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  1. @BurgundyBoy @Jen581791 thank you! I really appreciate your words! I'm dying to get some more excercise, unfortunately I have a hernia on my lower back, which is killing me and I'm not able to walk long distances, (I'm on a treatment to avoid back surgery) I think what kills me is that I wish I could do more but I am phisically unable to work out. The first month my surgeon and my dietician allowed me to eat a few carbs (specially during the pureed and mashed foods phase) but I ate more than I should have, but now I'm determined to follow my new diet and not cheat at all, I'm finally allowed to use protein shakes which I know will help a lot.
  2. Although I just got out of my one month check up and I've lost 18lbs, but my doctor told me he was expecting around 25... I feel disappointed,
  3. Today is my first monthiversary! Best decision I've ever taken!!!
  4. Hi! I'm 2 weeks post op today. I got my period 2 days after the surgery and lasted 4 days (as usual). My question is, after WLS does period patterns change? Do you become more regular? Does it last longer? thanks!
  5. Hello everyone!!! Before my surgery everytime I felt nausea or felt the need to burp but just couldn't I would sip some club soda; but now being that we can't/shouldn't drink bubbly drinks, what do you do when you feel this way? Any advice will be highly appreciated.
  6. Thank you, Gretta <3
  7. Today is PostOp day 5 and today all the regrets punched me at once, I'm hating the liquid diet, I hate that at family dinner everyone is eating and I just have a cup of broth (by now I hate it), I hate feeling miserable because I can't sleep (I sleep in freefall position), I know in the long run this regrets will mean nothing, but for now they're everything.
  8. Hahaha I got some cheap ones from Costco so I wouldn't feel bad for not using them long enough. Until now my biggest struggle has been with my family because they're avoiding to eat and drink sodas infront of me. Honestly, I'm not craving what they have, and I tell them they shouldn't stop eating because of me, that I don't want any special treatment, they just don't get it.
  9. Yeah! That's what my doctor told me, when he gave me the date I was ok with having 5 little scars, then he told me I was a candidate for single through bb, and yesterdar before surgery he told me that if needed he would make one or two visible insitions but when I woke up he told me there was no need! Now I'm walking around the whole floor and thanks Goodness I brought nice PJs hahahah
  10. Yes, I started walking around my room last night, and this morning, too.
  11. Hey everyone! Everything went smoothly yesterday. Obviously there was some pain. I got a single incision VSG through my belly button. I'm still not able to drink anything, but my doctor just left my room and told me that today at around 6-7pm I will get ice chips. I've been feeling really hot even if the room was cold.
  12. Thank you everyone! It's starting to get real!! I can't wait! Although, knowing that today I won't be able to "eat" anything starting at 10pm is giving me intense cravings (even for stuff I don't really like)
  13. Hello, my name is Olga. My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow (May 16th); I live in Monterrey, Mexico, I'm a 23 year old college graduate, going trough my masters and working on finances. I'm currently on the clear liquid pre-op diet, I'm not that nervous (although maybe later today the nerves will kick in), I'm just excited...