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  1. I also make protein shakes with 8 oz of skim Fairlife, 1-2 tbl of Ovaltine and 1 scoop of unflavored Isopure protein powder. 220 calories and 37 grams of protein. Plus it counts towards your fluids.
  2. I'm just getting into my 8th week and I've been experiencing this as well. My stomach has become VERY picky. I can hardly tolerate water, so I add flavoring or drink Fairlife skim. Food is becoming fuel instead of a comfort or "reward" to us, I see the loss of appetite as completely normal and part of the adjusting period. Just find those one or two things that sound "good" and eat that until it passes. Mine has been peanut fiber one protein bars and canned turkey chili (unfortunately, because the sodium is outrageous). I've been living off of those two things for a few days now. Mandarin oranges have also been going down pretty good.
  3. I've had an IUD for 3 years now and it has worked perfectly. A few months after implanting it, I stopped having periods. I am currently down 40 lbs and had some light bleeding start up and it was extremely shocking as I haven't had any activity in that area for YEARS. I'm assuming this is normal, I know weight can stop menstrual cycles, but I always assumed it was my IUD stopping it since I was already basically the same size and had light periods prior to when it was implanted. My husband has also commented that he can't feel the strings anymore, is it possible for the weight loss to make the IUD move? I'm hoping something hasn't gone wrong. Last question, has anyone chosen to remove their IUD post op to ensure better weight loss results, since birth control in general causes weight gain?
  4. Thank you! Seems like it, I've been browsing the topics and I'm enjoying the information.
  5. Thanks!
  6. I just found this forum through Google, I am looking for a support group. The surgeon I ultimately went with does not have a support group, which was disappointing since other surgeons I considered did have required support group meetings. I enjoy talking things out with people and getting direct advice. Looking forward to getting to know you all! I was sleeved on 2/23, I'm coming to the end of week 7. I have currently lost 41 lbs, 35 of which was post op. I've already gone down one-two sizes in clothing, I seem to be losing evenly all over. I'm very happy with my results so far.