's probably better anyway! Better for my palate and better for my wallet!
  5. That's exactly what I get! Over ice in the summer is a must have.
  6. @Michael_A I'm curious, why did you decide to have WLS in CA? I would think that Anchorage or Juneau would have facilities available to you. Obviously, I have no idea what I'm talking about since I've never lived in Alaska. PS: I just looked at your profile. We are almost exactly a year apart in age! I'm a September '73 baby.
  7. @Trish13 I may have to become the killer of Starbucks dreams. When fall comes around, hear my beautiful shrill voice shrieking NO! to the pumpkin spice latte. Your tea sounds like a lovely choice on these hotel* days. See, I can be nice too. *I meant hot days. Autocorrect, what is a hotel Day???
  8. NO! NO! Do not eat at Starbucks. Do not eat there! Do you hear me young lady! What is your temptation at Starbucks? Maybe by writing it out, you'll see that you don't really want what you are craving. That helps me. As far as the health conscious part, remember my weight gain story as a cautionary tale. I ate nothing but healthy foods. I'm a bit of a health nut. You can still make poor choices while eating "healthy". i say this with 1000% love.
  9. Complain away! I was miserable for the first month. Between the awful gas pains, fatigue and mood swings, I was a hot mess. It gets better. Promise. Keep walking. Every step you take will make you feel better. It gets things moving and you'll be able to pass gas. Sleep when you are tired! There is no shame in getting rest. You just had surgery and it's normal to be tired. Keep coming back here to get support. This forum saved my sanity. You'll find comfort here amongst supportive friends who are walking your same path. All my best to you!
  10. I'm echoing @Gretta's words. Call every day about cancellations. I'm sorry you have to wait but you are so close! Warm hugs!
  11. Keep farting as much as you can. I promise you will feel much better. Welcome to the losers bench!!
  12. Oh no! Good thing you figured it out and can refill before your next weigh in. Best of luck!
  13. Welcome and congrats!
  14. I should note that I wish I would have done some sort of pre op eating plan. I see people on this forum who seem to have mastered mindful eating, while I'm still learning how to eat slowly. I've gobbled down my food for years and if I am not consciously thinking about my meals, I tend to eat too quickly. That leads to major unpleasantness! I think that everyone who has surgery, including those who don't have to lose weight, should at least try a pre op eating plan. @BurgundyBoy Look at us bragging about our low BMI.
  15. @Michael_A Your surgery is coming up pretty soon, right? Are you excited? :D