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  1. No date yet. I've been diagnosed with sleep apnea and it has to be under control before I can move forward. Had a cardiology test today, getting the sleep machine tomorrow, have a stress test in two weeks. It just goes on and on... but I'm trying to stay positive and hoping for a surgery date soon! Juliet
  2. Smashlee83, you are an inspiration to me! I'm still in the going-for-all-the-tests stage, and it seems like it just goes on and on and it's been hard to keep from getting discouraged. My height/weight are similar to yours, and I can't even imagine looking as well as you do in that short amount of time. Thanks for the encouragement! Well done! Juliet
  3. It's officially a go! I've been told insurance will pay for the procedure. I've been through the second visit with the surgeon's office, the first nutrition class and psych evaluation, and got instructions to start the pre-op diet. I have another nutrition class/psych appointment next week, and then it's back to the surgeon to schedule an ultrasound. I'm not sure if the surgery date will be decided then or not. Still not sure about which procedure it will be. Does anybody wish they had a different procedure than what they had? If so, why? Thanks, Juliet
  4. Well it seems I'm good to go. I've got the usual hoops to jump through, but it looks like surgery will happen probably sometime in the next two months. I'm struggling to decide which procedure I would want...I know it's a decision that's made with the surgeon, but it seems to me I should have a preference.
  5. Thank you all for your support. We'll see what happens next week. I have the second meeting at the surgeon's office on Wednesday, where I'm supposed to get the scoop on the insurance. Then, if all goes well, I have meetings with a nutritionist and mental health specialist on Friday. And we're off to the races! In the meantime I've tried to cut back on eating, improved the nutritional value of what I DO eat, donated three bagfuls of groceries from my pantry to the food bank, studied everything about WLS I could get my hands on, bought a bariatric cookbook and am trying some new recipes, joined this forum, increased my awareness of how much water and protein I take in, and bought some adorable little appetizer plates to hold my new tiny meals. I'm trying to get ready...
  6. Thank you Gretta, you are most kind. My sister is doing the best she can ... don't we all? ... and knows nothing of my plans. My father, also overweight, passed away from heart disease at 71. I watched them both lose and gain weight over the years, myself included of course. My middle sister is also overweight, but I'm not aware of her health status. My grandmothers were both overweight and each passed at 74 with heart issues. It goes on and on. Doesn't WLS seem like the right thing for me to do? I hope insurance will go along, as there's no way I can pay for it.
  7. My sister is 71. I think, at 62, I'm close to the upper end to qualify for WLS.
  8. It hit me that I had to do this when I saw my sister recently, after a number of years. She's 8 years older than me, heavy all of her adult life like me, but also diabetic, incontinent, and barely able to walk without pain. We were meeting in a distant city for a memorial service; when I went to meet up with her at the airport I found that she had fallen ALL THE WAY down an escalator. She couldn't get up. Her hearing aids flew out, glasses flew off, she had ugly gashes in her thigh and shoulder from the sharp edges of the escalator stairs, dark bruises and the beginning of a huge hematoma. The rest of the trip I took care of her, she couldn't go up or down stairs without help, and ended up leaving for her return flight in a wheelchair. Now, some of this was due to the fall, but what may have contributed to the fall in the first place? I thought, is that where I want to be in 8 years? It's too late for her...she's past the age for WLS...but I am not. I have a chance.
  9. I KNOW I can't get this weight off any other way. I've tried and failed too many times. and there's too much I need to lose. As I told the doctor, I don't really feel like I have any choice at this point. But it's still scary,
  10. I'm going back and forth between being excited and scared. I think the biggest questions all newbies must have are: Am I doing the right thing? Will be ever be able to eat again? Will I regret having done this? Surely all of you wondered the same things?
  11. Just getting into this, had my first appointment April 12 and have all the psych evaluations and nutrician classes set for May. Dr. is recommending the Bypass. Haven't gotten the lowdown on insurance, which could put a damper on this, but I intend to go forward to save my life... Thanks to all of you who take the time to help others.